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October 1st 2006 6:21 pm
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Mommy says I'm growing but that I'm still so tiny. Today, daddy was out in the back yard and mommy took me to him. He put me on the ground and I ran and ran and ran cause there was noting I could bump into.
Mommy says that I'm doing really good at finding my way through the house too. Last night, I had a fight with the strap on my mommy's book bag. Now this is a small type book bag that she uses to keep all her medicine in and it's beside her bed. I found the strap that is used to loosen or tighten up on it if you put it on your back. I tried and tried to pull it around the room but it wouldn't budge. The more I tried the madder I got. I pulled and pulled so hard once that I lost my grip and went flying out into the middle of the floor. Mommy and daddy was watching to see what I'd do and I just backed up, growled at it a few times and went after it again. I attacked it. Head on. It still didn't budge though. And at 4 in the morning I woke up and thought about it and went under the bed to mommy's side of the bed and attacked it again. I woke mommy up though and got in trouble. She scolded me for being awake at that time of night and put me in bed with her and daddy. I wanted to play but daddy held me up, told me it was nite-nite time and laid me on his arm and I guess it felt cozy there, that's where mommy sleeps, but I had her place and I fell asleep.
Anyway, I'm off to see what trouble I can get into tonight. Bye all........
Lil Sassy



September 21st 2006 8:03 am
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Mommy is so proud of me, and daddy is of course too. I'm learning to give mommy kisses. Now, you may think thats silly, but it's not to me. Mommy keeps making this kissing sound and the other day I tried to make it and ended up kissing mommy. I got a treat for my efforts too. Yesterday, when mommy got home early from work, daddy was working on his riding lawn mower and she took me down to the shop where he was. Snuggles and Sadie Pearl had to stay in the yard and play. I got to go to daddy's shop and walk around in the dirt. My BBBBBBIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGG outside brother Shilo was curious about me and kept wanting to check me out. Mommy was scared that he would hurt me but daddy was there and told mommy to put me down so Shilo could see what I was. Shilo always minds daddy really good. When I started walking around, Shilo barked and scared me half to death. Well, I wasn't going to let him get the last word in so I done something I've never done before.........I barked right back at him. Mommy and daddy started laughing cause Shilo backed up and laid down. Since I am blind, my hearing and smelling abilities are wonderful and I could smell him ( or was it his fear of me that I smelled......bol) and I could hear him whinning. Shilo whines all the time when mom and dad are outside cause he wants their attention. Anyway, I wandered over to where I could hear him and he put his nose on the ground and I sat on it, and it was too cold so I backed up and sat down. I kept turning my head this way and that trying to figure out what he was. When he let out a big ol whine, I got my nose to the ground and my butt up in the air and I growled at him. He barked at me again, and I put up my paw and struck the air, only I got him on the nose. He barked at me again and I went crazy. I begin to bark at him and I kept on barking. He got up and ran into his house. Mommy was laughing so hard she couldn't move and daddy had to pick me up. I was still barking. Mommy said Shilo was so big one of his paws was bigger than me, but hey, I'm a little girl and girls don't let boys have the last word................EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Lil Sassy


These black sucky things

September 15th 2006 8:14 am
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And what are these things on me that bite and suck on my blood? Mommy calls them fleas but I call them annoying. I hate them too. Mommy says that it's daddy's fault I got'um cause he's the one that let me out in the back yard the other day. Mommy says I have to have another bath today cause she don't want no fleas in her house or on her babies. Well shoot, I don't want them on me nor do I want a bath. I just can't win for loosing somedays.
Okay, well, mommy has promised to give me a doggie ice cream treat if I'm real good during my bath. I think I just may be good cause them things are gooooooooodddddddddd.
Got to go now and get this thing over with so these black sucky things can DIE.



September 15th 2006 8:10 am
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Can someone please come help me get this thing off of my neck? It's sooooo irritating. I hate it. I've spent all day and night trying to get it off but the darn thing just won't budge. Mommy got a great idea yesterday while she was at the animal medical store getting the puppies some treats and worm medicine. She saw this collar and had to have it. It's rainbow colors and she done went and put a dang bell on it too. My doggie mom and dad have one and mommy thought since I was staying I should have one too. I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT.
Mommy says she wants to be able to keep up with me and find me since I've taken to hiding a lot. I keep telling her that when my sisters are gone I'll stop hiding. She says that the bell will let her know where I'm at. Well, I don't know what's wrong with her, but I don't need a bell to know where I'm at. I can find myself just fine without it.
Please mommy, take it's got to go. I promise to be a good girl and come when you call me. .........................please?????????



