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Make sure your Hot Dog is a Cool Cat: Tips for a Pet Perfect- Summer

August 17th 2011 12:59 pm
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The dog days of summer are here, and there are a lot of HOT DOGS! Most people and pets know how to find fun in the sun, but staying safe, healthy, and hydrated is an often-overlooked component of outdoor fun with our four-legged friends. So, don’t let your dog be a hot dog! Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a tail wagging good time this summer regardless of species! In a recent survey we conducted 78% of pet parents responded that they need more education about keeping their pets healthy during the summer heat! Here are important tips to ensure you and your pets don’t get burned!

1. Flea and Tick Season Tips

Summer is Flea and Tick Season
Dogs are outside more and the creepy crawlies are multiplying!
As a first line of defense use Planet Petco’s Flea and Tick shampoo
If your pet is doing double duty as a flea factory be your pet’s champion and give them the tools to fight back with Pet Armor
Pet Armor features the same active ingredient, Fipronil, as the leading brands of flea and tick medication but at half the cost! And in this ruff economy, ho could complain about that?
Available for dogs and cats of all sizes
Remember Fleas and Ticks aren’t the only things lurking in the grass many public spaces are sprayed with harmful pesticides! And Lilies, while they may just be flowers to us are Toxic for cats! So always keep a careful eye on your pets when they go exploring.

2. Food

Small, frequent meals are ideal for both pets and people! Of Course Summer Time means it’s time to fire up the grill! Next time you call up the neighbors and throw together a picnic or BBQ be sure to know what’s safe to share and what should be kept at the people-only table.
Avoid Spicy and Saucy foods like sausages, ribs, or barbeque chicken
Keep your hot dog happy with an all beef hot dog or a lean hamburger patty; skip the bun!
Fresh fixin’s are always fair game. Dogs especially love carrots and strawberries!
Just remember that the Grapes have Wrath and are toxic! To dogs!
If you don’t like to share your picnic with your pets, fill an appropriate toy with peanut butter or another yummy treat to keep your pal busy while you scarf down a few burgers
Turn to Hill’s Science Dietand give your pet the best that science has to offer
Specially formulated for all breeds, ages, and special needs
It’s Important to consult with your Vet to find the food that’s perfect for your pet!

3. Stay Hydrated

If you took anything away from high school, you probably remember every living creature on this planets best friend; good old H2O! No Dog’s day is complete without constant access to fresh, cool water.
Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration or over heating such as:
Swollen Gums (The gums are the window into your pets health!)
Always keep Water Handy Remember Dogs Pant because they don’t sweat, so they need plenty of water on hot summer days!
Use a Popware Collapsible Water Bowl or the Handi-Drink 2 (a green solution to limit wasted water) to keep your hound hydrated

4. Beating the Heat

Did you know that a shady patch of grass can be up to 10 degrees! Cooler than exposure to direct sunlight?

Remember what’s hot to you is even Hotter! for your canine companion. Imagine lugging a fur coat around in the summer heat! No thank you!

Try the TempAlert Pet Harnessin the summertime.
It has a built in thermometer icon that turns clear to indicate when your playful pooch has become a hot dog!

Remember, things can get hot inside too! Keep cool with the latest in pet-friendly cooling technology, The Dyson Air Multiplier!
This miraculously bladeless fan is safe for all members of the family to use and explore. At least in this instance the cat’s safe to be curious
Pets can still sunburn on their Noses and ears!

Ever hit the streets barefoot in the summer months only to come to the horrifying realization that the pavement below your feet is Hot! Hot! Hot! And since most dogs we know prefer to lose the shoes, remember to take into account the heat beneath their feet! Try to time walks outside of the hours of 10AM-4PM to avoid grilled paws.
Use Protex Pawz
Disposable, reusable booties that keep your puppy’s paws protected
For your people-paws, try slipping on a pair of MBT shoes. They’re specialized to help you burn 20% more calories while firming and toning your Summer bod!

Keep cool by putting pet toys in the freezer before playtime.
Check out the Chilly Bone Just wet it, put it into a plastic bag, freeze it for about an hour and prepare for some chill summer fun!

Never Ever Leave your pet in the car, even for a minute.

The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees (a fatal temperature) in a matter of minutes! And cracking the windows is an ineffective compromise. You either go paws in or you leave the dog at home!

Summer is the season of fun, and as long as you keep the health and safety of your entire family in mind you’re bound to make a paw-full of priceless memories! If you need more information on how to care for your pets

All Products mentioned have been submitted to and tested by Animal Fair and have been, or are currently partnered with Animal Fair and its representatives for the fairness, health, and wellness of your pet.

For more information on animal welfare and pet tips check out Premier Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Rescue Advocate Wendy Diamond at and


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