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Dear Lucky

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Dogs, To Be Or Not to Be – Dressed!

July 16th 2009 9:20 am
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By Wendy Diamond

In 1999, when I created the premier lifestyle magazine and website ( I wanted to kick it off with a loud bark. We created and produced the first ever pet fashion show, Paws For Style, to raise money and awareness for animal rescue. A-list designers that have donned the dogs in creative attire for this one-of-a-kind canine charity event include Marc Jacobs, Gucci, COACH, Tommy Hilfiger, Betsy Johnson, and celebrity dog walkers include Hayden Paniettiere, Tina Fey, Hilary and Haylie Duff, Paula Abdul, Rob Thomas, and Hugh Hefner with his girls.

Since then I’ve never seen more dogs in designer garb than in the past few years, with such fashion luminaries as Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren designing dog accessories, from Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua, Tinkerbell dancing in tutus at nightclubs, to Tori Spelling’s late Pug Mimi LaRue decked out in head-to-paw matching outfits. So is it right to dress up dogs, or not?

Grab that coat or vest when the cold winds blow, the rain pours or the snow falls – but leave it at that! Clothing serves well to protect dogs from being overly exposed to the sunlight and preventing sunburn in the summer, and is very beneficial for your pet when necessary.

Donning your dog in an occasional outfit at special occasions such as weddings or any charitable event doesn’t harm, but clothes on canines are too often a “do-don’t”! Your dog’s sensitive skin is its most important organ, made up of necessary layers of cells, lubricating glands, blood vessels, nerve endings, and hair follicles that produce hairs, that protects canines form infections, parasites and prevents a loss of body moisture. Whew, got serious on you for a moment, but it’s no joking matter!

When It’s OKAY To Dress Up Your Dog:
• Wedding, especially if your dog is the ring bearer.
• Birthday, it’s once a year!
• Red Carpet Event, definitely don’t want to be underdressed
• Charity Event, especially when raising money for animal rescue
• Cocktail Party, Yappy Hour®!
• Holiday Party (Christmas, Halloween)

When It’s NOT OKAY to Dress Up Your Dog:
• Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
• Dog Park (except winter wear for your short haired dog)
• Hiking (unless it’s Mt. Everest)
• Doctor’s Appointment

So whether you live in New York City or not, fly you and your dog (Continental Airlines Voted Cesar ® Five Dog Bone Award for most pet friendliest airline) to the Big Apple to help the Humane society at Animal Fair’s 10th annual Paws for Style! You can bid on one-of-a-kind outfits for your pooch, from Bravo’s Fashion show designer Keith Lissner’s dog outfits with CRYSTALLIZED(tm) - Swarovski Elements or Roberto Cavalli’s doggie couture! For more information go to


Lucky Will Remember The Time

July 1st 2009 10:06 am
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Words cannot begin to express the sadness we faced globally this week, we lost some amazingly special souls, animal lovers, and truly talented individuals. Lucky and I along with Animal Fair Media would like to express our deepest condolences to the friends and families of the late (and forever great) Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. Each one of these stars is iconic in their own right and internationally celebrated. The Hollywood heavens opened wide, greeting a true angel, Charlie’s Angel Farah Fawcett, Tonight Show’s Ed McMahon probably ran into Johnny Carson and the laughs and one-liners haven’t stopped, Thriller Michael Jackson is almost certainly entertaining with a new version of the “moon walk” titled “heaven walk”, and Billy Mays is the newest spokesperson, literally for the “stars”. Thank you for entertaining and sharing for all the years, the heavens shine that much brighter now.

Michael Jackson’s death was felt and weighed profoundly on our own beloved Animal Fair’s ( Pete Carter, who like millions of others was one of Jackson’s devoted fans from a very young age. Pete turned his inspired passion into a pet personal project and he now is one of world’s leading Jackson impersonators by night (and one of our beloved editors, hair stylist, and videographers by day). Pete adored and respected Jackson, and as fate would have it last April he bumped into Jackson in Los Angeles, where Jackson graciously signed his signature across Pete’s back. Pete ran and quickly turned it into tattoo, permanently marking his great muse’s name. Lucky also had the lucky chance to meet Michael Jackson years ago and she wants to report that the Neverland Ranch animals were well looked after. Many of the animals recently have been transplanted from Neverland to Lake Powell, Arizona where they will be cared for at a wildlife reserve. Our dear friend, legendary actress and animal activist, Tippi Hedren, stepped up to look after Jackson’s two tigers Thriller and Sabu, giving them a home at her Shambala Preserve, Roar Foundation ( Hedren explained that Michael Jackson was a true animal lover that provided a comfortable and loving home for his pets.

