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February 6, 2007

February 6th 2007 6:01 am
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Happy Post Superbowl!! Hopefully everyone has recovered from football season by now. Of course, we know we still have the Pro-Bowl coming up, but then what are we supposed to scratch ourselves to, for the next couple of weeks? It is a while yet until March Madness, and Baseball Season is still a ways off. Of course, I am always offended that they only use frogs, lizards, horses and BIG dogs in the commercials for the Superbowls. Have any of my other small dog pals ever noticed that? I was so glad they went with Prince for the half-time show to compensate for the commercials. I mean throw us a bone already. It really ticked the BIG dogs off in this house that I got to dance around with the mom during the half-time show. Dad even tolerated it and only rolled his eyes when mom asked him to turn up the surround sound. Afterall, he turned it up for the game and the lousy commercials. So, eat your heart out BIG dogs. I just hope the advertisers learned something from all of this. If a little guy like Prince can still do it up BIG during a monsoon, why can't a small dog have a commercial spot? Think on that one Budweiser, will ya? It isn't like your beer is all that good. The only thing you have going for you are your cool commercials, your horses, and your polky-dots and please don't ask me my personal opinion on polky-dots.

Well at least the one polky-dot in this house isn't whining about the cold this year. She has actually adapted well to the cold. She has adapted better than the mom. I always like the cold. I am afterall, an American Eskimo and cold is what I do. That and annoy the BIG dogs. Oh and pee through the fence at the neighbor dogs. But that's another story for another day. But the polky-dot that lives here has actually been pretty cool this year. Hanging outside with me and not even seeming to notice the frigid temperatures. So, I am quite impressed with her quick adaptation. No whining from her, not even once this year. She may be an ok dog afterall.

All you dogs think about it and consider getting on those big advertising companies who spend all that money on those stupid commercials and ask yourself why there are no small, cute, little dogs like me or like you or like my friend BUDY in those adverstisements? I bet BUDY could find a forever home with that kind of exposure and I am sure they could sell more stale beer for sure. They could at least sell orthopedic dog beds for those of us who are seniors. So think about it, why don't you. And while you are at it, consider giving BUDY his forever home.

Love to all of you!
The SidMan


November 24, 2006

November 24th 2006 4:49 pm
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I certainly hope all my pals had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families. I also hope that despite the fact they had to spend time with the extended family, they still found something for which they could be thankful. I have been elected the "official" Thanksgiving spokesdog in this family and am here to tell you that all of us are thankful to have found homes. We were all in need of rescue from one situation or another and somehow we have all managed to find a home together with someone who understands us, provides for our needs, loves us, keeps us safe and even protects us from ourselves at times. That would be me when I get in the faces of the big dogs and give my opinion a little too freely. The parents have their hands full protecting me from myself. So, we were all blessed to find a home with parents who took the time to learn our personalities and breeds and see what it takes to make it work for us as a family. Sometimes that is, "Sidney, sit down and hush!"

We are also thankful to have our parents home for a long weekend with us, cuz we kind of like having them with us so they can open and close that back door a million times a day to let one of us in as two go out! BOL Actually it worked to our benefit today as our goofy refrigerator decided to catch fire this morning. It was quite a surprise to the dad. It all of a sudden made a funny noise and then proceeded to smoke up the kitchen and living room in just minutes. The stupid refrigerator has only been here a couple of years and is practically new, but of course just old enough to be out of warranty. Dad acted quickly and unplugged it and got someone here to get it fixed. It really scares Mom to think what would have happened if it had only been us dogs here.

And finally we want to say how thankful we are for the excellent group of pals we have made here on dogster. You guys are the top dogs anywhere in the world. Thanks for being such wonderful pals to us!

And one more thing, don't forget to drop by and visit Budy. He could sure use a forever home during his retirement years: BUDY




October 25, 2006

October 25th 2006 6:27 pm
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Wow! Eskie weather has returned to the East Coast! I love this brisk weather. I go outside and want to run and run like a little maniac dog. I run over to the fence line and visit the neighbor dogs and I don't even bark at them, because I am in such a wonderful mood! The only thing left now is a little snow and all will be perfect in my little American Eskimo world! Oh, and if Rocky and Sasha would take a bath.

