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8th Annual 'Toys for Dogs' Holiday Benefit

November 19th 2012 9:23 am
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Join Wendy Diamond and Baby Hope for Peppermint Muttinis, Celebrity Santa, and treats @’s 8th Annual Toys for Dogs Holiday Benefit in support of the Hurricane Sandy animals!

A HAPPY dog is more likely to be ADOPTed! Millions of homeless animals in shelters will be spending the holidays alone. Our mission is to provide every dog with a new toy this Holiday – giving them something to chew on and providing a seasonal treat for the dogs in need! We would love if you join us in the Holiday spirit of giving at our Holiday benefit!

Guests will have an opportunity for a photo op with a special celebrity Santa and his elves in return for donating a toy! Whether your dog was naughty or nice this year (hopefully they have been nice), they will have an opportunity to take the purr-fect photo with Santa if their pet parent brings a toy for a Hurricane Sandy homeless dog!

Proceeds from this year’s event will benefit the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Ward @ Humane Society of New York. The Humane Society of New York is working with the City of New York towards the day when there won’t be a single homeless dog in New York City. To help achieve that goal, the Humane Society of New York will bring some of their rescued dogs to the benefit for people to mingle and sniff!

WHEN: Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

WHERE: Amnesia NYC

609 West 29th Street – New York City

TIME: 6:30PM to 8:30PM

$100 donation plus dog toy for a homeless dog!

ATTIRE: Anything you would wear on a dog walk to the North Pole on Christmas or when lighting the Menorah!

Please join us for Holiday Cheer and toast to helping homeless animals! ( toys-dogs/)

And don't forget to join Wendy and Baby Hope for Christmas carols as they bark in their singing debut with "The Pups!" on December 13th! (


Make sure your Hot Dog is a Cool Cat: Tips for a Pet Perfect- Summer

August 17th 2011 12:59 pm
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The dog days of summer are here, and there are a lot of HOT DOGS! Most people and pets know how to find fun in the sun, but staying safe, healthy, and hydrated is an often-overlooked component of outdoor fun with our four-legged friends. So, don’t let your dog be a hot dog! Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have a tail wagging good time this summer regardless of species! In a recent survey we conducted 78% of pet parents responded that they need more education about keeping their pets healthy during the summer heat! Here are important tips to ensure you and your pets don’t get burned!

1. Flea and Tick Season Tips

Summer is Flea and Tick Season
Dogs are outside more and the creepy crawlies are multiplying!
As a first line of defense use Planet Petco’s Flea and Tick shampoo
If your pet is doing double duty as a flea factory be your pet’s champion and give them the tools to fight back with Pet Armor
Pet Armor features the same active ingredient, Fipronil, as the leading brands of flea and tick medication but at half the cost! And in this ruff economy, ho could complain about that?
Available for dogs and cats of all sizes
Remember Fleas and Ticks aren’t the only things lurking in the grass many public spaces are sprayed with harmful pesticides! And Lilies, while they may just be flowers to us are Toxic for cats! So always keep a careful eye on your pets when they go exploring.

2. Food

Small, frequent meals are ideal for both pets and people! Of Course Summer Time means it’s time to fire up the grill! Next time you call up the neighbors and throw together a picnic or BBQ be sure to know what’s safe to share and what should be kept at the people-only table.
Avoid Spicy and Saucy foods like sausages, ribs, or barbeque chicken
Keep your hot dog happy with an all beef hot dog or a lean hamburger patty; skip the bun!
Fresh fixin’s are always fair game. Dogs especially love carrots and strawberries!
Just remember that the Grapes have Wrath and are toxic! To dogs!
If you don’t like to share your picnic with your pets, fill an appropriate toy with peanut butter or another yummy treat to keep your pal busy while you scarf down a few burgers
Turn to Hill’s Science Dietand give your pet the best that science has to offer
Specially formulated for all breeds, ages, and special needs
It’s Important to consult with your Vet to find the food that’s perfect for your pet!

