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Me very first vacation

July 23rd 2008 4:07 pm
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Hi Diary,

Guess What?????? YEP>>>>>> me went on me first vacation ever. Boy did me have fun. Every body wanted to pet me or hold me and of all the talking to I got. Course mommy wouldn't let just anybody hold me. Dey had to be children and only den if dey were suppervised by der mommy and daddy. Mommy no take chance wid me and strangers.....................bol..............good mommy.
Here's a run down of my vacation.

First things first, me got to go to da zoo. Yep, me was so quiet nobody knew me was der. Mommy took me in her purse/bag. Me was so quiet, Auntie Jenna would have been proud of me, her would. Me would pop me wittle head out every once in a while to see what was making all dem noises, but when dem noises would make again, me would hide in mommy's purse. Den close to da end, one of the workers saw me, and mommy and daddy were asked to go put me in the car while dey finished da tour. Humphhhh...........ME????? Left In A Car??????.......In All Dat Heat????????????, me no tink so. Mommy and daddy said they were finished and left. Den we went on down to da beach. Mommy and daddy took me out on da beach dat first day and put me down. Mommy watched me close and when me raised me paw up and took a big ole sniff, me got sand up me snout. It was awful. Den me held up me odder paw and sniffed it. Same ting...........sand. Well, me couldn't get dat sand off me paws so me just sit right down. Me wasn't moving til mommy picked me up. Her had the nerve to laught at me.......................LAUGHED AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! HUMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Den mommy calmed down and politely told me dat if me didn't like da sand on me paws, and up me nose, me certainly wouldn't like it on me butt. Ohhhhhh dat made it better????? NOT>>>>>>>>>>> Me den had to worry bout me butt wid all dat sand on it. Me stood up and started yelling at me mommy to pick me up. Her and daddy stood der and took pictures and laughed at me some more. By dis time, me is screaming dat me wants one of dem der divorces from me mommy and daddy and me wants some new mommy and daddy. Some dat won't let me get sand all in me paws, and butt and hair and up me nose, not to mention in me ears and all. Ohhhhhhh and let me tell ya about when daddy was at the waters edge and called me. Well, by den me had had it wid me mommy. So me started trying to find me daddy. When me made it to him, him was standing where the water came up on da beach. Me not knowed it. Me stood der waiting on daddy to pick me up and wondering why him wasn't picking me up. Can sum body guess why him not picked me up???????? YEP, you got it. Him was waiting on da water to come up and get me feet wet. Well, when it did, it was sort of a big wave and it knocked me completely down on me back. Now me is struggling to get up and me can hear me mommy and daddy laughing so loud at me. Me is sputtering and covered in sand, and wet, and crying and carrying on. Didn't dey know dat princesses aren't 'posed to get wet like dat? When me got stood up, me mommy was laughing so hard all her could do was hand daddy a towel for me. Him was laughing so hard him almost dropped me back into dat sand. So me was hanging on for dear life, me was. Den, on top of all dat, mommy tooked me up to da bathroom and was gonna get sum of dat sand off me. When her went in der, dey had showers.............guess what happened?????????............YEP, you got it. Me got a bath!!!!!!! Now me was really screaming at me mommy. Den sum nice little girl came in wid her mommy to get cleaned up and her started petting me and me calmed right down. Her asked mommy why me was crying, and mommy told her dat me no likeded dat sand. Me no likeded dat bath either. So when me thought things were gonna be okay and we were about to go, mommy goes to dis funny looking ting on da wall and turns it up side down. Den her pushes a button and out came some hot air. Her had da nerve to put me up to it to try and dry me hairs. Me yelled and screamed and kicked. Really, me was trying to kick me mommy. When dat was over, we went outside where me daddy was and him took me from mommy. A nice lady came up to mommy and told her dat they didn't allow pets on da beach! WELL, ME NEVER!!!!!!!!!! After all dat, and come to find out me wasn't 'posed to be der in da first place. HUMPHHHHHHHHH, me wasn't too happy wid me mommy and daddy for da rest of da night. Me 'nored dem, dats what me did.

Ohhhh and den, me got to ride on a ferry boat. We drove right on it, and mommy was scared cause it was her first time on one. Her and daddy got out of da car and started taking sum pictures of the rigs in da waters. Mommy could see jelly fishes swimming by da boat. Her seen some dolphins too. Her got lots of pictures...................and den, her handed me to daddy and was turning to get sum odder picture of a big standard poodle that was on board. Da boat hit a wave at dat moment, and SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........yep, der went mommy's camera. All me good pictures are gone. Dey swimming in da ocean wid all da fishes, and eels and sharks and dolphins. Mommy cried and cried and cried. Her still crying today 'bout it. Me told mommy dat her would always have da memories of dat day. Da day mommy and daddy tortured me....................bol.

Well, da rest is about shopping and swimming in da motel pool, which me didn't get to do dat cause no pets allowed in da pool area. Me had a good time. Now, tomorrow, daddy's boss is sending him another 2oo miles from home to do a job dat will take Thursday and Friday to do. Mommy is going wit him and da boss man is paying for der room at a hotel. Isn't dat nice of da boss man? Yep, me tinks so too.

Me loves you all,
Lil Sassy


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