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I was one of Dogster's Diary Picks of the day.

July 6th 2008 11:27 am
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Yes me, wittle ol me was one of da picks for Diary of da Day today. It's an extra special day for dat reason and because me brudder Bammie is getting hitched..............'scuse me, Bama. Mommy says only Weedle is allowed to call him Bammie.

Anyway, me so happy me was picked. Me don't know what me did to deserve it, but me so happy 'bout it anyway.

Now an update on me:

Mommy has a new name for me and me no like it. Her calls me a thief!!!!!! Can you believe dat? Yeah me know, me don't know why her would call me dat either. Jes cause me likes to help mommy take the socks out of the dirt clothes basket so her won't forget to wash dem is no reason to call me a thief, is it? Me's helping me mommy. Wit out me to get all the socks out of da basket, mommy might forget to wash dem and den we'd be smellin' her and daddy's feets every where. Me no want dat. Mommy would even smell up her patients rooms at work wit dem smelly feets. Oooooo dat would be bad. And me daddy, well, let's jes say dat me daddy's feets would smell up sumbody's house dat he was at putting up fences........bol. So why her calls me a thief, me don't know. Me will sniff out da socks in da basket and if one if close to da top of da pile, me will not stop til me has it. Den me takes it to da bathroom and plays wit it. Me just getting it ready to be washed. If der is a sock close to da side of da basket, me will pull and pull and pull til me has dat sock pulled out. Sumtimes me not able to get it, but mommy can still see's it cause it's stuck in da hole in da basket.........bol. Gee, a wittle girl can't even help mommy no more wit out being called a name. But dat's okay cause me knows her loves me anyway.

Gotta go now and get ready for da wedding. Love to all me friends.

Da sock thief,
Lil Sassy


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