3. Stay Hydrated

If you took anything away from high school, you probably remember every living creature on this planets best friend; good old H2O! No Dog’s day is complete without constant access to fresh, cool water.
Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration or over heating such as:
Swollen Gums (The gums are the window into your pets health!)
Always keep Water Handy Remember Dogs Pant because they don’t sweat, so they need plenty of water on hot summer days!
Use a Popware Collapsible Water Bowl or the Handi-Drink 2 (a green solution to limit wasted water) to keep your hound hydrated

4. Beating the Heat

Did you know that a shady patch of grass can be up to 10 degrees! Cooler than exposure to direct sunlight?

Remember what’s hot to you is even Hotter! for your canine companion. Imagine lugging a fur coat around in the summer heat! No thank you!

Try the TempAlert Pet Harnessin the summertime.
It has a built in thermometer icon that turns clear to indicate when your playful pooch has become a hot dog!

Remember, things can get hot inside too! Keep cool with the latest in pet-friendly cooling technology, The Dyson Air Multiplier!
This miraculously bladeless fan is safe for all members of the family to use and explore. At least in this instance the cat’s safe to be curious
Pets can still sunburn on their Noses and ears!

Ever hit the streets barefoot in the summer months only to come to the horrifying realization that the pavement below your feet is Hot! Hot! Hot! And since most dogs we know prefer to lose the shoes, remember to take into account the heat beneath their feet! Try to time walks outside of the hours of 10AM-4PM to avoid grilled paws.
Use Protex Pawz
Disposable, reusable booties that keep your puppy’s paws protected
For your people-paws, try slipping on a pair of MBT shoes. They’re specialized to help you burn 20% more calories while firming and toning your Summer bod!

Keep cool by putting pet toys in the freezer before playtime.
Check out the Chilly Bone Just wet it, put it into a plastic bag, freeze it for about an hour and prepare for some chill summer fun!

Never Ever Leave your pet in the car, even for a minute.

The inside of a car can reach 120 degrees (a fatal temperature) in a matter of minutes! And cracking the windows is an ineffective compromise. You either go paws in or you leave the dog at home!

Summer is the season of fun, and as long as you keep the health and safety of your entire family in mind you’re bound to make a paw-full of priceless memories! If you need more information on how to care for your pets

All Products mentioned have been submitted to and tested by Animal Fair and have been, or are currently partnered with Animal Fair and its representatives for the fairness, health, and wellness of your pet.

For more information on animal welfare and pet tips check out Premier Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Rescue Advocate Wendy Diamond at and


Berloni Begs, Rolls Over for Special Tony Award: Rewarding a- Broadway legend with the Mother of All Treats

June 13th 2011 1:26 pm
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While hits like The Lion King and War Horse, in which human actors play a host of wild creatures with the help of fantastical puppets, have demonstrated how human ingenuity and artistry can trump the limitations of the theater, there is no doubt that when you can get the real deal you should always opt in. The first animal to ever grace the stages of Broadway was a dog named Sandy who found fame through the original production of Annie, however Sandy’s path to stardom was not paved without a few human hands along the way. Lead among these behind-the-scenes geniuses of theater is Bill Berloni, the man who trained Sandy and defined the role and methodology of animal trainers and handlers in live theater. Bill knows better than anyone the warmth and soul that a real, live animal can bring to a stage and has dedicated his life to showcasing such four-legged co-stars while campaigning for their rights, welfare, and rescue.

Though demand for live animals in theater has seen a dip recently due to financial constraints, Berloni’s expertise has not gone unrecognized as received A Special Tony award for Lifetime Acheivment in the Theater. He spoke softly and steadily and kept a steady gaze. After speaking with him for five minutes, even I had relaxed a little after what had been a very bad New York day. The famous animal handler of Broadway surpassed even his reputation and my expectations. “It was basically because they couldn’t afford a professional animal trainer,” he continued modestly. “So, to save money, I went to the animal shelter.”

