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Today is my Birthday!

March 2nd 2011 6:07 pm
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Today is my Birthday...I would have been 17 years old! BOL!!!! What an old fart I am! Luckily at the Rainbow bridge, there is no more aging!




5 years ago today...

May 20th 2010 7:27 pm
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The years go by and it gets easier
That is what they say
It was the worst day of my life
when you had to go away.
But the years went by and it got easier
although it took awhile
to think of you and not cry and cry
now I think of you with a smile
And I remember all the fun we had
The things you used to do
Like swimming till you could swim no more
and rolling in your poo. !!!! ;)
I am the mom of 2 pups now
They run me ragged every day
They are filling the hole you left in my heart
when you had to go away.
5 years goes by so fast, Benny and I have lit 2 candles for you. One for Jake and one for Teddy.
We went to your pond today. Mommy walked 2 count em 2 DOGS!!!!!! (Were you laughing at me?)

please go and visit Ben's page on if you can. I have updated it. tm

Benny....Gone but never forgotten.
and please excuse my poor excuse for poetry above!


Remembering Ben at Christmas and always, love Mommy.

December 22nd 2009 9:31 pm
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It is the time of year when I always end up thinking of my Benny boy.

Ben was the love of my life and we lost him May 20 2005.

I just want to remember him. It helps to heal. And this time of year I often will light a candle of remembrance for him.

I can now remember Ben with a smile. I remember Ben with love. I no longer cry at the mere mention of his name.

I often say that it took 2 dogs (Jake and Teddy) to heal the hole in my heart that was left when Ben passed away. There will never be another Ben. It is not possible. Just as there will never be another Jake or another Teddy.
But at this time I want to light a Christmas candle and Remember my Big Benny!

Merry Christmas to Ben
"My Golden Shadow"

Love Mommy


My Mommy remembers me....

April 27th 2009 6:57 pm
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My mommy sent my Dogster friend Geena this pmail about me because she said more could be told about me. So she typed a little bit about me and then re read this and thinks this is a nice dedication for me.


Ben was a strong boy....did not ever seem to feel pain. Never whimpered with pain except for one time when he had a bad belly. He was brave. Very brave. and the only time he freaked out was at the vet because he could not be with me. Used to get liquid runs when he had to stay overnight for anything at the vet. We had a weird bond. He protected me fiercely. For a Golden he was a wonderful watchdog. Barked at the door, and snarled at strangers. He didn't eat much and yet was fat. He was obssessed with swimming.
And like what I try to get across to my Dogster friends...he was FUNNY!
If he were human he would be exactly the dog in our family who would wear that chicken hat that he so proudly wears from time to time.
oh and he had this huge rawhide bone that we got him for Christmas that for some reason he decided to keep for his prized possession and did not ever eat. He walked around with this bone in his mouth for 2 years, never eating it even though in past years, he had eaten all the other ones he had got.

We never had a dog so brave...he smiled through his illness, even on his last day. He smiled. We never knew when to end it for him because he never showed pain or sadness. you can know Ben. :):) It was nice remembering him.


April 4th 2007 8:06 pm
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My Tail of Devotion for Ben -(In Loving Memory)
September 25th 2006 7:18 pm [link to this entry]

ok, seems I already HAD a tail of devotion done for Benny! It was dated Sept 25th. I remember it yes, but didn't realize at the time, that it was a tail of devotion.
anyway I copied it for you to see. I am kind of glad I didnt have to do a new one tonight. I am still raw from the Page update a few nights ago. It is still sooo hard to talk about Benny without guilt...... anyway, here it is.

My Golden Shadow

Benny boy, my love, you were the best dog, friend,companion,devoted dog I have ever had in my entire life. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without you. 11 years were not long enough, I wanted to have you forever. I never knew a human/dog relationship could be so strong. But I loved you with all my heart. From the first day I ever saw you when you picked me, by hiding in the back of my coat until your last day, I want you to know that you were the love of my life. (But I think you know that already). Thank you for fiercly protecting me from everything from a male toy poodle to the mailman. (I understood). I will never say goodbye to you. I will only say "see you soon baby." Losing you was the worst day of my life. I hope you are having fun swimming up there in the big lake.
And I know that you are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge.

