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Tagged Again!!

January 5th 2009 8:04 pm
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Today I got tagged by Charlie. I have to list 7 thing's about myself and write them in my diary and then tag some 7 pals and hope they want to play.

7 Things About Me

1)I'm normally a very mild mannered pup...but get between me and my Chewie and WATCH OUT!!

2) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my humans....

3) I'm a rough and tumble i'm not a big fan of gettin groomed....but I love to visit my groomer..he's the best!

4) I love my brother, even though we may fight sometimes...I wouldnt trade him for anything

5) I've been known to stir up a lil mischief in STAFU

6) My favorite weekend activity is cuddlin on the big bed watchin a movie with the humans

7) I'm the warden of my house....before i go to bed everynight, i patrol the house to make sure everyfur and feather is where they are supposed to be...if anyone is out of place i sound the alarm till they're back.

I tag:
Mia Mwah
Oliver Louis
Afro Ken
Emperor Yoshi




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