Lucky - We Miss You! 1996-2007

American Pit Bull Terrier/Basenji
Picture of Lucky - We Miss You! 1996-2007, a female American Pit Bull Terrier/Basenji

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Home:Santa Monica, CA  
Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Lucky Girl,Nucka Noo, The Loo, Loolers,Issamy, Sealion Pig Dog, Lucks, Lucka Dog,LooKai--from Grandpa

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-mutt-dog rescue

June 1st 1996

FOOD!!! butt scratches! the beach...she loves to swim!!! TOYS! going anywhere with her mom

fireworks, tape measurers and bubble wrap...don't ask!!! hates motorcycles, the mailman--no idea why. Staying at home more as she got older.

Favorite Toy:
never had a fave. loved any toy. and never destroyed them. she was always gentle with them and would share them as well

Favorite Food:
favorite? pretty much anything that was edible. Cheeseburgers. and prime rib bones from Grandpa on Sundays.

Favorite Walk:
Huntington Dog Beach. Loves the beach. She's my little surfer dog. She goes out pretty far too. Hiking. Snow trips.

Best Tricks:
break dancing! she won 1st place in dancing at the 2004 Nuts For Mutts show. making me laugh. high 5 and speak. and catch. you could throw a treat as hard as you wanted to her and 9 out of 10 times she would catch it

Arrival Story:
Lucky died Jan. 5, 2007. It was very sudden. Lucky was 10 1/2 years old and had arthritis so it wasn't any surprise to us when she started limping more in Dec. By Jan. 1 it was so bad that when she was sleeping she would cry so I could lift her up. On Jan. 2 she needed to be lifted, this time she couldn't stand. her feet just buckled. We rushed her to the emergency vet where they took xrays. They gave her steroids in hope that it would make her feel better, which it did. She stayed overnight. Next morning prognosis was good. She was standing. Still a little slight on one side but walking and standing. I visited her that day. She looked good. The vet wanted to keep her one more night just to be safe. Next morning the vet called me....never a good sign. Lucky had taken a turn for the worse. The Dr. wanted me to get in for an MRI asap. I got her in that day. As we waited for 3 hours while they did the tests I just knew it wasn't going to be good. And then the heartbreak. Lucky had a tumor IN her spine. A pretty big one too.There was nothing they couild do to help her. I was devastated. I took her home that night with me. She couldn't walk or even move. But she could eat! Yes, she still wanted food. That night was a rough one for us. She had been pumped up with so much fluids she was having a hell of a time peeing. Lucky was a very proud dog. Did not want to have an accident in the house. Lucky and I figured out away for her to pee. She would make a little whimper as I would rub her belly and tell her it was ok to pee. Needless to say we went thru ALOT of towels that night. I knew it was her time. I could see it in her eyes. We slept together on the floor that night...and not one kick from her for once! I thanked her for finding me and for raising me. told her she didn't have to watch over me anymore. That I would be okay and we would be together one day again. She knew. I knew. That day was spent saying goodbye. All the important people came to say goodbye to our beloved Lucky Girl. I even made sure Brody saw her one last time so she could understand Lucky was sick. Lucky even had McDonald's cheeseburgers and ice cream that day. Like I said still ate even though she was in severe pain. One of the hardest things I have EVER had to do. The night of Jan. 5, 2007, myself, Auntie Liv and Danielle took her to the vet. I was in the room with her the whole time. When they finally entered she gave everyone a kiss. I'm telling you she knew.I was right there when they gave her the shot to so she could be at peace. Kissing her, petting her, telling her everything was going to be okay. She did a great job with me and didn't have to worry. Hardest thing I've had to do was letting her go. I wasn't ready or prepared but I couldn't let her live like that. That wasn't her style. I miss her every single day. There will never be another dog like her. I am so thankful that she chose me to spend her life with. June 1, 1997 I was driving on the freeway and saw a dog sitting against the center divider in the car pool lane. I got off the freeway and then got back on and pulled up to her and stopped. I opened the backdoor of my jeep and she jumped right in!! I found out that she had a broken pelvis..but that's all fixed now. She's been with me ever since!!! She was a handful when I first got her. . She would jump on people and teeth on their arms if they stopped petting her, she hated cats and she would runaway if given the chance. Everytime you opened the gate she would wiggle her way out and run down the alley. I can't tell you how many times I chased her down. Until finally I knew I wasn't going to catch her on this particular day, so I said forget you Lucky and walked backed to the house. As I opened the gate I turned towards the alley and there was Lucky trotting back to me. She walked right though the gate. And never tried to run away again. From that moment on she was my baby girl. Never left my side. She taught me so much. We went through alot together. She was there through my 20's and I don't know how I would have made it to where I am today without her. I can honestly say she is the best dog I've ever had. She's was one of the most well-behaved dogs I've ever owned. People always say what a lucky dog she was to have found me but I think I'm the one who was lucky to have been found by her. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her. I miss you everyday and always will

Lucky LOVED to dance. When you would tell her to dance she'd roll around on her back and kick her legs all over. Looked like break dancing. We were entered in the best dancer catergory at the Nutts For Mutts show in 2004 and Lucky won 1st place!!! She got a blue ribbon and she went on to compete in Best in Show. We didn't win Best in Show but we were on Animal Planet. She had her own segment and everything. I think she started to get a big head too cuz she also had her own collar business named after her too. With her drawn as a cartoon as the logo. She's on t-shirts too. It's called 'You Lucky Dog'. You can see more of her pictures there and the rest of her family too at Lucky was an amazing dog. Very Zen like. Until you pulled out the tape measurer. Then she would go CRAZY. Never understood it. But it was a fun game. Also bubble wrap, maybe she was attacked in her youth with it. Who knows? She would fly around the house ripping it from your hands and tearing it apart. It was pretty fun to watch. Oh and fireworks too. She wasn't scared of them like the average dog...oh no...she wanted to catch them. She would run around the house like a rabid dog trying to figure a way out to get them! We would even give sedatives on the 4th of July and even though she was knocked out she would still try to move a little. Still alert. Listening for them. She was one entertaining dog. She loved to play with other dogs. Or rather chase them around and barking at them. She would get so hoarse, as would we from yelling at her to shut up. But then she also loved to be a couch potato. I always wanted her to sleep in bed with me but she was a kicker. A major kicker. She loved the water too. You had to watch her around a pool when she was younger...if you weren't paying attention next thing you knew she was in it! Her favorite place was the beach though. She loved to dive into the waves to catch whatever beach toy we brought that day or to chase her younger cousin, Harley while she got the toy. Beach days were always crazy. Lucky could pretty much bark her head off. She would play so hard and then end up paying for it later as she got older. So stiff when we would get home. But I couldn't take that away from her. She LOVED the beach. Hiking was another favorite of Miss Lucky's. But she was a loner when we out amongst nature. She had to smell EVERYTHING and pee EVERYWHERE. She was a great dog. Tons of personality. Everyone loved her. We miss her everyday....

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