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My Life as a Houndie!

Man, it's been a while...

September 5th 2005 12:58 pm
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since I've written sister, Suzy and Ruby have gone to new homes.

Suzy is living with the sweet people that rent my mom and dads house. It's in my same neighborhood. She is very happy there and they love her so much. They said they always wanted a basset hound and the lady loved her name. My mom and dad rescued her and my sister Ruby from the humane society in hopes of someday finding good homes for them to go to. So, this weekend my moms best friend came in from Hot Springs and fell in love with Ruby. So, off she went too with her new mom and a new human brother named Abrahim.

I'm a little lonely, but my family took me to petsmart and spent a load on me. I needed a new leash and a harness. We went for a walk last night and it was so great. I just walked down the street barking and everything. It has been a while since we've been able to do that because it was hard for my mom to walk us all and the boys are too little to hold a leash.

I know Suzy and Ruby will miss me, but they will be so loved and taken care of. Now I have my family all to MYSELF! Whoohoo!


The day they found me!

September 12th 2004 5:02 pm
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Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm 8 months old. I was found wandering on a very busy highway by a couple that couldn't keep me. They took me to a local Rottweiler Rescue and they cleaned me up and fed me...oh, was that ever wonderful!

On Mothers Day, of this year, a family came out to take a look at the puppies and other dogs. As they walked in, I greeted this guy at the door. He had his wife and two little boys with him. They all took one look at me and decided I was the pup for them. So, after filling out the papers and all we headed back to town. On the way home they all talked about what my new name would be. I was called Precious at the rescue. The gal (my new Mom) that was holding me along with that same guy decided Lucy was the best one!

We stopped at a feed store and got me some food, a leash and a collar. That was one really cool place...all kinds of stuff to sniff.

Our next stop was at my new Aunt Shelly's house. I got to meet her doggies, Sampson and Delilah. They are Yorkies. We ran around a played for a bit before heading to my new forever home.

So, I have a great Mom and Dad and two human brothers, Grayson and Griffen. They are only 3 and 4 so they mostly play with toys that I get in trouble for chewing on. I also have two basset sisters, Ruby and Suzy. We run around the backyard and play our favorite game...Tag!

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