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Dear Lucky

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Dog-Lovers Will Delight in a Trip to Panama!

January 20th 2011 12:47 pm
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Panama is passion. Pristine beauty. Palatial architecture. Panama is the place to experience a world of curiosity, a world of adventure and a world of absolute, natural beauty. As home of the Western Hemisphere's largest rainforest outside of the Amazonian Basin, Panama is an undisturbed destination where true animal lovers and wildlife advocates can absorb endangered animals, breathtaking ecosystems and a salient culture - all at the front door of the native people.

Upon landing at the Tocumen International Airport, where daily, direct flights from a number of international cities arrive each day, tourists are just a quick drive to Panama City where they can rest in the Intercontinental Hotel Group's downtown Miramar Panama. Spend your days in the cosmopolitan hotel (complete with full spa), located near major shopping and attractions, including the Pacific Ocean entryway of the Panama canal, only five miles away from the Miramar and visible from your window.

Typically I travel with my dog Lucky, but this year she chose to stay home for New York's largest blizzard in recent history rather than enjoy the biodiversity Panama had to offer. I think she's afraid of the jungle. If you simply cannot leave your own dog at home - there is a way to get him or her down to Panama with just a little forethought. Visit your vet for a health certification and shot history which you will present to the Panamanian consulate for notarization.  Once you have this documentation, you will arrive in Panama and be asked to pay a vet fee and quarantine fee at the airport and your dog is free to roam Panama for a 40 days. All this work must be done at least 30 days before your Panamanian trip, so if you're planning on bringing your dog, plan ahead!

And what sites you and your dog can enjoy! Downtown Panama City comes alive with rich architecture. Stroll along the Pacific waterfront promenade, Las Bóvedas, or visit The National Institute of Culture Building, The Cathedral on Plaza de la Catedral, the Interoceanic Canal Museum, the presidential palace and areas around the historic, Old Panama (Panama Viejo), where Spanish inhabitants first settled in 1519. Remark in the charm and slender of the surviving buildings and narrow roads, overgrown in grass and dazzling to the eye.

The Amador Causeway is also a new budding tourist destination north of the eastern entrance of the Panama Canal, developed from displaced rocks left over from the canal's construction, where visitors will soon be able to visit The Bridge of Life Museum, a new Frank Gehry-designed museum dedicated to celebrating Panama's rich biodiversity, promising to be a "window into Panama's rich natural life." Similarly, visitors can marvel at The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute which is devoted to promoting awareness of tropical environments.

But once outside the city, Panama offers an untapped world of tropical curiosities. Just one visit to Gamboa Rainforest Resort will open your eyes to unsurpassed beauty and natural splendor of Panama. Gamboa offers superb rainforest lodging and a number of free and pay tours such as the Pipeline Road Tour (a favorite of birdwatchers), Butterfly and Snake Reserves, Rainforest Discovery Center, the Night Boat Ride or a tram ride to Monkey Island. Gamboa is located on Panama's 55,000 acre Soberania National Park, where views of toucans, flycatchers, yellow-eared toucanets, crimson-bellied woodpeckers, hummingbirds and crested eagles are just part of the scenery.  If birds are not for you, Gamboa offers other sites of Panama's ecosystem and endangered animals including the jaguar, three-toed sloths, anteaters, green iguanas, white-faced capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys and the endangered Geoffroy's tamarin. A trip to Panama without staying at Gamboa Rainforest Resort would be a major tourist snafu.

Due to its unique geographical location, nestled between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama is home to unprecedented beaches on top of its world-famous canal. Intercontental's Playa Bonita sits on a private white sand Pacific Ocean beach. Panama also offers a number of boutique hotel offerings on private island beaches where visitors can snorkel, fish and take in the natural ecosystem. Try Punta Galeon Resport on Contadora Island; Isla Paridita, part of Panama's National Marine Parks; or Yandup Lodge on the Kuna Yala Reserve - all rich with coral reefs, crystal waters and ubiquitous white ocean sands. A local favorite is also The Hotel Villa Marina, a sprawling nine bedroom retreat on 160 acres of private land. Located in the Pedasi village on the Azueros Peninsula, the Spanish-style villa offers vast ecological sites and activities: private gardens, diverse plant life, exotic animals as well as on-site surfing and hiking.

