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♥ Dutchess' Diary ♥

Happy Birthday, Dutchess

March 1st 2009 9:40 pm
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March 2, 2009 would have been your Fifth Birthday.
I can't believe that soon will be the 2nd anniversary of
your death (March 13, 2007).

I miss you, more then I can ever express. Your presense
is missed dearly, each and every single day!

It's been hard for me to be a part of Dogster since your
passing. Though there are many friends here, your loss
has left such a major void in my soul.

Dear Sweet Dutchess, we miss you.
Gunner misses you. Your son, Deuce, misses you.
He's a big boy full of your spirit in so many ways.
Kasper has that special relationship with him; the
was you two used to relate to each other. Though
sometimes, Deuce gets a bit rough around the edges.
It's strange how Deuce mimicks you. I'm so blessed
to have him in my life. You'd be proud of him & Jasper
(who is also doing so well!). I know Gunner misses playing
tag with you. But, don't worry, Deuce has carried on the
game of chase that used to play with the big Gun.
Your grave is well preserved, as you lie in rest with babies
Rowdy & Sadie. As shall it always be, forever.
There is not a day goes by that I do not think of you.
I hope that someday we will see each other again!
If there truly is a loving God, then it shall be so.

It's just me and the pack now, and Tigger.
I'm sure that you are watching over us.
Everytime I see a butterfly, I think of you and daddy,
and the spirits of others that have gone on before me.
You are truly a beautiful Angel.

I wish I could hold you, pet you...and hear you talk to me.
"Mommmmy" music to my ears. My sweet daredevil!
Deuce has that trait, too. He loves to jump & fly.

With tears streaming down my face, yet again, I bid thee
fairwell. I'll be seeing ya!

Happy Birthday Sweet One!
Missing You, Always & Forever!

I Love You,


♥ Dutchess ♥


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