September 11th 2006 6:25 am
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Can somebody please tell my mommy that I'm too little to be THAT dirty? She keeps giving me baths and I don't know what's wrong with her. Daddy just stands there and laughs at me cause I'm fighting her all the way. Well, most of the way. Oh, alright, I'll admit that when mommy starts to scratch my back and neck and ears and stomach and WELL SHOOT, just all of me, I love it.
Saturday night, mommy took me to this place called the car races. It's a dirt track and all that noise scared me but it was okay cause mommy had me in her purse. I finally went to sleep, but it was hard to do. When we got home, it was late so mommy put me to bed, but the next morning, she threw me in the sink with all that water. Mommy has a rubber ducky about my size and she lets me play with it while she bathes me. Of course since I can't see it, I just bat the water and splash it all over the place. That parts fun cause mommy fusses and daddy laughs. When it's over I get to snuggle up with mommy. But she has this big ol thing that blows hot air and I don't like it none at all. When she turns it on, I try to run but it's hard to run when your being held in the air. Has anyone ever tried to run while being held in the air? Your feet don't touch nothing and you don't get anywhere, but it can really wear you out. Mommy just holds me up and starts aiming that thing at me, and pretty soon when I feel all that hot air, I calm down and let her finish. Mommy says she's getting me ready to go to the groomer when it's my time to go so I won't give Ms. Crystal any problems with my bath. Mommy says soon I'll have to have a hair cut. OH NOOOOOOO, will I come back home with no hair at all? I worry about that, but mommy says not to worry cause Ms. Crystal knows what she's doing.
Well, that's all for now. I've wore myself out from laughing at my doggie daddy Snuggles. He got in trouble last night and is still in the dog house, so to speak.
Talk to ya soon diary,
Lil Sassy


My Bad News!

August 28th 2006 5:32 am
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Friday, my mommy took me to the vet to start my shots and have my eyes looked at again. Mommy got me in to see Dr. Moon, who sees my doggie mom and dad. She told mommy that my eyes were as open as they were going to get and that in order for me not to eventually have infections, which could go to my brain and kill me or cause mommy to have to put me to sleep, whatever that is, I would have to have surgery to sew my eye lids shut. My mommy is beside herself worrying that I'm too little to be put to sleep for the surgery. I keep trying to tell her that I'll be okay, but she won't listen. You know how mommies are. They get all up in the air about things when it comes to their children, and we are her children.
I'm doing good on finding my way around the house. Last night mommy put me in my bed that is next to her bed and this morning she found me in the living room. I got up early and went 'sploring. I had to, that's the only time I have th house to myself anymore. Dr. Moon say's that I'm gonna be tiny, but I'll be okay once the surgery is done and I heal. I know mommy will take good care of me cause she loves me so much.


YEAH FOR ME!!!!!!!!!

August 25th 2006 8:20 am
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Mommy has been working with me every day since she decided to keep me and last night I was tested. See, mommy says that I need to be able to find her when she calls me. So, when daddy got home and mommy came in from work, she told daddy that we had a surprise for him. She took me across the room and left me. She then went to the other side of the room and sat on the floor and begin to call me. Now I was scared at first cause I was all alone, but she kept calling my name and then, then this woman had the nerve to start making a clucking sound like she was some duckie or something. I had heard it before but not that much. She kept on making that noise and calling me and I found her! I found my mommy. It took me a few minutes but I found her. She was so happy and picked me up to love me and daddy took me away from her and of all the kisses and hugs daddy gave me while telling me how proud of me he was. Really! I didn't think daddy's did all the kissie-huggie thing but mine does. He held me and talked to me and kissed and hugged me til I thought he never would stop. Then mommy fixed me some more eggs and I ate and went nite-nite on daddy's lap. That is until they got ready for bed and then it was nite-nite right between them. My doggie daddy even seemed happy for me cause he was jumping around and barking and when we went to bed, instead of him getting on one side of mommy or daddy, he slept right in the middle with me. But then this morning he seems to have forgotten that he was proud of me last night cause he's back to growling at me again. Oh well! I know he's just jealous........bol......
Lil Sassy


SCRAMBLED EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 23rd 2006 8:19 pm
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Wow! Last night mommy and daddy had this stuff called scrambled eggs and bacon. I don't know what bacon is but, boy them eggs was soooooo good. Mommy smushed some up for me and let me sit on the table and eat some after they ate. They were so good I could have made myself sick on them but mommy said "no-no". I was so full when I finished. And guess what?!!!!!!!!???? Nobody else got any. They all had to eat dog food........hahahahahahahahaBOLBOLBOLBOLBOL..........

Got ta go now cause mommy's fixing supper and I may get some.....
Lil Sassy



August 21st 2006 8:34 am
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Today my mommy started feeding me some puppy food, but I don't like it and really don't know how to eat it. I guess I'm still too little to eat on my own yet but my sisters are big and they are eating up a storm. My mommy had to get a bottle and some puppy milk and start feeding me that way. Mommy says that in another week or so I should be able to eat puppy food. I don't have any teeth yet and she makes it really soft, but I can't eat it. My doggie mom will feed me sometimes but it's not her fault that she don't know I'm not big enough to eat on my own. My doggie daddy loves me but sometimes he's cranky so I pretty much leave him alone. That milk was so good but I think the best part was having mommy hold me and fuss over me and knowing that the others can't have any.
Lil Sassy


I got to play ball last night!!!!!!

August 21st 2006 4:58 am
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I got to play ball last night with my doggie mom and dad and my sisters and my mommy and daddy. I helped my doggie mom steal the ball once, even though I couldn't see it. I could hear all of them running and one time, the ball bopped me in the nose and I hit it with my paw and made the save for the girls. Mommy wouldn't let me play alot cause they all were excited to be playing and she was afraid they would step on me and hurt me but she did let me go once or twice and try to get it. But only because I escaped from her lap. I like having mommy and daddy in the floor with us. It was so much fun.
Lil Sassy

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