They are really starting to build quite a funk. They remind me of "Pigpen" from the Peanuts. They have their little cloud of dirt following them around. Perhaps I can get Mom to call my groomer and introduce them to soap and water. (Especially Ms. Polky-dotted Diva, who can't stand the water!!) Although, I must admit that most of her funk, comes from rolling around in the grass with the Grand Funkmaster Rocky. Maybe this is something for you to consider when planning your time this weekend, Mom or Dad! Terra and I would greatly appreciate it!

Fall is showing promise from my perspective. I have also begun my letter to Santa and I am keeping a list of all of the bad stuff the other dogs do, just in case Santa needs help remembering. I figure I need all of the points I can get and this may just give me an edge this year. I am even thinking of telling him to bring Terra a coat. She doesn't normally want one, since she has that Border Collie fur. However, I know she has those bad hips and I see her hurt some times. I think it may help. As for me, I would like a plane ticket to Iowa to go play with Diesel, Boolynn, Aloha, Cash, and Jackson. They get to go to a farm and run around and act like real dogs. And I bet they don't smell half as bad as two other dogs who live in this house and shall remain nameless (Rocky and Sasha).

Well mom says I have to go for now, so I will end by wishing my very favorite Uncle Troy a Very Happy Belated Birthday. Since he is on a diet, I made the ultimate sacrifice and ate those french fries he likes to keep away from me. It was a difficult blow to my sexy, little, furry figure, but I did it for my very special, favorite Uncle cuz he loves me so very much! And one more thing, don't forget to drop by and visit Budy. He could sure use a forever home during his retirement years: BUDY


October 9, 2006

October 9th 2006 7:44 pm
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Wow! My diary has been sooooooooooooooo neglected. But doesn't my haircut look cool! I got my beach haircut and then we finally went to this place called the beach. I liked it there. We got to go for long walks and jogs on the beach every day. I didn't like that the "other" canine members of this family got special privileges and were allowed off of their leashes on the beach and I wasn't. But my parents said this was because I like to play the runaway and I'm too deaf to listen game. My mom says, "trust is something I have to earn." I am happy to earn a milky bone and just go to the beach and walk then. I can't be good all the time. What good is that? I hope all of you dogsters are enjoying your Fall and having lots of fun. We will be having the cooler weather before we know it and I will be in full prance as I live for cooler seasons.

Don't forget to drop by and visit Budy. He could sure use a forever home during his retirement years: 6553


September 19, 2006

September 19th 2006 5:31 pm
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Oh joy! Pop a cork! It is time for a celebration! I learned today that mom finally found me a groomer! I am so happy that I could chase my tail if I had one. Hey, that may be even more reason to chase one! She tells me they are going to shave me because I am such a mess. Since I will be going to the beach soon and will get messier, I don't even care! I will be so happy to have a bath and get rid of some of this fur. I will be such a little stud come Friday night; I just don't know what to do with myself. I hope all you girls are reading this and are getting prepared. By Friday evening the only panting I will be doing is when I look at myself in the mirror and see how good I look. Oh yes, I do have it like that! "Can't touch this!" Rest up ladies, I will be at full cuteness, so try to contain yourselves. Ok, you don't really have to!

Until then, let's give a fellow Eskie a chance. Holla at my friend Budy. He needs a human friend or two. Come on guys, give this fellow a chance. 6553


September 13, 2006

September 13th 2006 4:35 am
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Well it seems as if everyone gets to speak their piece around here but me. I am getting very tired of this treatment too! Mom tries to say it is because I talk more than everyone else, but I believe I just have more to say. Is that so hard to accept? For instance, the other dogs take up more room in this house and they eat more food and they also smell more. So, helloooooooooooo! Why can't I have more to say? I think some adjustments need to be made to give a pup his opportunity to feel an equal part! It doesn't matter that I would take over if given half a chance. That remains to be seen and so far no one is able to prove it! One of these days, the smaller dogs of the world will run things. It's just a fact of life. We have more energy and our minds are quicker. Just watch and see. And everyone knows how bossy we are. So when you aren't looking and the big dogs are relaxing, just look out world, because here we come. First I need a haircut.