“Up until Annie, there had never been an animal that played a character in a play,” he continued. “No one thought that you could train an animal to do the same thing eight times a week. You could do a film with an animal, but not a theatrical event. But we were young and naive and we didn’t know that, so what I devised, was a way that they [the dogs] would look forward to coming to the theatre.” They must have looked forward to it, because they did it 2,337 times over the next six years. Berloni’s career was launched and Sandy lived with him for the rest of her life. With the revenue from the show, Berloni was able to buy a home and land to turn into an animal refuge. “I look at my house as the house that Sandy bought!”

Bill Berloni working on the set of Legally Blonde
And Berloni continues to honor Sandy’s memory through “The Sandy Fund” which is affiliated with the Humane Society of New York and has raised over $10,000 for animal rights, welfare, and rescue.

Since Annie, Bill Berloni Theatrical Animals has gone on to do numerous Broadway shows including revivals of Camelot, Oliver, and Anything Goes. Most recently they trained the animals for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Lieutenant of Inishmore. They have also done movies, including the recent remake of The Producers, and Charlie Wilson’s War, starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, as well as numerous TV shows and commercials. And now that they’ve proven that animals can be trained for live theatre, the demands and expectations have gone up. “Last year there was a show called The Woman in White. We had to train a rat to run from one hand to another across an actor’s back and back. That was sort-of fun!”

But how does he do it, I wondered. What makes these animals respond to him so well? “I think what differentiates me from most of my contemporaries, other animal trainers, is that I don’t demand or force the animals to do anything. I don’t think any of us have the right to dominate anything else. All of that is about man controlling nature, and I never wanted to do that with animals. I use positive reinforcement to create a situation where the animal wants to do something.” I asked him what “positive reinforcement” actually meant. “That can come in the shape of a treat, or a ball, or it can be a hug and a kiss -whatever motivates an animal the most is what we’ll use.”

Bill Berloni posing with the fans he would like to thank the most.
Berloni is not only a pet professional but of course also a pet lover. “We own 16 dogs, five cats, four horses, two llamas, a donkey and a pony.” The “we” he refers to is his wife and business partner, Dorothy, who is also a trainer, and their daughter Jenna. The couple manage to successfully navigate the dangers of

being in business with someone you love, perhaps because they both love what they do. “I grew up loving animals and at one time considered being a vet or moving to Africa to be the next Joy Adamson,” said Dorothy Berloni. “Ultimately I pursued theater, first as a performer and then as an administrator. My marriage to Bill became a true one in all senses of the word. We are partners at home and in the business and two of my greatest joys are united in a new career.”

Bill and Dorothy Berloni get most of the animals they work with from shelters and work closely with the Humane Society of New York. “Over the years, we have kind of become ambassadors for the plight of homeless animals,” Berloni said. “ The Humane Society asked me to work with them as a behaviorist and since I think they are one of the best organizations out there, I said yes. I’ve been doing that for about ten years.”

When asked about his favorite moments from a life spent in the theatre, Berloni replied, “Well, being in the theatre and being backstage in itself is gratifying on top of getting to work with animals. I would say that every opening night of every show we’ve done has been really exciting.”

One might ask, “Where does a theatrical animal trainer go after winning a Tony?”, and Berloni has his eyes locked on the producer’s chair. He and his wife have recently secured the theatrical rights to “Because of Winn-Dixie” and plan to bring the world’s first musical starring a living animal as it’s protagonist to Broadway. Additionally, Berloni’s talent has been secured for a revival of Annie to debut in the fall of 2012.

For more information on Bill Berloni visit:

And for more information on Animal Fair, or to see more articles and videos by Wendy Diamond please visit


Bradley Cooper has the perfect Hangover remedy, his- chow-retriever mix, Charlotte!

