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I had a pretty good day!

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Happy Holidays, Pups!

December 25th 2011 1:13 pm
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I haven't written in a long time. My Secret Santa photo will appear on Facebook on Mombot's page (Tory Foedisch). Thanks you so much, Secret Santa, I love my gifts--especially those tasty ones!

I have to snoopervise the turkey right now. BOL!!


I need to write about my conversion,

November 11th 2010 8:03 pm
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but I'm still processing the whole thing. Right now I am supposed to be on restricted exercise and can't go to the dog park. Thank Dog for my furends here on Dogster. They've been keeping my spirits up and offering to play and pawty. And, thank you, Mocha, for sending home those delicious dog treats. At first I thought they might be disguising some of those icky antibiotic pills, but what a wonderful, stinky surprise: they were stand-alone treats!

More later, pups. I gotta go up to bed--Dad carries me up the stairs, but I'm quite capable of coming down on my own.



I'm hanging out waiting for my next adventure:

November 6th 2010 11:35 am
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I'm hoping Monday I will be transformed into a Tripod! Right now, that looks like it's going to be great because I will get to RUN!! It's been pretty hard on me this past week--having to take a lot of medicine, not getting to eat a nice breakfast, being on pain medication that makes me feel not quite up to snuff. Yep, I've heard that pups do just fine as tripods, and I plan to be one of those pups.

Please think healing thoughts that my transformation will really be Monday!



...But it could have been better.

October 30th 2010 2:51 pm
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By now a lot of you pups know what happened. But if you haven't heard:

Mombot and Dad went to Colombia for a couple of weeks and left me boarded at my usual dogwalker's place with a lot of instructions. The day before they were to return, I guess I was missing them too much. When one of the walkers had me out, I slipped my collar, and he ran after me. I ran into a very busy street and got hit by a car. My pawrents found out what happened when Rinbot picked them up at the airport.

The good thing: it could have been much worse.

The bad thing: most of the skin on the top of my right hind paw is gone and there are broken and dislocated bones in my metatarsal area that will need to be stabilized with pins. Also, they are going to amputate one of my toes.

Another thing: at first the dogwalker said he wasn't paying, but that has changed and his insurance company is going to contact Mombot.

Every day I have to eat a little breakfast because I have to have anesthesia to get my bandages changed. I also have to take a bunch of medicines. And I have to wear a "mediboot" when I go out. It is longer than the little boots you have probably seen for snowy weather. (It's hard to keep "stuff" off the boot when I am hunkering on three legs!)

Tomorrow or Monday the vet surgeon will decide when to operate on my leg.

I have appreciated all the POTP that my furends have been sending me! It helps me a lot.

I can hardly wait to be "back on my (four) feet!


In addition, right now I have to go to the vet every day


Yesterday Mombot said I was unruly!

September 19th 2010 2:52 pm
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I'm not sure what ruly is, though...all I did was run freely through the upper part of Interlaken, thanks to the football game people who made it impossible to park down below where we belong. I had a grand time and found some icky stuff to munch on. Mombot had to do a lot of climbing up the slippery slopes. Tee-hee!



We got to babysit today!

September 2nd 2010 7:51 pm
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Today Mombot had part of the day off. When she came home, she brought Rinbot and Sambot with her. Rinbot stayed for a little bit and then she went to work. Sambot stayed with us. First she was enjoying the change of scenery. Then she got fussy. Then she got stubborn! Mombot carried her around, talked to her in funny voices and read to her from some books with pictures.
Then I had to go to the park for a while.
When I got back, Dad was also home, and he carried Sambot around for a bit and took her into the backyard.
She slept a little, then she fussed some, and Rinbot returned from her school so she and Dad could take me for a little hood walk.
Then Rinbot went to her teachers union meeting so they could vote on something.
Sambot was trying to laugh and smile, but sometimes the fussies got the best of her.
When Rinbot finally returned, she took the little Sambot and I jumped on Mombot's lap where I belong. I told her she should not forget to read books to me, as well as write things for me in my diary. She said, OK, we'll get you some good dog books and read some every day.



I snagged Mombot to write an entry for me.

August 11th 2010 6:59 pm
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First of all, my apologies for not being more attentive to my communication needs. Here's what I've been up to:

My little furless one was born on June 21. She was pretty small. She's making a movie to compete with the one that is getting heavy promotion this summer. Samantha's movie is called "Eat, Poop, Sleep." (I guess mine would be "Eat, Poop, Sleep I" and she stars in "Eat, Poop, Sleep II."
On the weekends she gets to come with us to Interlaken, but she doesn't get to go on the trails yet. Instead, she stays on the main path with her mom while Bri-guy and Mombot take me on the trails and to the water.
Now Samantha is practicing coming to my house. She likes to look at different things, and she enjoys going outside on my deck. She has something like a crate at our house, but she hasn't spent much time in it. At least, I haven't seen her sleeping there yet.
Mombot thinks I was raised with little furless ones because I am a good pup around our girl.
Also, Dad had to work at a different duty station this summer, and he could only come home on the weekends, so Mombot and I took care of everything ourselves. I was a good helper and enjoyed the weekends with the whole family, even if that meant I had to share everything more.



June 24th 2010 10:49 am
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Today I was on leash with Mocha and the dogmas. We were walking on a path along the lakeside at Maggie and I was more interested in the nice expanse of grass than walking in regimental style along the path. Mocha's dogma decided to try to photograph Mt. Rainier, so we went onto the grass and Mombot was tending both leashes. "Somehow" I slipped my collar and started running low to the ground, really fast, in circles. Finally Mocha's dogma lured me back with irresistible treats. Foiled again!



Watching the owl!

June 14th 2010 6:37 pm
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We love to find the owl at Interlaken. He likes to sit in one of the cedar trees very quietly. Unfortunately, the crows don't like his perches. They fly madly around cawing loudly, tipping us off that we will find the owl if we look closely enough.
Yesterday he was eating something stinky! We watched as he held it in his talons and took bites. Sometimes Rinbot uses owl pellets in science classes. The kids take apart the pellet and try to reconstruct the tiny bones they find.
I love going on nature walks. They give me ideas.



Getting down to the wire--

June 6th 2010 2:40 pm
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on picking my school. Rinbot thinks I should go to U.C. Barkly, since it's on the Left Coast and wouldn't be such a major adjustment. I'm still thinking maybe Pupperdine. Do you think there will be good pupperoni pizzas there?


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