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Help Angel Mica find a cure!

May 12th 2008 10:13 am
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The following is a cross post from my pal Sassy about our pal Angel Mica and her family.

The Girls of May & Contest for a Cure

Mystery ailments make our humans nervous and anxious and leave us pups perplexed in wondering why they can't make them go away at times. Well sometimes there are no simple answers or magic pills to hide in our treats. I think we have all gone through some sort of confusion and worry. Yet some to a degree that finds them crossing the Rainbow Bridge before they could seek out all their adventures here on earth. Their lives and legacies live on and it's up to us down here to champion their causes and do what we can to help solve their mysteries, we must aide in the search for cures we know could yet be discovered, given the attention and funds.

May brings woofdays for a couple special friends of mine, Angelpup Mica and her furkin Mirra. Angel Mica was taken from her family by IMHA and her humom has become a champion in the quest to find a cure and there are many, many others who have also been affected like my friend Daisy Mae but so far the cure is yet a dream. It's costly because it's not breed or gender specific, they aren't sure what triggers it, also it's not confined to a certain area of the country or part of the world.
IMHA stands for immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and for dogs with IMHA, there is no known means of prevention of the disease. That is why it's vital to raise more awareness and to support causes for a cure.

Last year there was a contest between Mica and an anon. GSD another dogster to see who could get the most pup pal requests and to be corralled the most times in a specific length of time. However they could not promote themselves on dogster but their friends could. Last year the GSD won and the money went to his cause of supporting awareness for canine blood donors.

There is another contest this year and if you aren't pals with or haven't corralled them, please for the love of DOG! (especially touched & affected by IMHA) do make their acquaintances and support what has become a personal mission to try to prevent others from experiencing their pain and loss.
This year I am advocating for Angel Mica (she must be first in request order) Mirra and The Purple Girls Of Oregon (TPGOO). There is no cost to you except a few minutes of your time.

I would like to thank you for your support and concern and I know it would be the best woofday gift "The Girls of May" could ask for,...let it be a truly merry month for them!




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