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Carpe diem!

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But in this ever changing world in which we live in...makes- you give in and cry...

April 12th 2010 4:12 pm
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"At first sight the tall, stooped figure with the hawk-like features and bloodless cheeks, the look of extreme gravitas, seems forbidding and austere, the abbot of an ascetic order, scion of an imperial family who has foresworn the world."

Well... akshooly he wasn't all that bad...(the one-armed man in the plaid suit) I with my shrewd sense of justice however didn't trust this guy as far as I could throw...well anything, you see without apposable thumbs...I digress...more to the point (if there was one) this dawg was my "contact" for all the chicanery that was to follow our little mission...I mean I WAS -AKA Veterok back in the day, all that is over now... I'm just a dawg...doing dawg things...who says you can't leave the company? This pack is living proof...what was that noise?...makes my hair stand on end...HEY... Baby Lee...was that you...darlin'.....Later


A little self-promotion.....

April 9th 2010 5:00 pm
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Well pals weeee're back...again...hopefully we'll stay for awhile...I mean a sabbatical is one thing...we've missed being around these pages...I thought I'd do a little somethin' somethin' things have changed around here so...if you're game...
Go to Google and at the top left click "videos" and then type in "aussies eatin' carrots"...there you'll see Baby Lee, and me in the middle of some good munchin'...later


When I'm in the shower, I'm afraid to wash my hair.....

September 3rd 2008 6:10 pm
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I might open my eyes and find somebody standing there...yeah you ratbastard...thought you found me did you? Looks like you're gonna' have to get up a bit earlier to sniff out this dog...what those hints were too inconvenient...remember who you're dealin' with is all I'm sayin'
Hey pals hows tricks?! This pack is gettin' ready to hit the road (so to speak) in a couple or three weeks, and I may be able to chat it up more then...this road thang has worn a little thin and this pack is ready to put down a few roots (so to speak) I guess what I'm trying to elucidate is that I've missed checking out all my favorite diaries, and seeing all the new pics, etc. time to get back in the groove, and throw down some zealies, and know (I hope)so if I don't get back on this sight before we leave to go... wherever...I'll be WATCHING you.....later


Homeless, homeless, moonlight sleeping on a midnight- lake.....

August 19th 2008 1:48 pm
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Well if I happen to have any pals out there in dogster land you may be (or may NOT) be interested to know that while Leja, and I THOUGHT we were getting ready next month to go home from this visit, we find out that while indeed we ARE going back to good old Caleefornia...we're NOT going home...not at least to our last digs...Mom says that house was different from our last was a didn't have good energy (yeah, I could feel that) so I'm told when we hit the state line we'll be living in Willy for awhile

...O.K. Willy isn't eggzactly lavish...I mean he's always been a cool ride for Lee, and me still I'm not sure which side of the bed I'll end up on (I PREFER the left) and I don't mean politically, I just find it the best vantage point...

Anywho, I'm thinking that since we've been without our own computer for awhile ( a long while if you ax me) we should look into say...a laptop...that would be the way to go with all our traveling, there MUST be plenty of WI-FI places to hookup know to get maps and such...maybe check out my favorite site...see what my pals are up to...I feel like we're missing out on some good fun...of course sleeping in Willy I'm told is gonna' be a blast...unless they MEANT something else.....later


The day the music died.....

July 18th 2008 11:22 am
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Well pals, here I am just in for a short shpiel...seems as though "things" aren't going as well as this pack expected when we took off for this journey...we're all well, (PHYSICALLY that is)...we're glad Dexter is safe and having a good time on his expedition...we would have been the FIRST stop you see...
Anywho, we'll try to stay in touch...hoping to be able to land a home base dogs like to have a place to call home ya' know...hope to be back in the circle.....Later


Out of the silver light the past came calling.....

June 26th 2008 12:05 pm
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Hey pals...well I HOPE I still have pals left...just had a moment to take a gander at dogster here , and kind of do some perusing of some pages.

You all have been really busy, and Dexter...the boys are gettin' around eh? (I guess I should have saved that comment for when they hit Canada) anywho this pack is still on the road searching for something or other, I saw some of that peculiar red earth D. man spoke of...we're either on Mars or we traveled some of the same roads, whatever the case I'll try to peek in more often...Hope all my pals and their respective packs are doing well...for now I'll leave you with..."Buy the ticket take the ride".....later


Well my instincts are fine, I had to use them to- survive.....

May 24th 2008 9:53 pm
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Here's the deal my pals...
As I elucidated on yous some time ago...we have just about a week left here at our present digs, so I probably won't be writing more until the "relocation" happens, and we're settled in a bit...I'll be checking on some of my favorite blogs, and on my favorite pals (you know who you are...don't you?) so you'll be getting a sense that I'm around even when it seems like I'm not...of course I'm speaking here of the old..."CI"... (canine intuition) that is...and as you veiw ...this and this keep a good thought for this pack...thank you, thank you very much.....later


I'm wasted and I can't find my way home.....

May 23rd 2008 11:58 pm
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Well actually...I'm not, and I can...just had to give a little somethin'- somethin' for my buddy Jasper that made reference to Eric Clapton, and in return I spoke of Jimi...he posted a poster of him for me! And it's a GOOD one...not sure if Papa and Mom went to that concert know the Wavy Gravy thang...Mom said she remembered that poster though...and there ARE a lot of baby boomers comin' around...I think it's called The Greatest Generation...I could be wrong, with Memorial day and all which brings to mind a quote from a pretty smart guy...Albert Einstein who once said..."I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war."...well I can't argue with that one...and we will remember the ones who gave their lives because the rat bastards planned another one.....later


Well my mind is going through them changes.....

May 20th 2008 11:11 pm
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Well I guess if you don't want to get stagnant you keep moving right?...Well I guess it's a safe bet THIS pack isn't going to stagnate...not that we would if we stayed long enough to...whatever...anywho...either our cover's been blown or we feel the call of the...whatever...

So I've been reading lately about OCD...right here...on dogster... some of my pals Moms seem to be prone to comes out around this pack when there's packing to's a TAPE thang...yeah...whenever Mom's gonna' send something or other through the mail (as a package) there can't be enough tape in the country...these packages get so much tape that Papa says they should make six inch wide tapers instead of two inch ones, just for Mom...well let me just say that I don't think the packages are going to open up any time soon...unless they're BLOWN up...yeah Mom, I'm pretty sure they're secure, and I'm secure in the knowledge that my bitch is coming with.....later


But you better not complain boy, you get in trouble with the- man.....

May 18th 2008 10:58 pm
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So Mom...
"Yeah Beez, what's up?"
I was just wondering about all Leej, and my diary titles...uh, do you really LISTEN to all that music...I mean I hear some Vivaldi, from time to time, and I really like that Mozart stuff, makes me feel even smarter than I already am...I can take or leave the Beethoven, kind of gets under my skin...I really like the jazz, man, it's cool...

"Well, Beez we usually play the music you're talking about when you and Lee aren't in the same room because you don't seem to appreciate it that much, that's all."

Uh...We're ALWAYS in the same room, you can't go to the bathroom without Lee following you in...

"Well ya' got a point my boy, I guess we don't listen to our back-in-the-day music that much...I've always got it stuck in my brain though, at least I'm not so burnt out to know, Wavy Gravy says..."If you remember the sixties you weren't there"...and I certainly remember...lots...and I WAS there!"

Well that clears it up for me.....later

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