This week Lucky and I attended the opening of Swarovski new Crystallized Concept Store, hosted by Blake Lively. Lucky and I have loved Swarovski since we were pups and are jazzed to have Swarovski join us as one of our sponsors for our 10th Annual Paws for Style (July 27th – tickets available at

We celebrated the grand opening of Crystallized Concept Store with celebrities such as Chloe Sevigny, Lucy Liu, and Evan Rachel Wood. When our eyes weren’t tearing up from the glare of so much bling bling, Lucky and I were able to have a heart-to-heart with Blake about her Maltipoo, Penny. Blake told us that Penny was named after the character from the animated classic The Rescuers. And although Penny is not a rescue, both respect the rescue movement and cause.
Right now I’m getting some “spiritual” culture in Israel, (sometimes even Lucky and I need a break from each other once in awhile) and trying to get some direct sun rays as New York has now officially turned into Seattle (what’s with 21 days of rain in June?). We look forward to a memorable July with our 10th Anniversary Paws For Style charity event. We will FOREVER remember the time and those we lost in June. Dog Bless!


Dogs Make A Big Splash

June 23rd 2009 3:37 pm
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Some dogs love to doggie paddle and some don’t. While Labs, Golden Retrievers, and Portuguese Water Dogs are natural born swimmers, there are many breeds of dog that prefer dry land. Due to their short legs, heavy bodies, and respiratory problems, Pugs and Bull Dogs aren’t swimmers. Dogs with short, pushed in snouts should generally avoid the water as they have difficulty breathing. Canines, like my Maltese Lucky, are predisposed to arthritis and too much water causes stiffness in joints and muscles, this is one breed that does better on shore. Dogs that aren’t Olympian swimmers can get wet … as long as they wear a lifejacket!

If you have a breed that loves the water, encourage them to do so! Since they use the majority of their muscles while swimming, this is the most effective form of exercise for dogs. In particular, dogs that have suffered injuries should swim as a way to help heal, regain muscle mass and flexibility. Many first time canine swimmers may be nervous and timid at first, but there are several tips you can follow to help the process go swimmingly.

- Go in the water with your pet and hold him close to you above the surface so that he feels at ease.
- Avoid cold water - it may cause painful muscle spasms.
- If you’re going to take your pet in natural waters avoid choppy and turbulent seas, and make sure he doesn’t swallow much salt water, both cause nausea.
- Always show your dog the pool entrance and exit, so he can get in and out easily if he experiences muscle fatigue.
- Toss a toy your dog loves into the shallow end, throwing it close to an exit.
- If your pup becomes uncomfortable and starts frantically splashing, trying to keep his head above water, he’s unfortunately not a swimmer. No biggie – and don’t force him! There are several canine cabana product lines; your dog can relax poolside in the shade while you take a swim.


Lucky Helps One Kid, One World & One Funny Fido

June 12th 2009 1:05 pm
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Lucky attended the 8th annual Lewyt Humane Awards Luncheon this week where she ran into Rachael Ray! Amidst all the barking and tail wagging, Ray accepted the North Shore Animal League's President's Award for Humanitarian Excellence. Lucky was a little bummed Rachael's dog, Isaboo, wasn't there to play, but settled for a few of Rachael's funny dog stories about her famous pooch.

"You know, my favorite moment of the day, I guess, is when I get home from work, I get down on my knees and Issy puts one paw on either shoulder and gives me a big welcome-home hug. There isn't any time that I spend with Issy that I don't enjoy and value."

Ray said that if Isaboo were a human, she'd be a diplomat - like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Isaboo inspired Ray to start Nutrish, her line of dog food and treats. Lucky is in puppy love with peanut butter flavored Booscotti. All proceeds of the treats are donated to rescue organizations. Find out more about Rachael Ray and how Nutrish is saving pets at

Later that day, we headed over to Caroline's Comedy Club to share a few laughs at Funny for Fido, an annual event to raise money for dogs in need. According to 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander, he has a posh puppy place to stay. "I actually live at a dog's place. I don't have my own place but I know some dogs who have a really nice pad, I stay with them," Friedlander said, whose hair was also inspired by a couple of poodles. "My parents have two little toy poodles. But they don't have the fancy haircuts. They just have long shaggy hair and they're messy, like me. I think we both inspire each other."