Take in the true culture of Panama with an Embera Village Tour. Live, celebrate, shop, eat, trek through the jungle and down the Chagres river with the Embera Tribe, one of seven Panamanian Amerindian populations. Tour leader Anne Gordon de Barrigon truly understands the instinctual connection between native people, animals and the land. Anne's experience hails from zoo keeping and twenty-five years of wild animal training for television and films. She's worked with everyone in Hollywood from Brad Pitt to Nicole Kidman while animal handling on films like Legends of the Fall, Practical Magic, My Own Private Idaho, and A River Runs Through It. While working on set of The End of the Spear, she met her husband, a native Embera, and thus began her relationship with the Embera people. She now lives in the village amongst her extended family, a distinctly peaceful people adorned in colorful garments, living in thatched huts and cultivating the land for harmonious, sustainable living. Experiencing life at Embera is an unreal reminder of how futile our everyday "luxuries" and modern distractions are. It is a reminder to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have and who is around you.

As for the children of Embera Village, they love dogs! Designers from Zany Zak Pet Boutique came to the village in 2008 and were so impressed by the way of life and the children, they designed a special dog collar inspired by the people using native beading styles in the construction. Fifty percent of proceeds from the Zany Zak collar goes towards supporting the Embera Village children's education fund, because public education is not supported fiscally by the local government.

From the cosmopolitan canal-living to the rural rainforests and jungles, Panama is a spectacular vacation destination with or without pet. True animal enthusiasts will have an unforgettable time exploring everything Panama has to offer.  Fortunately there's enough wildlife to enjoy for a number of return visits. After all, Panana has been voted as one of the greatest places to retire. Will you?


Toys for Dogs Holiday Party!

December 14th 2010 11:34 am
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Join Wendy and Lucky at their 6th Annual Toys for Dogs 2010 Benefit! Bring your dog, a toy for a homeless dog, and some holiday cheer! This event will celebrate life and the Holidays with sponsored drinks, holiday sweets, and Santa with hysterical elves!

Have your pets been naughty of nice this year? Either way, remember to bring a toy for them and one for a less-fortunate homeless dog if you want your photo with Santa!

Click to buy your ticket now! All proceeds go to the Humane Society of New York!

Also, December 20, 2010 WATCH Wendy and Lucky Diamond on NBC's Fabulous TODAY SHOW with a Pet Holiday gift and safety segment!


Holiday Pet Gifts To Bark About

November 29th 2010 10:44 am
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Just Like Your Dogs Do All Year Round

The holiday season is here and if you’re chasing your tail wondering what’s the best pet present to buy – please stop now. You don’t have to feel like an underdog any longer when finding the perfect holiday gift for the deserving four-legged companions and dotting pet parents in your life. And if you want to stay out of the doghouse during the holidays, the following highly recommended pet gifts are design and economically savvy – plus festive and fun!

The Scentsy warmers will sooth pets and their parents during all the frantic holiday hubbub. If your pet is prone to sudden outbursts; flame, soot, smoke or lead won’t be a holiday hazard with this gift. All pets take pride in their well-developed snouts and the 80 Scentsy scents will have them sniffing in delight. And with so many varieties of breeds (and pet parents), everyone should find a special seasonal scent to roll over and kick back with! Scentsy makes sense with prices ranging from $30-$50. For more information visit:

The perfect holiday gift for the entire family, especially if you’re thinking of adopting a new pet from a shelter over the holidays is the Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 video game. With this game animal lovers can bond virtually with 22 different animals from infancy, while discovering each breed’s tastes and distastes. Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 helps players discover which pet is the right fit for your family, and adds to what you already know about existing beloved pets. Nurturing and creating relationships with baby “petz” includes feeding, providing shelter and watching them grow to maturity! Ubisoft Petz Nursery 2 goes for the soft price of $29.99. For more information visit:

Even the most spiritually Zen pet makes a mess every now and then, and with all the holiday celebrations coming up pet parents are also primed for the occasional cheerful spill. Bissell’s SpotBot Deep Compact Cleaner removes some of the toughest cat and canine stains, and is one of the best practical gifts! The Bissel SpotBot is spot on ranging from $119.99 to $149.99. For more information visit:

Dogs and cats are gifted at napping (especially near a warm fireplace), and Petco carries a wide variety of pet beds designed with dreaming animals in mind. The Cuddler Bed In Berry ($14.99) is a round plush comfy zone for dogs to easily climb into and relax – perfect for older canines. The Red Plaid Cat Bed ($18.74) will have your contented cat snuggling up to the stuffed sides, and the no skid bottom will keep even skittish kitties grounded.

