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Little LU LU's Diary

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What a BIG update I have for ya!

January 12th 2007 4:24 pm
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Gosh! I havent been writing much but a whole lot of stuff has been going on. First, let me tell ya about this big fat fella with a long white beard that I seen! Oh my goodness gracious!! He was scarey at first, but then when I heard that he was going to give me some MILKBONES! I really liked him alot!! I liked him so much that I sat on his lap and I tried to lick his face to say "Thank you" for the milkbones, but when I did, my foot got tangled up in his hair on his face and I pulled his hair down on his face somehow. NOw that was CREEPY! But I did like playing in his long white beard! His name was Santa Paws. I love him! Oh I got so many new toys and clothes!! I even got a red suit just like his!!! so now I can pretend I am Santa Paws sometimes too. I love Christmas time!!

Simmie was even good too! He got some new cat toys! But he would not let Santa Paws get near him.

I went to the Doctor the other day and I got surgery done on my tummy. My mommy says I got spayed. What does that mean? I dont know but it sure did hurt! I dont like my doctor. He hurt my tummy. I dont ever want to go back there again. However, I do get my way alot now since I have a hurt tummy. My mommy is waiting on me hand and foot. I kinda like this. Simmie is even being nice to me too. I think it will take a LONG time for my tummy to heal.
Toodles!! gotta go eat ( or at least let them bring it to me) hehhee!!


Oh, what has mommy done now!

October 7th 2006 6:19 pm
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Why I just knew that when mommy went shopping tonight that she was gonna bring home a new dress for me! But NNOOOOOOOOO! Instead, she brought me some funny kind of hat that she expects me to wear! It is so goofy looking, that I wouldnt even want Simmie to wear it! She said it was part of my Halloween costume. What in the world is a Halloween costume? I dont want no one seeing me looking so goofy wearing that thing! Has she lost her mind?? She said I was going to go "Trick or Treating" this year with the human kids. What is trick or treating? Does that mean if I dress up goofy, I will get all kinds of doggie treats?? HHMMMMM, well , I just might wear that thing, if that is the case. But I am gonna be so mad if I dont get nothing! especially if I dress up and wear that goofy thing on my head! Hey, I just thought of something. How come Simmie dont have to dress up and wear a goofy hat? HHMMMM? I wonder if Simmie will go trick or treating for me? ( OH SIMMIE, COME HERE!) ( I gotta go talk to simmie real quick! )


My Tail of Devotion for Little LU LU

September 19th 2006 6:46 pm
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My Little LULU! She was a gift to me from my husband. Oh what a wonderful gift! Little LULU is a funny little thang. She is so spoiled! I love dressing her up and making her pretty. She knows she is pretty. Little LULU rides just about everywhere I go. She enjoys playing with her playmate Simmie who is also an inside pal. Everywhere I go, Little LULU follows me. I would do anything for her and I know she would for me. She is my new little baby whom I love to spoil! My little princess, my Little LULU!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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OH yes, and let the chawahwah come out!

September 19th 2006 6:06 pm
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I told them kids to leave me alone but noooooo, they had to keep on bothering me. So I finally had enough of them picking on me so I let the chawahwah come out, and boy did they run! My little teeth turned big to them. hehehehe!!! I am a cute little thang, and nice as can be but when I have had enough, here comes the chawahwah. Yeah, I'm bad, I'm bad!


(((YAWN))) I'm so tired!

September 15th 2006 7:55 pm
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I want to go to sleep. I keep yawning. Mommy wont let me go to sleep! She keeps trying to make me wake up. I am all tuckered out and I just want to close my eyes and go nighty night! OH how I wish she would just let me sleep. I am going to ignore her and maybe then she will think I am asleep and will give up. Whats that I hear??? FOOD??!!! ((HOLD ON MOMMY, HERE I COME))!!! SAVE SOME FOR ME!!!! oh, i got to hurry up and get down from here so I can go eat again. If I dont, Simmie will eat it all up! oh, oh , oh!


OH what a day today!

September 13th 2006 3:29 pm
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GOSH, it has been so boring today! My mommy decided to do housework so I had to sit and watch all day long. I got so bored, I fell assleep! She praised me for not pottying on the floor today. OH how I love it when I get praised!!! But, I sure do hope mommy dont look in the corner of the living room. She might get mad at me. OH WELL, I will just blame it on Simmie. He never gets into trouble anyway, so why not now? tehee!


It's raining, its pouring...

September 12th 2006 5:15 pm
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It's raining, its pouring, Simmies inside a snoring! teheee!! I got to go outside today and play in the rain! Oh what fun I had!! I got to jump in mud puddles and wallow in the wet grass! Mommy took me out so I can potty! and I did!! Just like a big girl, that I am . Then the momma cat and her kittens came over to see me and they played with me too. They kept swatting at me! But I still had fun even though they were bigger than me. Simmie was assleep so he missed it! haha!!



September 11th 2006 4:07 pm
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My mommy finally took my picture of me wearing my little TU TU! Oh , how I just love it!! It is sooooo pretty!! She even put a pink bow on top of my little head! AAWWWWW!!! Now I can run and dance around in my little TUTU!! If only Simmie would just leave my ruffles alone! He keeps pulling me around in my TuTu. I am gonna get my mommy to put on some good music so I can run around and dance and WWOOOOFFF -- WWWOOOOFFFFFF!! OH I JUST LOVE IT!!!



September 9th 2006 2:38 pm
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Oh my goodness!! Here I am back at the vet hospital . These people come off making me think they are really nice, but what is that in their hand? YIKES! It looks like a needle!! OH NO!! They are fixing to give me a SHOT!! ON MY BUTT!! OOUUUCCHHHH!! (Boo-hoo-hoo)! That hurt!! OH NO! Another one!! YIKES!! and another!! MOMMY HELP ME!!!!!! Please, please pick me up!! Finally! Mommy picked me up and I just pouted on her shoulder and cried and whimpered. Oh I dont ever want to come back here!!! Now my little hinney hurts!!! Oh, I will never be able to sit down again!! That means no more treats for me for a while if I cant sit down! I just wanna go home now and never ever come back here !

The good part about being at the vet is that they weighed me and I now weigh 4.8 lbs! When I get bigger, I am gonna get those people back! Yeah, I will show them just how much chawahwah I have in me!! hhmmpphhh!!


OH SIMMIE, where are you?????

September 4th 2006 6:30 am
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I just got a bath and oh how I hate baths! But when I get through, it gives me so much energy and I get hyped up for a long time. I am so full of energy I feel like wresteling with Simmie. I found him! There he is! ( IT IS TACKLE TIME!!!) OH, I got his ear, I got his ear! hehehehe, look out Simmie, I got your tail, I got your tail!! (You cant catch me, you cant catch me)!! Here I come again, I got his foot! hehehehe!! Simmie yelled! OH MY GOODNESS! He just sat on me and now I cant move! Help, help, help mommy, mommy! Hehehehe, I just got Simmie in trouble again!! hehehehe!!! WHEW! what a relief!! Pretty soon I am going to be as big as Simmie, and then I am gonna sit on him!

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