After, Judah said Tina Fey's (also a 30 Rock-er) dog name should be Tina, but founder of Funny for Fido Justin Silver thought differently. He had a bone to pick with his choice, saying, "I prefer animal names that are not people names. When someone is like 'This is my dog Claire' I'm not into that. I've got Boogey, Sexy Face [referring to his cats], Chiquita, Pacino and Shakes [referring to his dogs]. Anything with fur I'm crazy about."

Lucky (a rescue herself) was excited to see so many people helping pets in need of rescue this week, but she wants you to get involved! Please help your local animal shelters and rescue organizations by donating your time or money. Help a pooch in need get Lucky!

Lucky was the only dog at the One Kid One World event at the uber-exclusive Soho House. There she rubbed noses with The View's Sherri Shepherd, Food Network's Grill It & Throw Down's Bobby Flay and his Law and Orderly wife Stephanie March. The event hosted many other good-hearted people gathered to raise money for underprivileged children in Kenya.

Flay, who once had a rescue cat named Pumpkin, is currently trying to convince Stephanie to rescue another sweetie. However, being allergic to cats, Stephanie prefers Bobby's pumpkin pie, pumpkin burger, pumpkin bread, and well - anything else pumpkin!

Sherri Shepherd was so excited to chat about Angel, a Black Lab she rescued from the streets of Compton, California! One Kid One World's overall mission is to visit schools in developing countries and provide aid. The organization has greatly benefitted Kenyan schools and will continue to do so in the future. They'd love your help - to donate or volunteer with OKOW, please visit: Anything you can do to pitch in would be grr-eat!


Lucky Finds Her Prince Charming In Prince Harry

June 3rd 2009 6:53 am
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Lucky and I dropped by the New York League of Humane Voters City Council event and listened to politicians jockeying for top-dog positions such as mayor, public advocator, city controller, public advocate and city council. They gathered at this political dog run along with concerned New Yorkers, ready to discuss animal rights and problems they felt were of concern! At the event, defenders of animals were able to ask candidates questions on any animal-related subjects, such as:

1) Carriage Horses in Central Park: The issue of horses being overworked (Rock Star Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders has stood outside Central Park protesting using carriage horses as “beasts of burden”).

2) Dog Shelters: The voters want “no-kill” shelters exclusively in Queens, and want to eliminate euthanasia and kill-shelters all together. (Lucky howled with joy when this was proposed!).

3) Owning Animals in Certain Apartment Housing Complexes: They discussed a possible new law that forbids dogs over 40lbs in public housing units.

4) Spay/Neuter Fund: Generous and concerned New Yorkers voiced their concerns about donated moneys for a governmental spay/neuter program that the government apparently took from for other funding (in other words, “doggie double-dipping” into the people’s animal fund).

5) Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act: This states that New Yorkers demonstrating for animal rights can now be arrested for demonstrating incorrectly. Although this might be one more reason to demonstrate, Public Advocate Candidate Norman Siegel was interested in helping to teach citizens how to demonstrate “correctly” (that’s a new political theme!). He even offered out his card to help bail those arrested out of jail!

We were proud to see such a huge turnout to discuss animal and owner rights. New Yorkers love their pets! It was a relief to see how many politicians truly cared about voters’ concerns and the welfare of animals.

So, now it’s our turn to act -- remember the promises made, and don’t be afraid to pick a bone with politicians that don’t keep their word. We are the only voice animals really have! Animal rights issues are a hot topic all over the world. Animals have become a political issue with the current state of our environment warranting new laws to protect the fragile species of our earth.

The animals in your vicinity need your help and protection. Whether dogs, horses, or wild animals, their voices must be heard through our words and actions. Get involved in your community! Do your best to become aware of animal rights issues in your local political arena and learn how you can help to make a difference! Lucky just barked, “Do it for me!”