June 9th 2011 9:40 am
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Bradley Cooper appeared wild and extremely hung-over with a chain-smokingmonkey in the newly released second popular comedy, the Hangover II. On the set, wesee Cooper as a bit tipsy, but at home he is sober as can be, with dog Charlotte keepinghim very preoccupied. Cooper is doing everything possible to keep his pet satisfiedand pampered. He treats Charlotte, his chow retriever mix, to Hollywood spa days,aromatherapy baths, massages and ‘pawnicures.’ We can tell that Cooper is clearly abig animal lover. Does this inner love translate into his lady skills?
“The mutt man is a worldly Renaissance man! He’s a smart smooth operator, alovable homebody and an athlete with a curious mind. Mr. Mutt can feel scattered and ungrounded at times, but that just means he is interesting and exciting..”
How can you tell all that from a man who loves his pet? Dive into the ultimatedating guidebook “What a Lucky Dog.” You will identify with your man and boost yourdating life! Wendy Diamond, the leading Pet Lifestyle expert, is able to guide you inunderstanding men through their dogs. Find out what’s behind your man’s personality, by reading this fun, witty, and enlightening bestseller “What a Lucky Dog! -How tounderstand Men through their dogs.”

When it comes to his dogs, we see Bradley’s lovable attitude and caringpersonality shine through. Last year Cooper lost one of his dogs Samson. He was 15years old, and a German shorthaired pointer who Cooper rescued years ago. Cooperwas devastated. To honor his beloved dog, he now has dedicated a beautiful giantphotograph of Samson in his home.

Let’s give Mr. Cooper two thumbs and twelve paws up for his genuine dog dadskills! Although precious Samson will never be replaced, Cooper just mightfather another fortunate pup very soon! So get ready, not just for Bradley’s bigheart, hunky looks and successful acting, but for another addition into his life! This allcomes in one big magnificent package, what could any other women ask for?

For more information and to follow Wendy's blog, please visit


It’s Raining Dogs – For A Worthy Cause-’s 11th Annual Paws For Style event- benefiting the Humane Society of New Y

May 25th 2011 12:54 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] celebrated our 11th Paws For Style annual charity event, the premiere dog fashion benefit of its kind in the world! The one and only Martha Wash of the Weather Girls kept the rain off the doghouse with a catchy version of It’s Raining Dogs at the Ink 48 Hotel penthouse in New York City (apropos with the weather trend – raining cats and dogs).

Hosting the event was an absolute hoot for me and my rescued Maltese, Lucky (wearing Hale Bob originals) as three of my favorite loves merged; charity, animals, and fashion. Models and celebrity dog walkers escorted coiffed canines down the catwalk - both wearing an array of world-famous fashion designers one-of-a-kind creations. Puptails

were served, and a Hill’s Science Diet sponsored buffet littered with puppy treats were on hand, keeping all the dogs svelte so they would fit in their doggie duds.

The Real Housewives of New York got real and with their dogs; Sonja Tremont-Morgan and Harlee strutted in a sexy Marc Bouwer design, Romana Singer and Coco shined in a stunning blue David Meister dress, and Countess Luann with Toby crowned a black and white polka dot Teri Jon combo. Special kudos goes out to the Countess for adopting Toby, a Humane Society dog hunting for a loving home - and found one fit for a king (or Count).

Today Show’s Natalie Morales and Maynard, a darling dog up for adoption TODAY at the Humane Society of New York, sophisticatedly dressed in Narciso Rodriguez. LXTV’s Sara Rae Gore and Topango did a catwalk tango in a flowing white Adam Lippes ensemble. TV Guide’s Maria Sansone guided “Wonder Dog” Ralphie via a grocery cart in a colorful flowered 50s-retro design by Chris March.

American Ballet Theater’s beautiful Irina Dvorovenko danced a “paw de deux’ with her dog Cornelia, in fabulously ornate Maggie Norris coordinated outfits. Socialite and fashion maverick Tinsley Mortimer sashayed with Bambi (dog-not deer) in a beautiful soft black Olivia Corwin dress. Producer, writer and co-host of The Dr. Oz Show; Liza Oz and her sweet Rosie, looked rosey in Nanette Lepore.

