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♥ Missing You ♥

January 3rd 2008 7:44 am
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I miss you sweety. Today is one of those days and I'm just bawling. I miss all of my Angels. I do hope you met up with Joy in the heavens, Dutchess. I loved her very much, too. I just wanted you to know that you are not forgotten. Sometimes I know it's silly to be writing to you here, it's not like you're reading it (or maybe you are), but it's comforting at the same time. Saturday would have been the babies birthdays and that is so sad. At least I know that one of those beautiful babies is going to be celebrating!! Jasper is one handsome fellow Dutchess, you should be (and I'm betting you are) so proud of him. It's such a shame that you can't be here to play with him or with Deuce, or even with Gunner for that matter. I really do think Gunner has changed since you were taken from us. He's never been the same. He plays with Deuce, but not like he played with you. You grew up together as puppies and he loved you. Your loss is definately felt, even after 9 months. Well it's time to wipe the tears away and go see the doctor. Wish me luck, you are my Angel, afterall. Love You, Always xoxo


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