Next, Lucky and I attended the Second Annual Adam Loves Dogs’ Adopt-A-Dog event at the store of Fashion Designer Extraordinaire Adam Lippes. Lucky took a liking to his two Labradoodles, Bidu and Lola (what can I say, Lucky’s got great taste!). Let’s just say the dogs chased tail and barked about canine couture while the pet-parents shopped with part of the proceeds helping the Humane society of New York! Visit their website at

Adam was quite hysterical when he spoke about his pup Lola, saying that, as a human, she’d be a fun and quirky American, but also like fabulous designer Anna Sui. Adam described Bidu by saying he would wear a bow tie in a chic sort of way like designer Alber Elbaz .

Adam has draped hot celebs such as Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and mutt-man himself Brad Pitt in his fabulous attire! We heard that Pitt specifically loves Adam Lippes underwear (lucky Angelina Jolie!). During the event, about 200 people, including guests with their canine counterparts and several adoptable pups from the Humane Society of New York, enjoyed an afternoon socializing, sipping puptails and searching through racks of Lippes’ beautiful designs! Stop by Adam’s chic website at You can catch Adam and his fabulous human and doggie designs at our 10th Annual Paws for Style event where dogs take over the catwalk. Check it out

Over the weekend, Lucky and I celebrated at the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, a fundraiser for Sentebale -- an organization that helps raise money for impoverished children in Africa set up by Prince Harry in honor of his mother Princess Diana! Lucky is always on a hunt for her Prince Charming! The Prince took New York by storm with polo enthusiasts, or shall we say spectators, Madonna and her new young pup Jesus, LL Cool J, Kate Hudson, Chloe Sevigny, and lots of us ordinary New Yorkers. It was quite impressive when the Prince showed his royal skills and helped assist the game-winning point with seconds left in the game! How exciting! Lucky, who is royalty in her own mind, wanted to rub noses with the charming Prince - maybe one day we can all sit down for high tea and dog treats at the Palace!

Finally, I have to give a bark out to my hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and even though they lost game six against the Orlando Magic, LeBron James still performed like a basketball magician! LeBron has an energetic, playful Cane Corsos named King! Lucky would love to be King’s Queen and play ball! Lebron quoted about his dribbling dog, “I guess you could say that King has the same personality as I have. He’s big and he looks fierce, but you know, he’s just a lot of fun and very playful. Yeah, you could say that he's like me.” Don’t lose that underdog spirit Cleveland, Lebron and King, there’s always next season (and who doesn’t root for the underdog to win)!


Lucky Savors A Taste For Candy & Causes!

May 19th 2009 7:41 am
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Lucky and I practiced our dance steps under the stars at the DanceGiving
fundraiser ( at the fabulous Tribeca Rooftop in lower
Manhattan. DanceGiving benefits the extraordinary non-profit
organization Bpeace (, a group dedicated to helping women in
Afghanistan and Rwanda recovering from war. We sincerely support Bpeace
because we recognize that we’re all connected, our neighbors are global,
and that peace and prosperity is a basic right for everyone.

Lucky and I broke into a few creative dance moves! MSNBC’s Morning Joe
co-host Willie Geist was trying to keep up with Lucky on the dance floor.
Lucky was a hound dog dancing the night
away doing the monkey and bunny hop in honor of her fellow animals, she
certainly didn’t have two left feet (paws), dancing with Lucky requires
picking her up and holding her tight!

We hung out with Fabien Cousteau – grandson of legendary undersea
explorer Jacques Cousteau. Currently, Fabien is partnering up with his
father, Jean-Michel Cousteau, and sister Celine; following in the
family’s sand steps with a new PBS series titled Ocean Adventures
( Topics range from the Grey Whale
migration of the west coast of the Americas, to the magical coral
spawning of the Caribbean, to the ghost ships of the Great Lakes. Lucky
certainly would enjoy accompanying them to exotic places such as the
Amazon, Samoa, Christmas Island, Papua New Guinea, and the
Arctic…wherever there is water!

