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♠ Gunner's Surprise ♠

January 7th 2008 1:20 am
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As written by the Gizmo the Great in the Picture Poem This contest @ the Pet Poetry Group.

"Okay. the new Picture Poem This contest is up!

The picture is posted at the bottom of the Main PPG Page, and is called "Gunner's Surprise."

It's our very own ....
Gunner (that's Me!)! His photo on his Dogster page was such a gem we asked for permisison to use it as our theme for this week's snowy contest.

You choose the length and type of poem about the picture, and have fun!

Contest closes Saturday 1/12/08 at midnight.

First prize: A shiney fur-ever star on your page
1st runner up: Rosette
2nd runner up: rosette

All Dogsters and Catsters are welcome to join us!

Have fun!" (thanks Gizzy!!)

So I go and read the entries so far, I have to share them!! Too dang funny. The photo being used is my main photo right now. Me in the snow on Christmas Day, lifting my leg on the bush. Mom just had to take this photo cause she thought I looked hilarious as the Abominal Snowman with leg hiked in da air. Yeah mom, real funny!! Then you go and use it against me and you say "I'm Mean".. BOL! As if!! However, after reading these entries so far, how can I not help but laugh? It's truly funny! Okay so here they are so far ...

Gunner's Surprise
by Hoagie

I was outside having a ball,
Playing in snow and watching it fall.

It was really cold but I didn't care,
I was toasty warm, I'm covered in hair.

I chased some squirrels and a rabbit or two,
There really was not much left to do.

I was starting to feel the nip in the air,
Thought I'd go inside, curl up in my chair.

Better go potty, 'for I go inside though,
I picked this good bush and let my pee flow.

Instantly I knew something was amiss,
My stream had frozen! I was stuck like this!

There I was standing on three,
One leg in the air, suspended by pee!

Many thoughts raced thru my mind as I stood,
Would I ever be free, was I stuck here for good?

I could feel my muscles starting to shake,
Inside I was praying, Let this branch break!

And then I heard a beautiful sound,
My mommy was coming, I had been found.

Instead of helping, like I thought she would,
She collapsed with laughter, It didn't look good.

Bright lights started to flash in my eyes,
I thought I was done for but to my surprise,

My Mom was only taking my pic,
I stood and hoped that she'd make it quick.

One thing I have learned when the temperatures frigid,
If you pee on a bush you might end up rigid.

She rescued me and for that I am glad,
But taking my picture made me kinda mad.

Now shes posted it so you all can see,
Poor little Gunner, stuck to a tree.

© Hoagie 2008

Gunner's Surprise
by Gizmo

Mom sez when I am engaged
This picture'll make me all enraged

She'll show it to my hunny bunner
and say "Ohhh, lookie at my Gunner!"

"He's full of snow, aw ain't he beaming!
Oh my, why look! He's also streaming!"

"Aw, he tinkled on my tree!
He looks as sweet as sweet can be!"

My face will be all red and pink
I'll want to strangle mom, I think

But I have one small saving grace...
The snow at least did hide my face!

I'll blame it on my brother, Deuce
and say HE put the tree to use!

© Gizmo 2008

Gunner's Surprise
by Mojotiki

I wonder what it would be like,
If the snow was the color of yellow.
Would it be as deep as the white,
Or really rather shallow ?
I wonder what it would take,
Would it really be so hard to make ?
I will just sit here and try and try to think ,
BUT , all this thinking is making me want a drink.
Good cool water, so refreshing to my tongue,
OOOPS ! NOW ! I got'ta go ! Come on someone , you had better run !
YEA ! that bush looks good , a perfect place to hike,
What a relief it is to go potty, thats what I really like.
OH ! MY GOSH ! Who would of ever thought,
That I could make Yellow Snow !
All I had to do,
Is bark at you,
And tell you I had to go !
I made it doing what I like !
It wasn't hard and it didn't take long ,
I did all of it in one hike !

© Mojotiki 2008

Funny Poems my dear Pals!! BoL! Can't wait to see if there are anymore entries. If you think you can tell a story in poetry, come on over and give it a shot! I double dog dare you!

"Go ahead, Lift that Leg!"


♥ Gunner R.I.P.♥


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