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Pony dog passing

Pony dog passing

May 15th 2006 11:06 pm
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If you don't know Pony had Cancer for the last year and amazingly lived months longer than suspected. In April 2005 she had a mass removed and then two Chemo sessions. The Cancer had metastasized into her right gland near her stomach and was not reacting to the Chemo. So we opted out of more poking and sickness and had an fun last year. She was feeling pretty good up to the day the Cancer took over.
April 18th, 2006 I realized she was not well. At the emergency clinic I was told she was losing blood into her stomach from the Cancer. I knew this day was coming but you are never ready to say good-bye to your best friend. I called my close friends Tam and Matt to come meet me, while I waited for them to show I spent my last hour with her. All she wanted to do was put her head down and close her eyes, I knew it was time. She lay with her head between her two paws and I kissed her face and told her she was a good girl. Tammy held my hand as the pretty and young veterinarian gal administered the dose that would put her to sleep. Her little eyes stay open and her body was warm but I felt the heavy weight of her body and could feel her spirit was no longer with us.

Pony had many friends and as my best friend for over 11 years I must say that my daily life without her is very lonely. In the morning I roll over to see her pretty face from the edge of my bed, all day we worked and ran errands and at night my ears listened to her soft snores. Taking care of Pony and being with her everyday made me a happy person.

I look for her when I open the studio door, I expect to see her guarding outside the bathroom door after I shower and when I turn around in the car I expect to see her pretty face at the window.

A few things I’ll miss about Pony:
Hearing her moan as she patiently waits for me.
Hearing her shake her head and her ears going flip-flop, flip-flop.
Feeling her standing next to me.
Walking between legs.
Having her rub her little head into my lap or chest to wipe her face.
Watching her flop down in the grass, roll around and rub her face then look back at me.
Everywhere we went people told her she was beautiful.
Sitting in the sun with Tam and Franny-dog.
Playing wall ball in the back with Uncle JB.
Protecting me in the car from anyone who came near.
Resting her head on the window or the back of my seat when I drive long distances.
Riding in the back of the truck covering the whole backseat.
Talking to me about where I had been asking me to play or get her something.
Pony was very shy when she first met people but over time would become very chatty.
Pony was smart, I spoke in sentences to her and she understood me.


feeling pretty good

September 29th 2005 7:58 pm
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So I was a little sick last week but now I'm feeling frisky and great. Next week I go to get another sonogram to see if the cancer in my stomach is really growing. Maybe it is growing really slow or maybe it has just disappear. I feel great. Still waiting for the hair on my back to finish growing in from my surgery months ago.
It does look like a little pink heart where you see the skin showing.

I do miss my dear friend Aunt Sonya-Kitty.



July 6, 2005

July 27th 2005 9:56 am
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Went to the Oncologist to do another sonogram and found out the chemo was not working.

The nephews are coming for the summer from Germany so since I am feeling pretty good right now I just want to have a nice time with them.

Also went up to Orcas Island to meet a friend and spent the weekend lounging and walking and swimming on the Island. What could be better than hanging out in the San Juan Islands, one of the most beautiful places in the world?

Spoke with a friend about her two dogs and the cancer they had. She drove from Seattle to WSU in Pullman, Washington to the best Vet School in the USA. It was much cheaper and they have lots of different machines and new medicine for working on pets.


2nd chemo day 6 - 5/20/05

June 20th 2005 11:44 pm
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Feeling much better than the other day.
5/16 kept mom up at night panting heavily and feeling sick. she put cool packs next to me. I wasn't running a fever tho.
5/17 ate dinner then went outside later and ate a bunch of grass and barfed.
5/18 slow and hot and tired.
5/19 doing much better did some short walks and ate dinner.


2nd Chemo 6/14/05

June 15th 2005 7:59 pm
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Went in today and saw Dr. Maleo. She did a little bum check to make sure no cancer was coming back, then a little pushing on my stomach where the new problem is. All seemed fine until the nurse tech arriveed to take me to the back room. I shoved my head and body into my mom begging her not to let them take me. After 15 minutes I was back in the front with the receptionist who let me hang with her until mom came in from the
truck . At least everyone likes me out at the Animal Cancer Clinic and always give me lots of treats for being so brave.

6/15/05 Feeling okay, went to the butcher with mom and then ate most my dinner.

Still waiting for the hair to grow in on my back where the epidural was placed during my main surgery.


Day 14

June 7th 2005 11:41 am
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I was very anti-social this weekend and wanted to be left alone. Eating dinner, and feeling great on walks. My white blood cells are down and so I'm not really supposed to be around any other dogs. I had a visit from Matt and Tam and Uncle Archie this last week.


Day 9

June 1st 2005 4:06 pm
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Feeling great.


I have cancer

May 28th 2005 2:21 pm
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Hi I'm Sugar Painted Pony dog and I'm 10 years old. Just recently I was diagnosed with cancer.

At the end of March I started drinking a lot of water. It seemed like 4 or 5 bowls was still not enough. My owner new something was not right and went on to the net to look up excessive water drinking. And sure enough tons of different things came up. About a list of 20 items one being cancer. By Friday the 1st of April I was into my normal vet. Dr. Donavan. He did a blood draw and checked my anal glands, a place where many dogs will get cancer. Dr. Donavan found a pea size mass. On Monday the 1st we were back in to have more blood taken to redo the test as a very high calcium count was showing up. Tests went out and we waited 2 weeks to hear back on the lab results. After two weeks of waiting lab results came up positive for cancer and I was in to see the surgeon in two days. Dr. Bennet at Animal Surgical Clinic now felt the mass and it was the size of an olive. The next day Wed. the 20th I was in for surgery. I stayed over night. My mom picked me up on Thursday morning. I hate coming down off the drugs and really didn't want to eat but in 3 days I was feeling better and eating. The good news if I have any to tell is we got it early but it was sitting very close to my colon and we can't damage that during surgery. Next came the sonograms of my stomach and lungs. Lungs looked good but the lymph’s in the stomach looked swollen. Which means it has moving up in to the lymph’s and that is not good. Waiting a month to get into Dr. Maleo at the Animal Cancer clinic was a bum but it has given me time to recover. We went in on the 20th to have a consultation and decided to have another sonogram and start chemo on Tue the 24th. My friend Sony came up to visit and went with mom and I to the ACS for my chemo. The ladies at the clinic took me to the back. I lye down on a blanket and they slowly put the chemo into my back leg vein. After about 20 minutes it was done and I ate a few cookies. I was done and feeling no pain.

Day 2, 26th didn't want to finish my dinner.

Day 3, 27th started to feel sick. I didn't want to eat, barfed a little, ate some cold cuts that mom fed me. Sleeping lots.

Day 4, 28th ate some waffles with syrup and went on a short walk and did the doo

Day 5, 29th doing well today eating and seem to be feeling okay. lots of sleep is good. Hung out with JB my neighbor friend and went on a short walk in the sun.

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