Lucky & I had more than just a taste of fun at the Annual "Taste of
Spring" Gala benefiting the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute! For
over a decade this institute has carried out its unique mission to
benefit the millions of children and families impacted by by adoption:
providing leadership that improves adoption laws, policies and
practices, through sound research, education and advocacy – in order to
better the lives of everyone touched by adoption! I’m a real believer
and fan of both children and animals’ adoption and wouldn’t miss the
chance to support such an amazing group! Though I don’t have any kids
yet (adopted or otherwise), I’ve had plenty of mothering practice taking
care of Lucky and could relate to all the work it requires. Animal Fair
has always rallied in support of fairness to animals, and is committed
to promoting animal and shelter rescue (

We were thrilled to see one of our favorite restaurateur’s Jean Georges
Vongerichten of the famed Jean-George eatery. We had to laugh when he
shared that his children (funny he, like President Obama, is not a into
small canines) have two dogs a Yorkie and Shih Tzu, that they named Jojo
(after what they call Daddy Jean Georges) and Candy (how sweet – the
culinary theme is passed on to the next litter).

Wolverine X-Man and award winning actor (and People’s 2008 Sexiest Man
Alive) Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness,
are the proud parents of two adopted children, Oscar
Maximillian, and Ava Eliot. They celebrated in the spirit
of the evening, Deborra-Lee also co-founded another adoption charity in
Australia called Orphan Angels ( which matches
orphans with prospective parents. Hugh told us that although they may
not have a dog to give a bone to, he added “Deborra has the funny bone
in the family, after I get off stage we laugh as I use all her lines.”
No bones about it!

The Jackmans’ announced first to us that they would be getting their son
Oscar a pet fish on his birthday! My Wanda would be happy to know (my
Betta fish that recently swam quietly to the big fish pond in the sky)!

The Rose herself Bette Midler (aka the Divine Miss M) was having a ball
and is currently on a mission to restore even more New York City park
land for you and your pets to play on, with this year’s New York
Restoration Project's (NYRP) 2009 Spring Picnic Auction, which is
happening NOW until June 10, 2009 at www.charalready begun and guess what -
you can bid on having lunch with Hugh
Jackman (how yummy), a trip to Las Vegas to meet Cher backstage, (Do You
Believe…), see Santana in concert (how Supernatural), meet Fleetwood Mac
(in your Dreams), and many other fun invites to bid on. Sold! With all
proceeds benefiting the New York Restoration Project.

Kristen Chenoweth wasn’t Pushing Daisies, but was pushing a play date
with her Maltese “Maddie” (named after actress Madeline Kahn) and my
Maltese, Lucky. Fellow X-Men (wo-Men) actress Famke Janssen who plays
Dr. Jean Grey in the movie franchise was sans Licorice her black Boston
Terrier, named after her love for black licorice candy. Famke quipped,
“I can’t get enough of both!”, little lucky tip , dogs are a it healthier! A
love for canines & confectionery
seems to be the taste of this blog! For more dog treats checkout: !


Lucky Sees Stars & Stripes!

May 13th 2009 11:13 am
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WOOF! Did Lucky & I have one eventful week! First stop in New York City was Bidawee's Gala on the Green (as in Central Park’s Tavern On The Green) where we ran into supermodel Paulina Porizkova, judge on America’s Next Top Model (wife of Cars singer Rick Ocasek) and an avid animal advocate. She was very funny – commenting that her dog was a “Classic Cadillac!” Paulina was all smiles as she took a photo with America’s Next Top Dog, Lucky! The oldest dog to date, a 21-year-old Daschund (147 in human years) named Chanel was there celebrating with parents Karl and Denise Shaughnessy. Denise shared that life has been hectic with Chanel and although Chanel doesn’t go to many social events, this was one event she couldn’t stray from. And commented, “Chanel is like Barbra Streisand, aren’t their noses similar.” She was given a Guinness World Book Records award for being the oldest living dog. Iams Pet Food and Home 4 the Holidays Campaign was also honored at the event, this campaign helped to save the lives of more than 1.2 million pets this past holiday season.

Next we ventured over to the 5th Annual Housing Works' Design On A Dime Extravaganza. Extreme Makeover – Home Edition’s Ty Pennington was there, and we couldn’t help ask what kind of doghouse second-chance Bo Obama should have built to mirror his new extreme makeover and lifestyle. Ty said “I would have to know exactly what kind of personality the dog has to match the temperament to the tenement, it shouldn’t be a little miniature White House and certainly not overdone.” Ty added, “I suggest some shag carpets, earthy tones, definitely a relaxing mood…” Sounds right with all the political howling going on around Bo!