Love was certainly in the air as TV personality Henry Weinreich Roth, Animal Fair’s mascot Lucky, and a model bride did the wedding march down the catwalk. The bride-to-be and Lucky both wore gorgeous original Michelle Roth bridal design, reminiscent of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s historic dress, estimated at $3,000.00.

A roar and thank you to the bighearted designers, celebrities and models that generously created a night to remember for every human and canine breed that attended. All donated outfits worn by the celebrity dog walkers and the adorable canines will be up for auction on EBay. Proceeds generated from the 11th Paws For Style will benefit the Humane Society of New York, a city landmark dedicated to saving animal lives for over 100 years. Paws up to the Humane Society.

Remember - it’s unhealthy to dress up your pet everyday! Please always take into consideration the weather conditions, breed and health of your pet before clothing. It’s fine to dress up your animal for special occasions, such as charity events, weddings, birthday parties, etc., but certainly not as a daily pet lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone that attended our 11th Paws For Style charity event, benefiting the Humane Society of New York. See you next year!


All Living Creatures Share Grief Over Elizabeth Taylor’s- Death

March 24th 2011 3:16 pm
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In addition to the millions of people mourning the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, there is one canine who is likely just as heartbroken; Daisy, her white Maltese. Taylor adopted Daisy in 2005 and was the last in a long line of animals that the Academy Award winner and humanitarian held close to her heart. At one point, she even said, “I sometimes think I prefer animals to people”, which in effect summed up her love for animals and the high regard in which she held them throughout her entire life.

Starting at a very young age Taylor was surrounded by animals. Her first pet, a puppy named Monty, came into the family right around the same time the purple-eyed would-be superstar was born. The pair essentially grew up together as Taylor blossomed into the stunning beauty the world came to know and adore. But Monty wasn’t her only creature comrade; Taylor spent her weekends in the country on her grandparent’s farm and enjoyed the company of all the animals the barnyard and wilderness had to offer. When she turned five, Taylor’s grandfather bought her a pony named Betty and the two instantly became inseparable as a young Taylor spent hours learning to ride which eventually lead her to become an experienced bareback rider (after a few fall offs, of course).

With her predisposition to animals, it should have come as no surprise that Taylor would land breakthrough rolls starring alongside non-human actors. Her first film, Lassie Come Home (1943), featured a beloved a collie that would soon become a household name and example for talking dogs everywhere. Her second film, National Velvet (1944) featured a horse as her co-star and personal companion while propelling her career to the next level. Finally, whether by fate or coincidence, in 1994 Taylor played her final Hollywood movie role in The Flintstones as Fred’s mother-in-law and grandmother of Dino, the family’s pet dinosaur.

Throughout the rest of her life, in addition to all her charity work, films, marriages and scandals, Taylor always maintained her connection to the animal kingdom. She was the proud owner of almost every type of pet, ranging from a chipmunk named Nibbles to a lion she received as a gift (which was eventually returned because, well, it was a lion). Still, above everything else Taylor always had a soft spot for dogs. Most specifically, a Maltese named Sugar. From the time Sugar was three months old and until her death in 2005, the well-known white pup was Taylor’s cohort and partner in crime. After Sugar’s death came Daisy, a descendant of Sugar who is sadly now an orphan of the beautiful, talented, and inspiring Elizabeth Taylor. The two were always together for the last years of Taylor’s life, even being held as the actress signed autographs and took photographs. But luckily for Daisy, based on Taylor’s kind soul and how much of an animal lover she was, we can all rest assured that the pampered pooch is almost certainly still in loving hands.

