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February 25th 2007 1:04 pm
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When i think of Sam at the Rainbow Bridge i get a very clear picture in my mind. its always the same...a Large grassy field, the grass just tall enough to hide balls or stick being tossed about, (after all thats the fun of the game, searching for them) there is short grass, medium grass and taller grass for our furbabies that like to explore, like rabbits, turtles, hamsters.. Trees speckled about the landscape with so many different birds relaxing in them, they look like precious colored jewels from the distance.
There are huge , heavy ceramic bowls filled with fresh pure clean water sitting in the open and smaller ceramic bowls for the shorter animals... trays of snacks are plentiful, so much so, there is no need to argue over them because all will get their fair share.
The Ones (the Guardians) sent to look after our furbabies have been there since time began. They named the Moon and the Sun. The Universe is Thier place of Birth. They are gentle spirits, kind and loving. They know the names of each furbaby and each one is called everyday for breakfast then all day play sessions, socializing (the cats gossip im sure) then its dinner time, a little more play and then each is laid to sleep in a comfortable bed when the Moon is full, only to wake the next day and experiance the same painfree and youthful beginning they so enjoyed the day before. It never rains during the day, only at night when all are asleep. The grass always stays green, clean and never needs mowing. Cats and Dogs all get along and welcome other small critters that have joined them over the Bridge. Dogs do not argue and Cats dont kill or torment little creatures anymore. Sam is sharing toys and not being finicky about food. All the food is exactly what each furbaby preferred when they walked this Earth. i found this background today and it just remined me of where Sam is now. in my mind i can actually see Him laying under that small tree, i can hear Him breathing and feel His mind thinking " hey I just seen a stick being tossed way over there, Ill wait 2 seconds IF no one goes after it, I'll GET IT!!" i can see Him watching the area intensely.
When my time comes to leave this Earth my only hope is that i will be Honored and Choosen to be a Guardian because i miss Sam and i love to toss sticks and balls in grassy fields...


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