When we asked former Charlie's Angels star, host and judge on Shear Genius, Jaclyn Smith which Charlie’s Angel her Poodle Elizabeth looks the most like she immediately replied, “Farrah Fawcett, she is bigger than life, has curly hair and everybody loves her.” As for Jaclyn’s four other dogs she said Kate is her French Bulldog, Bird “intense sharp brightest of the dogs” of Ralphie (her Boston Bull Terrier) “would never get through casting”, and “Charlie would be my dog Tank (French Bulldog) ,,, always mysteriously, hiding.” Jaclyn added, “I am more like my dog Emma Jane.” No wonder she started a new brand ( featuring housewares, furniture, linens, and furniture, she needed the extra furniture and linens to house her pack of five dogs, in comfort of course!

Lucky and I had a Presidential whirlwind, when we headed down to Washington, DC for the White House Correspondents dinner weekend, Lucky is our official “White House Pet Correspondent”! If Lucky decides to throw her collar into the race and run for president, she certainly met her staff! Lucky as the White House Pet Correspondent” (puplitical commentator and writer), she promises to report all the latest barking news on the energetic First (Portuguese Water) Dog, Bo Obama (already known for breaking bipartisan ground on the White House lawn).

Knight Rider actor Val Kilmer will possibly be running a political campaign to become the next New Mexico Governor. He has a new dog, named after his good friend, rapper 50 cent. And calls him “Fitty” (that's 50 cent’s nickname). Fitty (the dog) is a “loner mutt misfit.” says Val. Val lends his time to charity and feeds 100's of animals, including buffalo and horses.

Former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright has cows and when asked which was her favorite? She quipped, “All of them!” Moo-over!

Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford said fellow Gossip Girl star Blake Lively's dog Penny has the worst breath, Lucky just looked away, then searched for a greenie in her bag. Journalist and TV personality Greta Van Susteren of Fox News (airing on weeknights) let us know that every Wednesday she posts animals up on her rescue website (

Our favorite meet and greet was Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano who doesn’t have any pets at the moment, but informed Lucky that although they have decreased many items in the Homeland Security Budget, they have increased the necessary dog-sniffing security budget. Of course she had to get a photo with Lucky – Lucky made sure she gave the meanest Maltese military look she could muster!!”

Meet The Press host David Gregory was excited to see Lucky, he was hands (and paws) down our favorite interview when we promoted our book How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs on The Today Show (buy now: TV Producer extraordinare Tammy Haddad (a former producer for MSNBC) and David Adler the founder of BizBash Media were the hosts of this fabulous fete Saturday before the big dinner.

And the political fun kept on we ran into some fun loving animal people at the Vanity Fair Bloomberg Party after the White House Correspondents Dinner. We swooped over to hero Chesley Burnett Sullenberger, aka Sully, the skilled pilot (he’s one Bird Dog) who safely glided and landed a distressed US Airways Airbus A320 onto the New York’s Hudson River. Sully is the proud parent to a dog named; Twinkle, that was a guide dog in the past (seems heroism runs in the family). He was so inspired by Twinkle that Sully now trains other guide dogs.

Marley & Me actor Owen Wilson told us he has an Australian Shepherd named Garcia named after surfer Sunny Garcia. Lucky would be envious if she found out that Owen’s dog had a cameo in Marley and Me. Okay, I must note “Lucky & Me” would be a hysterical movie, and our ending would have people crying … with laughter!

Then we bumped into some “Washington Top Dogs”. The man who masterminded putting Obama into office, Senior Political Strategist David Axelrod, who was excited to chat about his cat Twinkle (not Obama), and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who is not a pet guy (maybe Bo Obama will “change” that). Finally petless Jonathan Lovett, the President's head speechwriter, made us laugh; he’s the guy writing the one liner jokes about Bo Obama for President Obama.

Jonathan must have given Obama this line during the White House Correspondents Dinner when he said "All this change hasn't been easy. Change never is. So I've cut the tension by bringing a new friend to the White House. He's warm, he's cuddly, loyal, enthusiastic. You just have to keep him on a tight leash. Every once in a while he goes charging off in the wrong direction and gets himself into trouble. But enough about Joe Biden."

Sammy Davis, Jr. is the name of actors Idina Menzel (was our favorite star in Broadway’s Wicked) and Taye Diggs (as seen on CBS’ Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy) Yorkie, they said it’s the perfect moniker since actress Idina is Jewish and husband Taye Diggs is black. The animal loving duo also had me cracking up about their two rescue cats, named Coltrane and Ella (feeling a jazzy play date with Bo Obama happening soon – named after Diddley).