For more information visit


Spring Cleaning to make your home Pet Friendly

March 21st 2011 1:25 pm
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Dog and cat parents are known to disagree at times, but one thing America’s 78 million dog parents and 94 million cats can agree on is having a pet affects the way you design, clean and function in your home. From pet hair to scratches on floors, doors and windows, it is a lot of work maintaining a home that is practical for both pets and people. But hope is out there, and the market for home products designed with pets and people in mind is growing. Wendy Diamond, Pet Lifestyle Expert and author of It’s a Dog’s World has the purr-fect tips for a pet-friendly home, from toys to beds, filters to pet-safe home décor. Don’t work like a dog, with a little guidance and doggie diligence having a pet-friendly home can be super easy.

1. Dog chew - Kong
Have your dog chew on dog treats and toys instead of your shoes! Don’t worry about your favorite pair of shoes; instead, give them a delicious dog treat or chew that’s made for their digestive system and will even help fight cavities! Kong makes amazing chew toys made of super bouncy rubber that will keep your pooch occupied happily. Shaped like little snowmen, you can even stick a treat inside these Kong chew toys for a little extra incentive. Not only will these toys keep your dogs’ attention for hours and away from your shoes, they also have different Kongs for different dogs- smaller versions for puppies, softer chews for seniors, and extremely bouncy toys for the most ambitious of chewers.

2. Land’s End Pet Bed
A pet-friendly home needs to have a pet-friendly bed. Pet beds are easy to get and are an inexpensive luxury your pet will love you for. Finding a comfortable dog bed that doesn’t clash with your home décor can be difficult. An amazing pet bed that also looks great with your home is Land’s End’s pet bed. They’re contemporary, have eye-catching colors and designs, perfect for your pet and your home.

3. Accu-Clean Whole-Home Filtration System
Spring brings a whole new set of challenges to pet parent and allergy sufferers. Not only does spring mean more allergens, but pet fur attracts dust, airborne particles and allergens. One great way to tackle this is by installing the AccuClean Whole-Home Filtration System by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, which can remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles! This is the perfect pet-parent home item, and it’s pet-friendly. About 10 percent of pets also suffer from allergies, and with the AccuClean system, cleaning up the dust, dander and allergens will help both pet and pet parent feel more refreshed this Spring.

4. Pup-casso
A pet-friendly home shouldn’t be all about work and chores! Have some fun! Art-Casso makes an amazing and cute little product for pet and pet parents to enjoy. Their Pup-casso and Kitty-casso painting kits are non-toxic, mess-free, and comes ready to use out of the box. Who knows, maybe your pup will create the next Bona Lisa!

5. Swiffer – WET JET
You know, no matter how pet-friendly and clean your house is, if you have a pet you know there are bound to be surprise messes. Having an all-in-one floor sweeper, mop, and duster like a Swiffer around can be a pet parent lifesaver.

6. Enjoy Flameless Candles
Candles can accent any house, but a pet-friendly house does not have to miss out on this house décor magic. Pet parents can use Enjoy Flameless Candles in their condo, apartment, or homes and not have to worry about burning anything down. Most importantly, if your pets get nosey, they won’t get burnt or be in danger! Talk about a hot pet-friendly item!

7. Armstrong Flooring
Floors are very important for a pet-friendly home. Pet claws can cause a lot of scratches and wear and tear. Hard surface floors are best for pet parents, because carpet absorbs odors, catches fur and dust. Consider Alterna, a beautiful option from Armstrong Flooring. This premium vinyl tile floor is not only pet-friendly, it's family friendly, since it’s scratch, wear, water and stain resistant. It’s also easy to clean. If you’re thinking about hardwood floors, make sure to pick a wood that’s hard enough to resist common causes of dents. Remember, no wood floor is totally scratch and dent resistant. There’s a Janka Hardness Rating which will let pet parents know how hard the floors are – the higher the number, the harder the wood species, and the more pet-friendly! Look for wood floors infused with liquid acrylic for a dramatically tougher floor. Even cherry—one of the softest hardwood species – becomes harder than oak that has not been infused. There are so many things to consider, a company like Armstrong Flooring makes it easy to find the right floor for you and your four-legged family members.

