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Fauna's Days

Mommy has a doggie who is like me...

August 29th 2012 12:56 pm
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I am always watching over Mommy from here in Heaven and I see something I like very much.....

Mommy's doggie, Autumn, is very much like me!

She is half German Shepherd, and I am a German Shepherd!

She is protective and has a big alarm bark, just like me!

Mommy is safe when she is out with Autumn, just like she was safe with me at her side. Autumn alarm barks at scary men, just like I used to do! I am glad to see that Mommy has a good protective doggie like me.

Autumn is silly and kinda floppy like I was! She runs and plays like me too!

My tail is wagging here in heaven as I watch my Mommy and Autumn together.

Love, Fauna


Talia Tagged me!!

June 7th 2010 9:15 pm
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My friend and fellow angel Doggie, Talia, tagged me to play a game of summer tag!!

Here is how you play: There are five questions for you to answer, and then you tag your pals (as many as you like!), inviting them to answer the questions in their diaries and then tag their friends!

The only new rule is...if a pup pal has been tagged by ANY OTHER PUP they CANNOT be tagged again. (No repeat tagging) So, let's start and have some summer fun. TAG YOU'RE IT!!

Let's play!

1. WHERE DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT? I sleep here in Heaven... and I can sleep wherever I want! I can sleep on a Heavenly bed with feather pillows all over it, I can sleep on a cloud, and I can sleep with Angels watching over me all the time!

2. DO YOU HAVE A NICKNAME(S) THAT YOUR PAWRENTS CALL YOU? Yes... it's silly.... "Fauna-bo-bauna" heehee!


4. NOW THAT SUMMER IS HERE, DO YOU HAVE A SWIMMING POOL YOU USE WHEN ITS HOT? There are the most beautiful pools, and lakes, and oceans, and rivers... the most beautiful places to swim here in Heaven! I visit them all!

5. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU DO THAT DRIVES YOUR PAWRENTS CRAZY? I was the most barky dog when I was on Earth!! Whenever I was really happy and excited, I would bark and bark and BARK!! And it was VERY loud! Since I went to Heaven, I passed the bark-loud-when-happy job on to Amy, and she is doing a wonderful job of it!

Now I'm going to tag some of my friends!!

1. Jodie
2. Elroy
3. Buster
4. Max

Yay for summer tag!!


I'm at Rainbow Bridge now...

August 1st 2007 6:12 pm
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Here I am at Rainbow Bridge. It is so beautiful here, it's Heaven, and there are so many wonderful things for a doggie to enjoy. There are woodsy trails and meadows and lakes and streams and soft beds (yup, doggies are ALL allowed on the furniture here!) and the most delicious cookies you can imagine. I have an Angel who takes me for walks (no leashes!) and throws the ball for me and pets me whenever I want. But the best thing I've found here at Rainbow Bridge is my fur-sister, Misti!

When I first got here, I felt sad because I just left my Mommy and she was very sad. But my Angel told me that Mommy would be okay, and that we would see each other again someday. My Angel then led me to the edge of a soft green meadow and pointed across it where I could see another doggie resting under a tree. I took a few steps forward and sniffed the air... and then I knew, it was Misti, my fur-sister! I barked! I leapt and ran towards her. She stood and I saw her tail begin to wag and she leapt and ran to me. We played and chased and rolled in the fragrant summer grass, we were "dogs in the grass" as Mommy used to say when we were on Earth. Then our Angels took us for a walk in the woods and then gave us the tastiest cookies I've ever had.

Misti and I then looked down on Mommy, and we could see her tears. We said a little prayer that she would feel better soon, and that she would know that we were safe and happy and healthy and young here at Rainbow Bridge. We will see her again someday, and until then, we will be her Guardian Angels, me and Misti, Mommy's fur-angels.

Wags from the Bridge, Fauna


Dear God...

July 25th 2007 12:34 pm
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Dear God,

Bless my Beloved Fauna .
Bless her spirit and her soul .
Bless her beautiful body and make it strong again and whole.
Please keep her happy and healthy, safe and warm and dry .
Protect her both where I laid her down and where with wings she flies.
Let her be able to walk again, to run and jump and play .
Let her dreams be sweet ones; give her peace and fun each day.
Please don't ever let her be cold or wet or scared or feel alone .
Don't ever let her feel pain again, let her illness all be gone.
She never deserved one moment of pain after all the good she's done she deserves only great rewards in her new eternal home.
Please ask her to forgive me for all I did not do, for not being able to protect her from all that she went through.
I could neither heal her nor take her pain away .
My love could not save her life as she did for me each day .
Please ask her to forgive me for taking her life away.
I could not bear to hear her cry or watch her suffer one more day.
Please ask her to forgive me if I made a wrong or hasty choice .
Her painful cries were so loud they drowned out any doubtful voice.
Now the silence lets the doubts scream out so loud and clear; filled with questions and regrets I let her go too soon, I fear.
I pray she knows I acted out of love, so true and pure.
She was the purpose in my life, the one my heart beat for .
She proved to me true love exists, love I could count on .
She saved my life a thousand times and gave me reason to go on.
I pray she knows how much I loved her and how much I love her still.
More than anything I have ever loved or anything I ever will.
I pray she knows how much I miss her, how I long to hold her close, to feel her in my arms again, kiss her head, her feet, her nose.
To look into her deep brown eyes and know she understood.
To have her love and faith in me, she believed that I was good.
She gave me courage, hope and strength and something to live for.
It is because of her my heart still beats, because of her that I endure.
I thank You, God, for the blessing of the Angel You sent my way.
I thank You for every moment with her, every hour,every day .
I don't know what I did to deserve this precious gift You brought.
But I know I must continue to live the lessons Fauna taught.
So please, God, Bless my sweet Fauna...
She did so much good in so few years .
Shower her with blessings that out number all my tears.
Let her still watch over me until my life comes to its end .
Then let us be reunited, forever, together again at Rainbow Bridge.

Fauna, I will always love you, always.... love, Mommy

Thank you to Freddy for the lovely poem... he and Fauna are young and healthy and happy up there at Rainbow Bridge.


I have a Dogster page!!

August 18th 2006 8:43 pm
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Yay, I'm finally on Dogster! Bob, Sammy, Bella and Misti have been on Dogster for a long time, and now I am joining them!

My new Mommy loves me very much. I didn't get a lot of attention at my old home and I had to live outside (and sometimes it was really dirty in my kennel because nobody cleaned it up when I pooped) and I didn't always have food or clean water. But the worst part was that I didn't get very much attention -- I spent most of my time alone my whole life. But now I have a Mommy who really, really loves me and I spend all of my time in the house with her except when I have to go potty or when we play out in our big backyard. I also get delicious food for breakfast and dinner and I get lots of snacks. I have lots of toys to play with, too! But the best part is definitely all the love and attention I get now -- and I can't get enough of it! Whenever I want, I can come up to Mommy and Daddy and they will pet me and tell me what a good girl I am. Oh! I get to go for walks, too! I love my new life.

I hope you all enjoy my Dogster page!

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