Finally we ended the week with our dear friends Christina and John McLaughlin, (the Political host of the McLaughlin Group), for their annual Brunch (Lucky never misses brunch – no matter what party). Senior advisor to U.S. presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan, and Republican presidential nomination in 1992 and 1996, Pat Buchanan along with his wife told us a cat-chy story about their late beloved kitty. In the early '80s, when Ronald Reagan became president, a young kitten wandered into their lives at the same time. After a day on Capitol Hill, Pat arrived home and joyfully named their new pet after the well-liked president, Gipper. Pat said, “He was one hell of a cat.” (President Reagan or Pat’s cat Gipper?)

With all the presidential advice Lucky received this past weekend from the above-mentioned, she is well on her way to being appointed White House Pet Correspondent to Bo Obama. This weekend produced enough excitement to last me for at least another year, and Lucky seven dog years!


America's Foreclosed Pets

May 8th 2009 11:31 am
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Wendy Diamond, 05.07.09, 05:50 PM EDT
Abandoned homes, abandoned animals.

The number of foreclosures on U.S. properties was 46% higher in March 2009 than it was a year earlier. Among other problems, this trend--and the country's recession--has given rise to a heart-breaking new breed: foreclosure pets. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, they are abandoned, left to fend for themselves after their owners take off without taking them along--or placing them in shelters. These animals, bereft of human caretakers, are basically left to perish.

It is our philosophical and economical responsibility to continue saving animals even in spite of a, well, "ruff" financial market. In 1999, I started Animal Fair magazine and Web site, dedicated to promoting fairness to animals, responsible breeding and animal rescue. Our annual events have raised thousands of dollars for local shelters across the country.

One alpha dog, however, was recently elected to the global stage, simultaneously addressing the economy and animal rescue.

When Barack Obama took office, he promised to pass a monetary stimulus package to jump-start the sagging economy and to find a hypoallergenic, child-friendly dog--preferably from a shelter--for his daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Although the Obamas didn't end up adopting from a shelter, they did rescue a second-chance Portuguese water dog, named him Bo and gave him the opportunity to live in a very big White House. But other pets haven't been so lucky. Animals nationwide are increasingly becoming homeless casualties of the recession.

When the door closes on these pets for the last time, a variety of unfortunate situations can occur. They are abandoned without food or water. Fleas attack. They are left to breed uncontrollably. Even when authorities discover these poor animals, they are often too injured, dehydrated, starved or sick to be saved.

Just a few of hundreds of reported foreclosure cases affecting animals have made it into the news: 20 birds abandoned in Ohio; 24 horses left on a ranch in Oklahoma; still more horses seen wandering the Florida Everglades and coal mines in Kentucky when desperate owners set them loose to scavenge on their own. Authorities in Cincinnati even discovered over 50 abandoned cats.

If they are found, these helpless animals are often brought to rescue shelters across the nation. But these facilities are rapidly becoming overburdened. That's just one more reason why Americans must step up during these tough economic times, dig deep into our hearts and extend a hand whenever we can.


Catch Lucky’s Canine Cameo On The Celebrity Apprentice!

May 7th 2009 10:28 am
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Lucky and I attended the special screening of our Pug loving friend Lori Zelenko's new film, VALENTINO: THE LAST EMPEROR at the Film Forum. Lucky was the first and only dog present at the movie, as we heard iconic designer Valentino and his posh Pugs were soaking up the sun under an umbrella, in Italy. We got this inside scoop from Frederick Cheung the co-producer and Matt Tyrnauer director (a long time Vanity Fair contributor), and were also told that with 270 hours footage shot, there’s more usable footage (do I hear a sequel?) of Valentino's pugs; Milton, Monty, Maude, Margot, Maggie and Molly. Since Lucky loves fashion and Pugs (they see eye-to-eye), you never know, Ms. Lucky Diamond might get a canine cameo appearance in the next flick. Take note all you Lucky fans, you can see her in a cameo on this week's The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

