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Christmas Tag

December 5th 2007 4:53 pm
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I got tagged fur Christmas by my pal Gaius. This is how it works, you write a dear Santa letter listing five things that you want, then you give the doggy that tagged you 5 bones or treats, then you tag 5 more doggies!

Dear Santa Paws,
Ta start wiff Merry Christmas to you an yourns.
I hab been extree speshul gud dis year ebben when da pugs played tricks on me and made jokes (you know who you are).
Just like my brudder, I am wishin
First fer all da soldiers ta be safe now and until dey kin come home to dare famblies and pups
And dat all da dogs in rescue or on da street gets a hot meal an a warm bed and if at all possible a fambly like I has.
And I hope all my dogster pals dat is sick gets well and dat all da well ones stay dat way.
Fourth, I hope I gets a gazillion bones to bury in da yard so my brudder Otis caint find dem and I kin send sum to my girlier friend Kelsey, who by da way should be on yer nice girl list.
Fifth I want ebberyone ta remember our fambly members dat went to da bridge an ta take a minute and think ub one udder pup dat you know dat has a fambly dat is missin dem too so there is an extra sparkle sent over da rainbo.
yer very gud boy,
Barney Fife
PS You know dat pugs eat ebberythang so I don't need to say no more bout da cookies.
PSS One more thang, I wish fer my sister ta fix my page, cuz I'm still on Thanksgiving MOM!!

I am goin to tag my frends dat are on da nice list:
1. Kelsey my pretty girlfrend
2. Java Cheesey Britches a gud Pug budee dat gets skeered too
3. Mikey a guy dat gots yer back
4. Maximus da one dat comes to da rescue
5. Shorty proof dat gud thangs come in small packages


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