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Pretty Pretty Princess

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 31st 2007 6:09 pm
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Hello fellow puppers,

I made out big this holiday season. I got lots of toys and 3 new beds! I just let Gunther and Nigel think the toys and beds are theirs, but really they are mine. I like the big giant one mom keeps saying is Gunther's but really I know she means it is for me. I am after all the cutest and prettiest.

Dad is coming out tonight so I know I will get some extra spoiling. I have him and grandpa wrapped around my little paw. Mom is surprised I'm not a blimp with all the food grandpa sneaks me and the others. Hey, I have a strict exercise regiment. A girls' gotta keep her figure, ya know.

As a special treat, we got to go run around in the pasture today with the horses. Pryze was being a butthead and was chasing me and Keiko every so often. But I wasn't scared. So I kept running back into the paddocks, I wanted to go that way anyhow.

Me and Nigel will get to go with mom to Chicago later this week to take some stuff to our new house. Keiko and Gunther can't come b/c the backseat will be full. Mom has alot of tanks and cages to move so alot of trips are needed. See Keiko's diary entry for our new family members added over the last year.


That's Right!

December 2nd 2007 6:34 pm
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I am a pretty pretty princess and don't you forget it!

I don't want any backtalk from anyone or I'll sick my big brother Gunther on you and you know you don't want that!

Now, down to business.

Brother Nigel is a poo, me and Gunther did not try to run him over, he was just in our way. Next time, move over!

I love the snow here. Not to fun to pee and poo in, but lots of fun to run around in. And eat. Mom says not to eat yellow snow, but I think she just says that so she can keep it all for herself. Regular snow is great but yellow snow is a delicassy.

Oops, I think I hear mom calling, time for bed.

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