Felines will get feisty with the Sparkle Ball Feather Teaser ($4.46), a non-toxic toy proven to make cats purr and roar while exercising the holiday treats away. If your cat is more of a furturistic feline – the Petco Laser Ring Pet Toy ($2.99) will have your kitty pouncing endlessly after the moving red laser dot.

Crazy Critters pet toys will have your little crazy critters jumping for joy! The Fox & Raccoon Stuffing Free Toys ($9.99) with squeakers on both ends - are super soft and a dog’s perfect hunting toy. If your Christmas canine is a chewer by nature, then the All Natural Mega Munch Sticks ($4.99) made of bark covered willow branches will have your pet chomping and chasing this multipurpose toy.

For more information visit:

We all have Land’s End jackets – and now so will our dogs! Every dog needs an extra layer when running from one holiday hound party to the next. This year plan to keep your dog hot throughout the wintry cold with Land’s End Fleece Dog Jacket, perhaps in seasonal red or green, with a memorable monogram. This cozy, machine washable, polyester fleece jacket protects dogs during the ruff-est of climates. Land’s End Fleece Dog Jacket is the end all at $19.50.

Land’s End displays a selection of dog collars and leashes, like the stylish Braided Pet Collar and leash. The durable braided nylon adds strength and helps guide your rambunctious pet from taking off at the dog park. All breeds are accommodated - sizes range from extra small to extra large. The collar runs for $17.50 and the leash for $22.50.

For more information visit:

If you’re planning some holiday travel with your snow bound pets or know a pet parent that is, artist William Wegman has created the gift for you! The William Wegman Crypton Super Fabric exclusive Throver works like a tarp but looks like a top line blanket. The “Throver” (for Rover) can be used to cover and protect outdoor car seats (from wet and muddy paws) and indoor sofas (when the fetch games begin). This must have pet present is available in two designs; Show (six colors) and Gameboard (five colors). The Throver is also easy to spot, machine clean, and is stain and odor resistant. The William Wegman for Crypton Fabric Throvers can be covered for $149.00. For more information visit:

NOTE: Do not give pets as gifts! This isn’t Scrooge speaking, but it is important that the receiver is ready to play, love and care for the pet 24 hours a day! Unlike an ugly pair of wool socks, pets aren’t gifts you can just toss aside or return. If you do know someone who’s ready to become a new “mommy or daddy,” make sure you remind them to adopt as there is every breed, size, color, shape and personality available!

Happy Holiday Pet Shopping and for more Holiday pet information visit!


Lucky Beams with Terrier Pride for this Year’s Best in- Show!

February 17th 2010 9:53 am
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Here’s Scotty! She is known as Sadie, her competition name is Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, she’s a Scottish Terrier and this year she’s the biggest star of the Westminster Dog Show, taking home the top prize: Best in Show. As a Maltese Terrier, Lucky is ecstatic that one of her fellow country dogs have taken home the prize. Now she can understand how I feel each time the US wins a medal at the Olympics!

This week marked the 134th year of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which, to date, is the second longest continuously held sporting event in the United States, just one year behind the Kentucky Derby. But you don’t need your Derby hat for Westminster, and don’t expect to gamble either. Despite its long-running history, to the untrained spectator, the show may seem a bit confusing and there are a few basic things anyone needs to know about the greatest sporting event in the dog world.

To begin, who is competing? Only American Kennel Club approved breeds can participate in the dog show, which means rescues, albeit purebred rescues, cannot participate. Lucky has always held a grudge against the dogcademy for that. The AKC has broken dog breeds down into seven categories: sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting and herding. And despite rescues being omitted, the list keeps growing. New for 2010? Irish Red and White Setter, Norwegian Buhund, and Pyrenean Shepherd.

Winners come in Best of Breed, Best of Group and the most coveted: Best in Show. We have all seen the Christopher Guest movie (Lucky and my personal favorite), but this honor is no joke to the 2,500+ canine competitors and their entourage of owners, trainers and handlers. After days of competition winners go home with the real prize: a ribbon, or in Sadie’s case, a Best in Show trophy. But the real, ever-lasting honor is a title to go home and brag about (and Lucky tells me that Scotties love to brag).

