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Still Here

August 17th 2009 8:15 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've written. Mom says she types all day and doesn't feel like typing at home but she is doing this for us tonight.

I have gotten a new brother since you last checked. (actually, two). Daddy went to the pound and paroled Andy. He's a cute little guy and we all get along real well.

We also found a stray kitten. He took some getting used to but we are working it out. He promises not to whack me and I promise not to eat him. His name is Norman (Mom said something about the movie, "Psycho".)

I still get to go the stable and all sorts of places with my mom and my brothers.

I love the summertime because I get to go swimming whenever I want. Mom comes home from work and we race across the pool but I always win. I guess dog paddling comes natural to me.

Well, talk at you later. The rest of the gang is waiting their turn at the computer.


Happy Guy!

February 23rd 2008 9:38 pm
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Hi Dogsterland!

Have I ever told you how lucky I am. I love my mom. She loves me too!

I got a new pack pack. I got too big for the old one in the picture. Mom still has to take my picture in it. It's a lot bigger. It will hold a lot more water or biscuits. She even got Foxie one to match. Hers will only fit one biscuit or the keys and a couple of poo bags though. I told Zack he could have my old one but he says he is not going to start carrying a purse at his age.

We got a new brother named Sebastian. His name was Shadow, but every black dog is Shadow so we got him something poodleish. Maybe he won't mind wearing the other pack pack. He can carry biscuits and water too!

We went to see Grandma a couple of weeks ago and something crazy happened. White stuff fell out of the sky. It was very cold. Zack said it was snow. He said he'd played in it before. It was great! We ran and ran. When we got thirsty we stopped and ate some. Of course, that made us cold but we had a nice warm truck to ride home in.

Mom bought us nice warm coats. Mine is actually a blanket made for a miniature horse baby but it fits perfect and keeps me very warm.

Today Zack and I got to spend the whole day with Mom at work. I love it when I can do that.

I have gotten sooo big. I weight 79.5 pounds now. I already have grey hair on my snout. Mom says I don't have my puppy looks anymore. Now I have my MAN FACE. I'm all grown up! Yeah for me!!!!

Tonight is very windy. I hope our fence doesn't blow down. I would hate for my brothers and sister to get out.

Have a good night



On the Dusty Trail

August 19th 2007 3:46 pm
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Today Zack and I got to go trail riding. It was sooooo much fun! We didn't see one single coyote and, thankfully, no mountain lions either. I think they are all smart enough to stay in during the hot days.

We went swimming in the Kern River. We got into a little trouble though because we ran ahead of Phantom and jumped in the water. Well, it was deeper than we thought with stuff that tangled around our legs. We couldn't get out. and we got tired. I was really scared (Zack says he wasn't but don't let him fool you). Zack said that mom would come soon and help us and she did. She had to leave Phantom standing in the trees and come pull us out by our collars. After that, no more running ahead to the river. Mom scouted out good spots for us and went to the water first. I love to lay down in the river and put my face in. Zack thinks I'm crazy, but I get nice and cool. He only gets his legs wet so he doesn't stay as cool as me. Who's the crazy one?

I am sooooooo tired I think I will sleep the rest of the day and all night. I can't wait for dinner!



All Grown Up

August 19th 2007 3:40 pm
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Look at me. I'm all grown up. My mom tells me every day that I turned out to be a very handsome big guy. I think I agree.

It's hard to believe that Mom tried to find me a home when she got me. I can't even imagine living anywhere else but here with Mom and all my brothers and sisters.

I'm glad everyone was afraid of my big feet. They just didn't get that they match my big heart and they missed out on a great friend.



Summer Time

July 8th 2007 11:02 pm
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Hello Dogsters! I have learned to swim. My mom was in the pool with me and she just guided me off of the step. Before I knew it I was swimming all over the pool and fetching the ball out of it. I love the pool. When Mom floats around I swim out to make sure she is ok. I get a lot of exercise swimming. Now I just have to learn what I can fetch out of the pool and what I can't.

Did I tell you that I love my mom? Well, I do!


Hello Everyone

April 20th 2007 9:38 am
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It's Barney! Just want to let everyone out there know I am still here and boy am I glad. My mom loves me so much. She tells me all the time.

Yesterday we went to the vet and got some shots. I was such a good boy (Well, we all were good boys). I even got a treat.

Right now Mom has let me come in with her. I love being in with Mom and my brothers. I have to be on a leash because I am big and rambunctious and sometimes I want to pee. Yesterday I ran in and chased the cat. Boy did I get in trouble. Otis said it was OK.

Mom is going on a trip next weekend to my favorite spot and I can't come with her. She says this hotel won't let her bring a pet. We are both pretty bummed out. She might take me to the pet resort to play. I guess that will be alright.

Well, I guess I'll go for now. Nothing much to say today.


Bye Bye With Mom Again

February 25th 2007 10:40 am
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Hi dogsters! Zack and I went away with Mom again. Zack said that last year he went to visit Grandma in February and it snowed all weekend. He said it was great fun. I couldn't wait to go play in the fluffy white stuff he was telling me about but wouldn't you know it, the weather was warm and sunny (not a bad thing of course). Anyway, now that we're home, we've found out that it has snowed for three days. What timing!

We had fun anyway. Grandma has a new puppy. She is VERY small but she isn't scared. We played and played. I was very gentle with her but still had to be careful. One good whack with the paw or tail and she was gonna be squished.

I like visiting Grandma. I get to sleep on the floor next to Mom instead of outside. I come home spoiled too,


Mom Turns 40!

October 14th 2006 9:46 am
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Hi everyone. Mom was having a birthday (she says she is over the hill whatever that means) and decided that her present to herself would be to go hiking again and Zack and I got to go with her. It seemed more like a present to us than to her because we have a ball going.

I love going with Mom and Zack. We went to Grandma's house for the weekend and back to Tahoe for one last hike before winter comes. It was beautiful! Mom bought me a packpack (dog for back pack) so I could carry the dog water and treats. I felt like such a big boy helping out like that. Mom says she will take me when it snows so I can play but we will not be going hiking then. I can't wait!!!

I love mom birthdays. I wonder how many times she will be over the hill and take us on more trips?



September 19th 2006 8:14 pm
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Hey all! We're all back from the pet resort. Had a great time. I figured out how to open the door to our suite over night. What fun! The five of us got the run of the hotel all night long. It was great! Things were great until I got put on time out. I decided that I'd timed out enough and opened the door again and headed for the play yard. Would have made it if one of those darned poodles hadn't snitched on me. After that they locked me in from the outside. Bummer!

Mom is talking about taking me and Zack hiking again if the weather is good. I sure hope so. I can't wait!


Pet Resort

September 16th 2006 9:58 am
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Hello Dogstertown! I an at a pet resort. This is great! Mom and dad went away for the weekend and I got to come here with my brothers. We are playing and playing and eating and sleeping. I will probably get used to this and then not want to sleep alone anymore.

I hope mom and dad are having as much fun as me!

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