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February 6, 2007

February 6th 2007 6:01 am
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Happy Post Superbowl!! Hopefully everyone has recovered from football season by now. Of course, we know we still have the Pro-Bowl coming up, but then what are we supposed to scratch ourselves to, for the next couple of weeks? It is a while yet until March Madness, and Baseball Season is still a ways off. Of course, I am always offended that they only use frogs, lizards, horses and BIG dogs in the commercials for the Superbowls. Have any of my other small dog pals ever noticed that? I was so glad they went with Prince for the half-time show to compensate for the commercials. I mean throw us a bone already. It really ticked the BIG dogs off in this house that I got to dance around with the mom during the half-time show. Dad even tolerated it and only rolled his eyes when mom asked him to turn up the surround sound. Afterall, he turned it up for the game and the lousy commercials. So, eat your heart out BIG dogs. I just hope the advertisers learned something from all of this. If a little guy like Prince can still do it up BIG during a monsoon, why can't a small dog have a commercial spot? Think on that one Budweiser, will ya? It isn't like your beer is all that good. The only thing you have going for you are your cool commercials, your horses, and your polky-dots and please don't ask me my personal opinion on polky-dots.

Well at least the one polky-dot in this house isn't whining about the cold this year. She has actually adapted well to the cold. She has adapted better than the mom. I always like the cold. I am afterall, an American Eskimo and cold is what I do. That and annoy the BIG dogs. Oh and pee through the fence at the neighbor dogs. But that's another story for another day. But the polky-dot that lives here has actually been pretty cool this year. Hanging outside with me and not even seeming to notice the frigid temperatures. So, I am quite impressed with her quick adaptation. No whining from her, not even once this year. She may be an ok dog afterall.

All you dogs think about it and consider getting on those big advertising companies who spend all that money on those stupid commercials and ask yourself why there are no small, cute, little dogs like me or like you or like my friend BUDY in those adverstisements? I bet BUDY could find a forever home with that kind of exposure and I am sure they could sell more stale beer for sure. They could at least sell orthopedic dog beds for those of us who are seniors. So think about it, why don't you. And while you are at it, consider giving BUDY his forever home.

Love to all of you!
The SidMan


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