One of the more confusing aspects to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the name game. In 1984 the Westminster Dog Show ruled that dogs cannot have names longer than seven words, but that has not stopped the peculiarity of names of dogs in competition. Past Best in Show winners have included: Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee, Surrey Spice Girl, Darbydale's All Rise Pouch Cove, Special Times Just Right and Rocky Top's Sundance Kid.

Finally this year as a side note, I’d like to congratulate 14-year-old Katherine R. Menches, a Massachusetts teen who handled an Australian Shepherd at this year’s competition. Pretty impressive for a young lady, dog only know what I was doing at 14 back in Ohio!

That should answer some basic questions about the dog show. But if you love dogs and don't dream of being the proud owner of a "Best in Show" or even "Best in Breed," then go out and rescue! In my new book, It's a Dog's World, I teach you how you can rescue just about any breed of dog, like I did with Lucky (a purebred Maltese). Check out for more information!


Lucky Diamond, the Muse of the Dog World

February 11th 2010 10:46 am
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It was a fair mix of dogs and people at the launch of my new book It’s a Dog’s World at the Muse Hotel this week. There to show their support were socialites Carl and Valerie Kempner, David Hochberg, Jane Pontarelli with her darling Maltese Lulu, model Maggie Rizer, cello goddess Maya Beiser, rockstars Matt Lowell and band Ionia, Iron Chef judge and Tony-winning actress Cady Huffman, Fox News babes Courtney Friel and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Conner Paola and Valentina de Angelis of Gossip Girl and Bravo TV housewives (and ex-wives) Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan. Other notable canine attendees included Ginger, the Muse Hotel’s Pomeranian director of Pet Relations and of course my It’s a Dog’s World co-author Lucky Diamond who dazzled in white.

Our canine guests enjoyed a savory doggy buffet trio of Chicken and Beef; Grilled Beefsteak and Vegetable and Chicken, Brown Rice, Fruit and Vegetable provided by Kibbles 'n Bits. Humans chatted over hound-d’oeuvres and puptails. The Humane Society of New York provided rentable dogs to see if they could spark a connection with attendees who came canine-less, a trick to be used in my upcoming 15 city Yappy Hour® rescue/book tour, kicking off this March. We hear Gossip Girl’s Conner Paola fell in puppy love with Toby the rescue mutt. The event benefited the Humane Society of New York. It’s a Dog’s World is available now! For more info click here: 345514459/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265909387&sr=8-1

Or go to!


The Saints Go Barking In! Wendy and Lucky Diamond Do Barkus

February 8th 2010 12:01 pm
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Everyone knows about the mystery and magic behind Mardi Gras in New Orleans (or what we used to refer to it in the Midwest as “Fat Tuesday”), but what about Mardi Gras’ sister, canine-friendly bash? The Mystic Krewe of Barkus is Mardi Gras’ sole canine-exclusive krewe, the equivalent of Bacchus (for humans), and this past weekend Lucky and I traveled to NoLa for all the canine festivities and spectacle marking the eighteenth annual Barkus. We couldn’t think of a more perfect place to let loose and shake our tails than in one of our favorite cities, New Orleans, surrounded by dog lovers from all across the world.

This year Barkus was held on Super Bowl weekend, and with the Saints playing for the first time ever in the biggest football game of the year, Barkus followed suit with a fitting theme: Barkus Goes Tailgating: The Dogs Go Barking In, which meant Lucky was not scolded for doing her favorite thing: yapping. And there was plenty of yapping at Barkus 2010, with pups of all sizes dressed to the nines in their saintly New Orleans Saints tailgating apparel. And the outfits didn’t stop at Saints apparel. Dogs dressed up in tasty tailgating apparel like hamburgers, real-life hot dogs and barbeques. Dogs and humans were both howling “Who Dat?” for the Saints, and everyone was howling “Who Dat Dog!” And “dat” dog was Lucky Diamond, Barkus’ celebrity Grand Marshall.

