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Happy Birthday to me! I'm 5 today :)

April 22nd 2010 2:19 pm
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Today is it. It is my day. I'm the big number 5. Only issue is, I haven't sniffed out a cake or found any presents. I'm usually very good at finding things I'm not supposed to have. She must be hiding them really well.

I have to admit to celebrating my birthday a little early this month. Well alright a lot earlier as in twenty days earlier. My favorite fur-cousin, Ella, thought my birthday was April 2nd and gave me a new toy. She is only six and I didn't want to be rude so I went along with it and pretended it was my birthday. That kung-fu dog was fun to shake and toss around.

Now back to today...what is Mom thinking? She is spending the whole day home with me and I did get an extra treat when I came inside earlier. I'm just hoping that isn't all I get. Wonder what might be waiting for me at Grandma's when we go for dinner tonight...


DNA Test

April 25th 2008 1:33 pm
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The results are in...I am a dachshund/miniature poodle mix. Explains my longer legs, solid color and love of water :)


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

December 5th 2007 5:13 pm
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It's back! I love the snow. I've waited for months to run in it, sniff it, melt it and chase snowballs. This time, Mom didn't waste her time shoveling a path in the grass for me. Last time, I ran right past it. It won't be here for long. I'm wishing for more snow.


A purpose for me

August 4th 2007 3:18 pm
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Mom recently found a purpose for me and possibly a new job for me. On Memorial Day, my Grandma broke her leg and is recovering in a skilled nursing facility. I visit her almost daily and get to hang out with Grandma on Thursday evenings when Mom volunteers at the local free clinic. Grandma calls me her therapy dog. The nurses and aides come to see me when I am visiting and other patients like to see me too. Grandma will be coming home soon and I know I will be missed. Mom is researching training I will need to be official so that I can return to visit my new friends.


End of the year update

December 31st 2006 8:22 am
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I asked Mom (my great ghostwriter) to help me update my website today before the start of the new year because it was sooooo outdated.

A lot has happened to me this year. I left my original home in the beginning of May and came to live with my new Mom. I have settled in very well. I am a social butterfly and have made a lot of friends, two and four legged.

Most important this year, Tully (Aunt L's and Ella's Weimaraner) made it from my pet-peeves to my likes in November. In our first meeting in May, Tully tried to eat me so Mom didn't bring me over there for a long time. The day after Thanksgiving, Mom decided that we would try it again. She was sure I could win Tully over because I get along with all of the other dogs I meet. Now Tully and I are good friends. She even lets me lay in her bed. She tries to sit and lay in my bed, however her rear-end takes up the whole bed and her front legs hang out :) Sometimes she doesn't realize her size, but we like to play together. It is a good thing I'm fast or I couldn't keep up with her :)

Best of all, because of my friendship with Tully, I can spend more time with Ella, my best two-legged friend and cousin. Ella asked Santa for a Pink Dump Truck so that I could ride in it and she could push me around. With a little cushion I don't mind sitting in it, but we are working on the riding part :)

Mom has to go now, so she can spend more time with me before she goes out to a New Year's Eve party with a two legged friend I haven't met or sniffed yet. I'm hopeful she will take me to Grandma's tonight or let me sleep over with Ella and Tully. So many choices now!

I hope everyone furred and non-furred, two legged and four legged, has a happy and safe new year!

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