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Our New Brother

July 9th 2007 1:07 pm
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Our new brother has finally arrived. He's been around for a while now - 8 months - so it looks like he's sticking around. I don't mind him so much cause Mommy always makes it a point to spend some extra time with me when our brother is sleeping or playing with Daddy. He doesn't cry too much now but in the beginning he cried A LOT! Poor Mommy & Daddy looked so tired so I did my very best to be the best puggie possible... I tried to get brother Peanut to be better too - since anything would be an improvement for him - but no such luck.



May 25th 2006 3:00 pm
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My Mom & Dad recently announced to all our friends and family that we are adding to our household - this time with a human addition - THEIR FIRST! I'm SOOOO excited !! I was excited when they said we were getting Peanut too but he hasn't worked out as well as I had hoped. Don't get me wrong - I love him and he is my brother, but he's ALWAYS taking my stuff. I'm thinking that this new human baby won't want my chew toys and won't want to take my warm spot on our doggie bed so there won't be too much conflict. I'm thinking too that the little one won't bite my tail or try to chew on my leg either.

Every time mommy & daddy's other human friends come by with their babies, Peanut is always so scared and runs away. I LOVE babies. I let them pet me and try to pick me up. I'm not scared at all!! Maybe Peanut will run away from this new one too and me and baby will be able to be by ourselves more! Mommy is always telling me what a GREAT big brother I am to Peanut and how patient I am. With this new one, I'm going to be the best big brother EVER!


A New Year

January 11th 2006 7:53 am
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We had a GREAT holiday !! My grandma, grandpa, auntie's and uncle were here from Hawaii so we got lots of treats and belly rubs! My Auntie brought us back my favorite salmon treats from a doggie bakery in Hawaii. I love those! I guess my resolution to lose a few pounds this year is already kaput. heehee. That's okay - Mommy says that just means there's more of me to love.

For Christmas, our mommy and daddy bought us a PIMPIN' new house. It has a porch and a cool roof. It looks just like a log cabin. Brother and I snuggle up nice and close in there. We love it. I love to hang half inside the house and half out on the porch. It's the perfect mix of sunbathing and keeping cool when it's warm here in SoCal.

This year I turn five years old. It's not until May though so I have a few more months to enjoy being four. I can't wait to make more dogster friends in 2006!


It's a New Year

February 7th 2005 4:12 pm
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Now it's a new year -- 2005. I'll be 4 years old this year. Mom gets all teary eyes when she scratches the little gray fur that's under my mouth. I think she thinks I'm getting old, but she knows that I will always be her baby. I can't wait until this cold weather and rain finally go away and it starts to stay light late again. Maybe then I can ask Mom & Dad to take me to the dog park... and leave brother at home! Just kidding... kind of. (= I really do love my brother, Peanut, but sometimes he is so mean to me. All I do is give him lots of kisses and let him snuggle next to me cause I have more meat than him and I want to be sure he stays warm, but sometimes he just likes to chew on my leg and that doesn't feel so good. I know Mom & Dad stop him as soon as they see him, but I wonder what it is about my leg that makes it taste so good to him. We have lots of toys for him to bite. Oh well. I guess that's my job as a big brother.


Christmas is coming!

November 16th 2004 4:22 pm
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My mommy and daddy keep telling me that Christmas is coming and I can't wait. I think they are getting me and my brother these neat Coach collars as part of our present. We'll both look so good with our new collars. I hope my brother Peanut doesn't decide to chew on the Coach tag though... My mom will be very mad at him. My Auntie from Hawaii is also coming to visit us so I'm sure she'll bring us yummy treats made in Hawaii. The last treats she bought us were delicious, but I wish I could have eaten them all by myself instead of having to share with my brother Peanut. I wish I could go to Hawaii one day and find all of those treats by myself!

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