That’s right! Following the footsteps of Bacchus (remember, the human Barkus) Celebrity Grand Marshalls such as Hulk Hogan, William Shatner, Tom Arnold, Larry King, Bob Hope, Steve Guttenberg and my all-time celebrity crush, Drew Carey, Lucky and I are were honored to serve as Barkus 2010’s Celebrity Grand Marshalls. As Chairperson (and Chairdog) to Katrina Animal Memorial Project, we feel so blessed to have been part of another incredible fundraiser for the animals of New Orleans, who, as their memorial states, “will never be left behind again.” Joining us was the unofficial mother of Barkus herself, Margaret Orr and a slew of over 400 Barkus members dressed to the nines.

The Krewe of Barkus was founded as a non-profit group in 1992 during a fan club meeting for WDSU Chief Meteorologist Margaret Orr. Less than two years later, the group was granted rights to prance, parade, and pound pavement in the streets of the French Quarter in the Big Easy. Each year the group picks a theme for dogs to don themselves in their finest garments and hit the streets a week prior to the official Mardi Gras festivities. Past themes have included: Jurassic Bark, Lifestyles of the Bitch and Famous, Tails from the Crypt and Wizard of Pawz. A canine King and Queen of Barkus are also selected annually, the Queen always being a rescue or adopted dog, with all proceeds of the spectacle donated to local animal shelters.

Barkus 2010 kicked off Friday night with an incredible pet ball at the pet-friendly Windsor Court. Local dog-loving artist Matt Rinard, whose colorful sketches brilliantly depict the life and vitality of NoLa and its pets, decorated the ball with his colorful and original artwork. But Lucky and I kept the partying (and yapping) to a minimum for the main event: the official Barkus parade. And we were glad we did. The parade was the craziest scene of fanfare, pandemonium and pride we have ever seen – very fitting for a city like New Orleans. And all this before the Saints won the Super Bowl!

This year’s King of Barkus, a Border Collie named Bleu, was described as a “rabid Saints fan” while the Queen –who made her grand entrance via steamboat on the Mississippi– had an awe-inspiring rescue story. Puppee, the Queen of Barkus, was found abandoned in a New Orleans home after Hurricane Katrina, and was sent to a shelter in Denver. A few years later Puppee returned to her home city only to lose her owner. But Puppee found a new family and rose to the height of celebrity as Queen of Barkus. Puppee and Bleu celebrated their royal titles by dining on lamb chops from New Orlean’s upscale eatery, Galatoire's.

If you didn’t make it to Barkus this year and still want to do your part to help the animals of New Orleans, donate to the Humane Society of New Orleans at

For more information go to


Yappy Hour®: A Guaranteed Barking Good Time, Help Animals- and Maybe Find True Puppy Love

January 27th 2010 10:33 am
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We’ve all heard of a party animal. For me, John Belushi in Animal House comes to mind. But other than zoologists, how many of us actually get to party with animals? As a connoisseur of all things pets, it didn’t take long for me to figure out that there weren’t enough opportunities to party with our pets. That’s why I created Yappy Hour®, the first-ever benefit where people and pets can celebrate and seek puppy love.

Yappy Hour® is many things: a benefit, a mixer, a singles night, a couples night, and an adoption drive. At this must-attend benefit I created with my dog Lucky, doggies and their guardians have the opportunity to mingle (and sniff) with other animal enthusiasts while enjoying puptails and hound-d'oeuvres of Kibbles and Bits® for the dogs. Forget awkward introductions, your dogs will make them for you! But don’t fear if you have no four-legged friend! The beauty of Yappy Hour® is that if you have no dog in tow, the Humane Society has local adoptable dogs on-site that party participants can rent during the evening for a small donation. And if you don’t snag that single cutie you had your eye on, you might fall in puppy love with your rented companion and take him or her home with both your tails wagging. That’s why the event is so great for couples too! After a few puptails, you may have a new addition to the family, and at Yappy Hours®, everyone goes home happy.

This year Lucky and I are launching a fifteen-city Yappy Hour® tour promoting our new book It’s a Dog’s World, a culmination of a decade of our experience in the pet business, and of course, to promote what can come from true, unbridled puppy love! The tour kicks off in New York City on February 9th at Kimpton’s very pet-friendly Muse Hotel, just in time for finding puppy love for Valentine’s Day. Who knows, maybe even the Muse’s Director of Pet Relations, a six year old Teacup Pomeranian named Ginger might even show up!

