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Stinky tells it...

WOOF!! I got tagged!!!

August 4th 2007 4:43 pm
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Well I get a cool lemonade drink from Gloria and along with it, she tags me!! It is all good, seeing that Gloria is one of the prettiest girls on Dogster!!

This is the game and these are the rules:

1) Each player starts with seven pawsome facts about themselves and post them in their diary.

2) Each player then chooses seven dogs to tag. This list is also posted in their diary along with their seven facts.

3) Each player will contact the dogs they have tagged via pawsmail to let them know that they have indeed been tagged. (Don't forget to remind the pups you have tagged to check your diary for the rules of the game.)

1- My real call name is Diesel but my friends call me Stinky Puppy.
2- I don't always eat my cookies right away, I hide some for later!
3- I love to go anywhere with my Dad.
4- I don't like my brother Big Diesel.
5- Brewsters make a special dog sundae for just ME!!!
6- I love to hide things in my lips.
7- I miss my sister Gabby, alot.

Here is who I am tagging:

1- Lola - 204029
2- Sadie - 456466 (We have the same fur parents)
3- Franklin - 586060 (Sadie's brother)
4- Bo & Luke - 302355
5- Dior - 160249
6- Goose - 336511
7 - Tango - 167224

Have fun!!

Love, Stinky Puppy


I moved to a new place!!

May 27th 2007 5:50 am
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WOW! Boy have I been busy!! My daddy is selling houses now and I don't get to go to work with him much anymore. It is okay, I like to stay home and watch TV in the AC. WOOF! We just moved into a new place! It is so cool. I have a big lake behind us and I have been chasing these crazy things that honk and then go up in the air! Daddy says they are geese but I don't know what kind of dog a geese is, but I don't know any other dog that goes in the air, well accept for a frisbee. Anyway they are fun to play with!

Out for now!


The New Year

January 29th 2007 5:19 pm
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Hello all,

So very sorry for not posting sooner, I have just been so very busy lately. I went to this great camp called Country Club Kennels in Catlett, VA. I stayed with this really nice lady named Carla. Daddy took me there so that she could help me get over being mean to my brother. Didn't work... I just don't like him. Isn't it okay for us not to like everyone??? Don't get me wrong, he is a nice dog, and very nice to me, I just don't like him. Go over it.

More about me, well I have been fishing a few times and Daddy and I caught a citation fish! (That is a very good thing) It is going to go on the wall in my Daddy's office! Also, been working really hard at work. Daddy owns a company where there are alot of trees, dirt, and stuff that smells REALLY GOOD!!! The other day I was showing his guys how to lay down the rolls of grass, Daddy calls it sod? Anyway, I took a roll and showed them how to really put it down, and then I left my calling card! HA HA HA

I am Stinky, and I am done.


I miss her

October 24th 2006 12:18 pm
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On Friday my Daddy and Mommy took Gabby away in the car and came back with just her bunny. I thought maybe she was at the camp that Mommy wants me to go to, but she hasn't come back yet and Mommy keeps crying. I heard Daddy tell one of his friends that Gabby is with Lucy & Hayley now. So, I know that Gabby is at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her. She made me laugh. She hated it when I tried to take one of her bunnies! She would growl at me and show me what Mommy called "ugly face". I used to love to kiss her face. She would just lay there and let me kiss her. She always smelled so good too! I have been laying downstairs in front of Mommy's door guarding her at night. Last night she told me it was okay and to go upstairs and go see Daddy. So I did. I keep taking all of Gabby's babies out and putting them on the carpet in the living room. I love to lay on them and kiss them.

I miss her.


Busy, Busy, Busy...

October 17th 2006 11:12 am
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Where does the time go? Only yesterday I was a puppy, wait a minute I still am! YES!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!

My house is very funny when the wet stuff comes. Big Diesel & Gabby don't like, and I just love it! I run out there and just get the Zoomies! I hear Mama say that DD & Gabby were like that when they were young, but I know they could never have been a puppy like me, can they?

Anyway, I just love it and there is lots of it coming today.

DD & Gabby got their picutures taken with Mama, and I got mine taken alone. I didn't want anyone in mine. Mama tried, but I just left and went back and sat down to do it alone. The lady that took them laughed and said, now I see why you call him Stinky Puppy! I love my name!!

Well have fun in the rain, I know I will!!

WOOF - Stinky Puppy


What about me?

August 16th 2006 7:21 pm
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Okay, don't get me wrong... I love Gabby, but what about me? Just kidding!

She is pretty isn't she?!

When I play with her, I have to be very careful. She can't run or jump like me, so when we play, Gabby lays on the her side and we Jaw each other! We have so much fun doing this. She will sometimes bite my hind legs, and it makes me laugh! I wish that I knew her when she was my age and wasn't sick. Mommy always talks about how pretty her gait was, and just how she flowed. All I know is, if she could run, we could have a lot more fun!

That's it for me,


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