How does your home feel now? All it takes is a few solid investments and you and your pet will be cohabiting in perfect harmony. To learn more pet-friendly design techniques and products, check out!


How to Keep Your Pet Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

March 16th 2011 10:38 am
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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! St. Pawtrick’s Day for all the pet parents and animal lovers out there! Shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, this holiday has it all. Named after Saint Patrick, the most recognized patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day will be paw-sitively event filled. For pet parents out there, St. Patty’s can mean a lot of craziness and can be overwhelming for pets (and pet parents)! Here are some great tips for keeping your pet safe this St. Pawtrick’s Day.

1. What are you going to be drinking this holiday? Well whatever it is, remember dogs absolutely should have NO alcoholic beer or beverage! No matter how much they might beg for food and drink, alcohol is toxic for your pets and can make them extremely sick. If your pooch insists on joining in on the festivities, then buy a beer that’s safe for dogs, like Dog Beer or Bowser Beer. These non-alcoholic, non-carbonated treat is purr-fect for pets. (For more information visit: or

2. Wear green or be pinched! Unfortunately your four-legged friend was not blessed with a green coat, but you can help them out. If you’re going to dye your dog’s fur green, make sure to use non-toxic, all-natural vegetable dye. Make sure that the coloring won’t affect their sensitive skin and is okay if they lick it off. But beware, if your dog doesn’t like their coloring, they won’t be showing you any puppy love!

3. Don’t want a bad fur day disaster? Try a St. Patrick’s Day dog (or cat) costume instead! They can be the most fur-ocious Irishman roaming the streets this St. Patty’s. Or maybe they’re feeling more like the cutest little four-legged clover, after all it’s good luck!

4. Parades, bars and parties will be happening all around town. The city might be going to the dogs, but you and your dog should go for your walk away from bars, parties, and parades. They can be hazardous to your pet and too overwhelming. Take a detour! If your pets are in the house where there is going to be a party, make sure there is a no-disturb area for your pet to relax and stay away from trouble.

5. Looking for an Irish dog? Maybe an Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Red and White Setter, Irish Setter, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Glen of Imaal Terrier, or an Irish Wolfhound? Whichever you might be looking for as your next four-legged companion, adopt an Irish breed at your local shelter. You’ll both be in luck! For more information about Irish breeds and Irish breed adoption and animal rescue, check out sites like The Irish Setter Club of America, Irish Setter Breeders Club, or the Irish Terrier Club of America ( or Other Irish breeds can be found at your local shelter or animal rescue agency. For example, Gentle Giants is a non-profit working with large breeds, like the Irish Wolfhound. (for more information visit:

For more tips and information go to!


Treat Your Dog to Valentine’s Day

February 4th 2011 9:25 am
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What are you going to give your furry four-legged Valentine? Lots of puppy love, of course, but your pup is going to be begging for some treats all day long. There’s no harm in giving a few extra treats on this special holiday, but remember there are some “treats” that should never be given to your dog, like chocolate.

While the “GOOD Treats” below are good for your dog, it’s actually even better to give your Valentine’s Day pup dog treats instead. Dog treats are formulated especially for your pup. Treats made of ingredients like wheat and rice, which can even help their digestive system. Treats like Cesar’s® Softies Dog Treats bite size are only 7 calories and resealable to guarantee freshness.

GOOD Treats

PEANUT BUTTER A pet and pet parent favor, peanut butter is a good treat for your dog this Valentine’s Day. Peanut butter is great, high in protein and nutrients. It’s best to give your pet the least processed peanut butter, preferably organic, because oils and sugars used in highly processed peanut butter is not healthy for your dog. Just keep in mind, like pet parents, pets can be allergic to peanuts. If you have concerns about an allergic reaction, contact your veterinarian.