And if you can’t make it to our New York Yappy Hour®, Lucky and I will be spreading the love this year in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, Aspen, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Dallas and Seattle. Check out our Facebook fan page for information on the tour dates. Who wouldn’t want to miss a hysterical time with puppies, partying, singles, couples and most importantly: love!

For more information on Yappy Hour® and other events, check out!


For more information on Wendy's new book, It's a Dog's World, stop by... dy-Diamond/e/9780345514455/?itm=7


We have arrived on Facebook!

January 13th 2010 3:08 pm
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Be sure to follow Lucky and Wendy on their Facebook fan page! Lucky-Diamond/321873835270?ref=ts


What You Can Learn From Your Cat

November 10th 2009 8:09 am
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They enjoy the simple things: sleeping, eating and meowing, so you will be surprised to discover that we can learn a lot from cats! I know from experience that cats are difficult to train, but learning from them can be a lot simpler. The new book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Cat” features 101 stories which ask us to look a little closer at our feline friends and see what these intelligent, independent creatures can teach us.

1. Independence. It’s a jungle out there and making it on your own is tough. Cats make it look almost too easy. A cat can practically raise itself! Remember, cats always get what they want, even if they have to get it themselves.
2. Grooming is golden! Ever bump into someone that made you wish you’d put on make-up or combed your hair before you left home? No problem for cats. Yes, they obsess over cleaning themselves, but it takes work to look that good!
3. Enjoy play time! After years of working herself to exhaustion by caring for her ill father, Monica saw her cat chasing that ball of yarn and realized what she needed: Fun! Sometimes a cat’s childlike attitude reminds us of the little things we miss by forgetting to slow down.
4. Sometimes, no matter how much it stinks, you must brown nose to succeed, but how far should you go?! Follow your cat, who’s not above sucking-up to get some extra food! It’s rare that someone takes pride in sucking-up. However, sometimes brown-nosing can truly get you that promotion you wanted. Ever notice how cats that suck-up usually get what they want? Interesting.
5. Listen to your intuition. We’re all guilty of over analyzing and driving ourselves crazy. We could learn from our cats and follow our instincts. Joe’s son was saved by his cat, Benny, who sensed something was wrong. After meowing endlessly, Joe took the hint, and Benny’s intuition saved baby Anthony’s life. Benny is now looked upon as a hero, like Batman, or maybe Catman?

If you know any cat lover this is a purrfect gift! Available at

For more information go to


Winterizing your home and pet!

November 3rd 2009 3:12 pm
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Winterizing your home and Pet!
By Wendy Diamond, Pet Lifestyle Expert, Animal Rescue Advocate

When Jack Frost "nips" at your nose, he really bites hard! Certainly you
don't want a sick puppy best to prepare your four-legged loved ones from the
winter cold.

1. If your dog sleeps outside, a weatherproof dog-house is a must! Your
furry friend's home should be able to retain heat, be well insulated and
stay dry. No one wants to wipe a runny dog nose!

2. It's Freezing! During extremely low temperatures, all pets should be
brought indoors.

3. If your dog's hair is groomed short, let it grow a bit longer in the
winter to keep them warm. They were fortunate enough be born with their
very own fur coat... they should use it!

4. They say people gain a few extra pounds during the winter months, but
dogs actually need to! How sweet is that for them! Dogs need more calories
in the winter to produce body heat, so increase the amount you feed your
pet. Your pooch will definitely be pleased, but please do this responsibly -
we don't want any chubby puppies!

5. Make sure your pet always has a full water bowl outside. Check outdoor
bowls often when it's below freezing because the water can freeze. Break
the ice because you don't want your little puppy's tongue to stick to it!

6. Keep your pet away from chemicals used to melt snow and ice because it
can irritate paws and be deadly. If they come in contact with it, wipe their
paws with a wet cloth immediately. You may have to gently remove ice from
between your pooch's paw pads!

7. A cat may crawl under your car near the engine for shelter and warmth.
It is possible for them to get caught in the fan and seriously injured. Honk
the horn or slam a car door before starting the engine to wake any animal
sleeping that may be hiding.

8. Time for Dress up! Yes, it's ok to put a sweater or cat on your dog
without feeling embarrassed during the cold winter months! Certain breeds
have less fur and need to be kept warm!

For more information about keeping your pet warm this winter check out

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