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101 Dog Tricks

December 14th 2008 11:44 pm
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Mom bought a new book. It has 101 dog tricks and she says she is going to teach them all to me and Abby. I already knew several of them and some of the steps to build up to a few more. We are going to try to use this diary entry to update all the new tricks that I have learned.
I already knew...
1. Sit
2. Down
3. Stay
4. Come
5. Shake although we are going to start to do left and right
6. Fetch
7. Drop
8. Balance and Catch- we started that a while back but I really didn't like it and I refused to catch. Mom is challenging me a bit more. Now that I know the trick, it I don't catch it, she takes it but if I catch it, I get another treat free. I'm starting to like this one now.
9. Sit Pretty/Beg- I didn't have a hand cue but I pretty much learned it tonight.
10. Speak
11. Roll-over
12. Play Dead
13. Fetch my slippers- I have always been a bit afraid that may translate to eat my slippers while I'm gone. But a few weeks ago, we started working on fetching their Kongs for dinner.
14. Get your leash- I said that half jokingly at a flyball tournament one time and she really did it. I was kind of stunned. She knows what get it means and was able to put it together. I may have to put her leash on a lower hook and see if she can do it when it is time to go somewhere.
15. Get the newspaper- she can get the newspaper but she isn't tall enough to get the mail as in the book. I think we are good with just getting the paper from the driveway.
16. Say your prayers- she will do it on my arm but I hadn't thought to teach her to do it on a chair or side of the bed. I also need to teach it to a hand cue.
17. Kennel up
18. Tidy up your toys- Cotton can do this but we could use some fine tuning the drop. She wants to play with each toy rather than putting them in the toybox.
19. Honk a bike horn- mom asked me to do it a few weeks ago and I did it- we'll add it to the list...
20. Doggie push-ups, need to get better and connect it to a hand cue.
21. Turn off/on the lights- we started this months ago but kind of dropped it.
Tonight I learned...
22. Find my keys- I lose them so often I started teaching this months ago. We'll add it to the list to fine tune.
23. Jump into my arms.
25. Crawl- need to connect to a cue and get the butt down.
26. Touch a target.
27. Take a bow. needs work and connect to a cue.
28. Kisses
29. Wave- only waves at me. Need to work on waving in other directions- at others.

1. Roll into a blanket (Night-night). I was surprised how quickly she got this one. I just need to learn to connect it to the hand cue now.
2. Peekaboo- it is too simple, I can't quite believe that is it plus I don't like to be behind mom. Also need to connect it to the hand cue.
3. Leg Weaves. Pretty good.
4. Massage (not in book, she paws at my back while I type so I thought we may turn it into something useful).

Tomorrow we may work on:
1. Roll into a blanket- connect the hand cue.
2. Leg weaves- less reliant on lures, more on hand cues.
3. Balance and catch

So far, this is fun and I'm getting lots of treats. I'm probably getting less dinner tomorrow. :( Now that I have written this, I realize that Cotton knows a little about a lot of tricks but very few are absolutely perfected. It will be fun to work on connecting these to hand cues and perfecting them. We would love suggestions on new tricks too.


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