Next we hightailed it out of the city and ventured off to Long Island, NY to the North Shore Animal League America, to celebrate their Pet Adoptathon Weekend 2009. The 36-hour global pet adoption extravaganza that started Saturday, May 2nd at 9 a.m. at Pet Adoptathon headquarters in Port Washington, NY, extending through Sunday, May 3rd, 9 p.m. While there, we had a little tete-a-tete with our old friend, Cesar Millan. Prior to his fame as dog-training star of National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer, we gave him his first ever feature article in Animal Fair Magazine’s May 2001 issue Cesar told us President Obama and family "has a handful with Bo!” The entire Obama family might want to teach this new dog some new tricks." Check out Cesar Millan’s innovative, his online dog-coaching course, to create a partnership to decrease pet relinquishments, increase adoptions and benefit the rescue and shelter community. Remember there are many philosophies of dog training so always be sure to do your research before you choose which training method is best for you and your pet!

Back in New York City, Lucky and I entered another dimension when joining an A-List crowd at The 2009 Matrix Awards presented by New York Women in Communications. New York Women in Communications Foundation awards scholarships and provides educational programs for women, whether just beginning their careers or embarking on a transition in their careers. It is the largest foundation for communications scholarships for women in the tri-state area. Recipients are introduced at the luncheon. Distinguished honorees and presenters included Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Jessica Lane, Brian Williams, Campbell Brown, Donny Deutsch and many other! Funny enough, ceremony Emcee The Today Show’s Meredith Vieira asked me "Where’s Lucky?”. Meredith and Lucky were at lunch last Monday helping the Lupus foundation, Lucky couldn’t make it to the Matrix Awards because New York City was awarded record-breaking 90 Degree weather in April by Mother Nature – I feared my little Lucky might melt.

At the Matrix Awards, Sigourney Weaver wasn’t feeling Alien about her dogs and quipped, “II] still have my dog Peddles, her ears are like flower peddles, and my dog Baci is still a big Italian kisser, always trying to give me a wet one.” Jessica Lange wasn’t Hush and chatted about her two canines, “Jack is a rescue, and Pine is a Yellow Lab I got for my son on his 10th birthday”. A Perfect gift, animals teach children the meaning of unconditional love and responsibility – puppy love.


Lucky Lets The Dog Out Of The Bag

April 28th 2009 12:34 pm
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Lucky & I started off the week at the New York City Bag Ladies Luncheon at the Metropolitan Club, which brought the disease LUPUS into the spotlight ( Over 300 felines (women with manicures in this case) got together to bid on handbags donated by designers and celebrities. Such power celebs as Jennifer Lopez, Brooke Shields, Lucy Liu, Lauren Conrad, and Kelly Rutherford unleashed their handbags for the worthy cause. Timely, since Lupus is a disease found in dogs and cats as well as humans, and unfortunately on the rise. This event was the first of many to bring attention to the disease and of Lupus Awareness month, which is May.
Lucky is such a little lady, so I just had to bring her along (and in a carrier bag of course). The Today Show host Meredith Vieira was honored at the event, and she wondered if Lucky was included as part of the package if she bid on my dog bag! I had to sadly let everyone know that my dog bag (with Lucky in it) wasn’t up for auction. Only in the life of Lucky Diamond!
Next it was off to the Tribeca Film Festival to watch the movie Stay Cool, and it was just that, very cool. Then Lucky and I attended a party at Tenjune, where we caught up with the star of the film and Animal Fair ( cover girl Hilary Duff, sans her dog. Sadly to report, her little dog Duff passed away. Although, Hilary was excited to chat about her plans on starting a new dog line called Little Dog Duff, in honor of and named after, her late and deeply missed dog. Little dog Duff’s legacy lives on!
This week The ASPCA honored Martha Stewart with the Presidential Service Lifestyle Expert Award at the 12th Annual ASPCA Bergh Ball for: Bringing the ‘Good Life’ to Animals. Top dog designer (known to enjoy the good life himself) Isaac Mizrahi emceed the event. I have to hand it to him, not only does Isaac design clever clothes, he designs clever jokes as well, he had all the guests rolling over with laughter throughout the night!

Last but certainly not least, Lucky and I would like to pay tribute to Golden Girl and actor, Bea Arthur, who passed away this week at 86-years-old. She had a lifelong love for animals and an endless passion for helping the underdog (literally). Bea Arthur moved to New York City in 1947, when she brought home her first dog, a Spitz named Muffin, and since then she was never without a dog (the rest is Hollywood hound history). In honor of Bea and her love for animals, don’t forget to support your local shelter!

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