I really, really hope my mom finds me a groomer this week. Everyone has had a bath but me and I am looking pretty scruffy. It is hard to appeal to the cute girls when you are looking the rastafarian shaggy dog part. They will start to think I am unkempt as a rule and won't want to deal with me. So please mom, please remember to find me a groomer. If you want I can bark at you until you remember. I know that is why you don't work at home more often. Because you would be too efficient with me as your assistant. I would really love a haircut before the trip to the beach. I don't want to come home with sea urchins living in my fur. Think about it for me, will ya?

And for everyone else who would consider a senior American Eskimo, please check out my friend Budy. 6553


September 2, 2006

September 2nd 2006 3:12 pm
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AND THE RAINS CAME DOWN "FINALLY"!!!!!!! Wow, it is finally raining for what feels like the first time since my Aunt Faye left in June. That silly hurricane in the gulf has made it's way up the coast and boy has it cooled things off and made it feel good for the weekend. It gives us Eskies something to look forward to as it is a peek into the Fall season. Hooray for me! I can hardly wait. I went out last night and just ran around in the rain and got soaked. Sasha, the Princess, even went out and played hard. That is unusual for her. She is a diva and does not like to get wet. I personally think she is afraid her dots will smudge! Teeheehee! Mom says that's not it, but I think she's a fake dalmatian and doesn't want her cover blown. I know there's a conspiracy theory or something going on and one day I will uncover the truth. Oh well! I am enjoying it either way! Happy Labor Day to my fellow dogster friends. I hope you are getting special attention from your people this holiday weekend. And if not, you know how to get in their face and remind them how cute you are! So get to it and have fun. If you know someone who is looking to adopt an older cutie pie like me, tell them to check out this site: 6553


Pound Puppy or Senior Citizen

August 28th 2006 6:08 pm
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Consider a Senior Eskie of your own: Hi Guys, My mom and I looked at several here, even though Budy is the first listing. My mom was really distressed to see so many Senior citizens being discarded. She believes that is when we need someone who knows us best to be providing our care. So, with that being said, we selected Budy to be our bud, but he needs a forever home: 6553


My Tail of Devotion for Sidney

August 28th 2006 5:10 pm
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You are such an affectionate fellow. It is hard to imagine how or why you were a stray. I have no idea what happened to you in the first years of your life. It puzzles me as to why your tail is completely missing. Or why someone would let you far enough out of their sight that you could wander away or be lost. You are clearly devoted to me as you are always under foot. At times I believe you would literally crawl inside my skin if you could find a way. Well my friend, you have. You are in my heart. And even as you display your bratty qualities, I admire your spunk. You are certainly a talker and you let your needs be known.. You are fearless in a home surrounded by larger dogs. This is not always a good thing. I have a feeling as you continue to age, you will be a cantankerous old man. But you will always smile and run to mom for protection. I am glad you have found a place where you feel your safe haven and bond. I know you are friendly with all, but you have never really seemed to look back. This makes me think your past was not as good as your future. Together we will try to right the wrongs the world has brought into your life thus far and together we will wag as one! I love you buddy!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


August 22, 2006

August 22nd 2006 5:25 pm
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Woof World! Woooooooooooooof!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back enjoying hearing myself woof as usual! I just love having a diary. Finally a space all my own to share my thoughts. And today I am thinking that I am glad it has been a little cooler for the past few days, but I am really looking forward to Fall. I realize my mom and Sasha and Rocky HATE the cold. And my dad isn't crazy about the idea of it getting dark early and fishing season coming to a close, but I have Eskimo in my name; so what does that tell you? I either need a haircut or some cooler weather. I am lying on these nice cool ceramic tile floors and still thinking how warm I am. Mom chills our water in the fridge, but I am just HOT stuff. And I, for one, either need a cool day of rain or a break of another kind. Mom offered to throw me in the freezer for a minute but I am not appreciating her warped sense of humor at the moment! I think I may have to find some paper to shred to teach her a lesson.

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