To follow me around for an eternity! (I will love it)

Love you bum bum


April 1st 2007 8:22 pm
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Benny, we had to change your song because it stopped playing and I cant find it. so now I have a sad one but It will be ok.....i suppose you saw me bawling last night! Don't be mad at me...I was updating your story and could not handle it...I still feel so guilty about not being in the room with you when the vet put you to sleep. I KNOW you didnt mind, you were so loving. But BOY do I feel guilt! Anyway, just to tell you that I am going to get pictures of you when you were healthy and BIG scanned and I am going to post them on Dogster for all to see. There is one pic of you with the boy when he was 3. There you were you and the boy...both pups. That is the special picture.
you know the one.
Hope I can get it up soon.

Today is April fools day and April fools day 2005 is the day the vet told me you were going to die...remember Ben? He said you should "go" next week and I said no he wont....and you didn't.
You lasted until May were so strong and brave and funny....remember when you "Got Stuck in the garden" at 1am? And the neighbour was wondering what I was doing out there? You had lost control of your legs again and ended up in the flower garder making wooing sounds at me and waggin' your tail. So I went out in my nightie and bare feet in the flowers....and helped you get your footing. Then you barked and wooed soo loudly at the night when you got back in the house after I helped you get up! It was like you were saying "In your face! I Made IT!"
You were my funny, strong boy!

Miss you Benny

love mommy


your music

January 22nd 2007 5:56 pm
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I heard you Benny, the song has been changed....just for you! It is happy and is your song.
Love mommy


Music on my page

January 13th 2007 7:04 pm
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I see my mom put music on my page. And it makes her cry. Why did you put a sad song on there that none of us had ever hear of before mommy? Just so you can cry? MOM! I dont want you to be sad....
Benny And The Jets was my song, in life. When the boy was small, he heard the song on the radio and thought it was all about me cause the guy keeps singing Benny....Benny.... at the end. After that, every time we heard it, It was my song.....I want that one.
I do not want mommy (or visitors) to be sad.
I never made mom cry when I was alive, I do not want her to cry now, I only want to see her smile.....
Change the music mom...I wish she could hear me!


I have wings!

January 7th 2007 4:51 pm
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Thank you Bambi, for giving me my wings. You made my mommy cry. Silly mommy, Im very proud of my wings! I earned them!!!! Sometimes mommy misses me so much and thinks of me as her angel. So she was very touched when the pmail came in from Bambi and there was a picture of me with angel wings!

Thank you very much
From Rainbow Bridge


November 23rd 2006 8:33 pm
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My love,
I sit here watching Jake and Teddy "wrestle" and sometimes think to myself,
It took 2 dogs to equal the love I felt from YOU Benny!
Both my new guys are cool and they both remind me of you, but in different ways!

Jake, my sweet golden boy, reminds me of you in so many ways. He looks like you and has that "happy to be alive" Golden trait that you had. You know, the undying love for a tennis ball....that was you, my boy. And he has the same Golden enthusiasm for it dinner time, time for walkies or obedience class....he is ready for the next adventure, much like you did

Teddy- on the other hand, reminds me of you too, even though he is NOT a Golden retriever. He is my little watch dog, my guard doggy. He protects the house like you did and even sleeps in the same places you did. At the front and back door. He is ready to bark and sound fierce, (if need be). And he will sit there and be so calm when it is time for you.

So you see baby, I think it took 2 of them, to equal one of YOU! I miss you soo much.

But I know you are laughing at me trying to juggle these two twits and at the same time, are having fun with your new friends , Butch and Cracker at the rainbow bridge.

I know that when my time comes, you are going to be the one that I see waiting patiently for me at the RAINBOW BRIDGE And you will be saying to me. "Mommy, What took you so long?" .

I Will say, " I have no idea what took me so long, Benny boy, but I do know that for sure I am in heaven"

Because I am with you again!

I miss u soooo much!

Love you lots

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