APPLE An apple a day keeps the doctor away (for the pet parent), but apples are a great Valentine’s Day treat too. Dogs love the crunchy, healthy snack. Apples are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber, making it a super healthy and delicious treat. When giving your dog apples, remember to take off the skin because it’s full of plant chemicals and never give your dog the core or seeds because the seeds contain cyanide, which is harmful.

SWEET POTATO Sweet potato for your Valentine’s Day sweetie! Sweet potatoes are simple, healthy treats that are easy to get at the supermarket. They have lots of fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Even better, you can slice and dehydrate these for a great chewy (super healthy) treat for your beloved furry Valentine.

POPCORN Time to snuggle up with your Valentine for some quality together time. Maybe even pop in your favorite doggie movie. Popcorn can be a fun, low calorie treat for your pet (and you!). Just remember, if you give your dog popcorn make sure it’s air popped, with NO butter and NO salt.

BAD Treats

CHOCOLATE You should never, ever give your dog chocolate. It’s a great Valentine’s Day treat for pet parents only. Chocolate is toxic for pets and can make your dog extremely sick. If your Valentine’s Day pooch has gotten his paws on some of your Valentine’s Day chocolate, make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

CANDY Other candies are usually not as toxic as chocolate, but they are still a bad treat. It’s high in sugar and other processed chemicals, which can be bad for pets and make them ill. If your Valentine’s pup has a sweet tooth, give him one of the “GOOD Treats” like apples or sweet potato, they won’t even know it’s not candy!

BONES You always hear “give your dog a bone” but this might actually be a bad treat (aside from the “bones” you buy at the pet store). Especially with holiday meals, it’s not a good idea to give your dog a meat bone. Your furry Valentine might fur-ociously devour the bone, but meat bones can splinter and puncture your pet’s stomach. Chicken and other poultry bones are especially dangerous because they are brittle and easily splinter.

You don’t have to be alone this Valentine’s Day, and even if you’re not there is always more room for puppy love! Adopt a cat or dog this holiday at your local animal shelter. For more information about animal rescue visit


Puppy Love at Yappy Hour

February 3rd 2011 1:16 pm
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Wendy and Lucky Diamond invite you to join Puppy Love at Yappy Hour® at The Carlton Hotel in New York!

For the invite visit Animal Fair's invite online.

Join Wendy Diamond, Maggie Rizer Mehran, Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, Derek Koch, Sara Gore, Nicole Lapin, Carl Quintanilla, and their dogs at the Carlton Hotel on February 11th from 6:00-8:00pm as they launch Puppy Love at Yappy Hour® to promote what can come from true, unbridled puppy love! Puppy Love at Yappy Hour® is the premiere cocktail benefit for people looking for puppy love with a rescue dog, man or woman and couples looking to adopt a rescue dog in need of a loving home. Just in time for Valentine's Day, this dog-filled benefit is sure to delight everyone from skeptics to singles.

All proceeds will directly benefit the Humane Society of New York! $50 donation; for tickets log onto

Puppy Love at Yappy Hour® helps guests find the unconditional Puppy Love from a rescued pet, and is one of the only events where you can meet adorable dogs up for adoption, outside of the shelter.

At this year's must-attend Valentine's Day benefit, doggies and their guardians can mingle (and sniff) with other animal enthusiasts while sipping mocktails like the Pink Poodle, Muttini and Chocolate Lab and feasting on hound-d'oeuvres. Canine guests will indulge in a savory doggy buffet trio of Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken, and Prime Rib treats provided by Cesar® Canine Cuisine, canine cuisine for the dog you adore!

There's no reason for anyone to be alone this Valentine's Day! Valentines' Day is a great day to celebrate the special relationship with the dogs we adore. You can even "send a kiss" to delight those you adore this heart-warming season at .

Yappy Hour® is famous for having our guests fall in PUPPY LOVE! Even in this economy, no man, woman, or pup can pass that up!

To learn more about Yappy Hour® please check out

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