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Angel's Story

I was tagged by my pal Emmy

August 9th 2007 2:11 pm
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Today I was tagged by my pal Emmy!!! :)

Please read below to find out how to play tagg!!!

To play tagg, you have to be tagged by another dog first. When you get tagged, you will write in your diary the rules to tagg, 7 facts about yourself, and 7 dogs you will tagg! When you tagg a dog, send them a paw mail or rossette telling them that you've tagged them!! Have fun!!! :)

1. I never miss anything, I'm the watchdog of the pack.
2. I like to lay on the back of the couch and watch what's going on outside.
3. I have a really cute underbite.
4. I have allergies so mom keeps me short in the summer.
5. I like to wrestle with my sister Bianca.
6. Mommy calls me her Mangy Squirrel.
7. I love to kiss.

I am going to tag my new friends...
1. Carson
2. Maxwell
3. Bridgette
4. Zeus
5. Snickers
6. Sawyer
7. Lucky


Why did they let me die?

July 9th 2012 3:10 pm
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I went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Saturday I passed out in the back yard and mom and dad took me to the emergency vet. They did x-rays and found out i have an enlarged heart and lots of fluid in my airway and chest cavity. Kept me in an oxygen tank until 9 am on Sunday then 6 hours surveillance before they gave me the green light to go home - sent me home on lasix, enalapril and vetmedin. Went home ate hamburger and rice took my pills and got some rest. This morning I wasn't feeling very good hard time breathing mom took me back to the emergency vet and they put me back in the oxygen tank - mom called an hour after i was there to check on me and they said they couldn't give her any information yet as they were busy doing rounds - she called back an hour later - i had been there two hours now and they told her i was doing fine. About 40 minutes later they called mom and said she should get there i wasnt doing very good, the had seen me on my side in the oxygen tank, pulled me out and stuck a tube down my throat to try and get the fluids to drain. mom gets to the vet and they let her come back and see me i have a huge tube down my throat and they keep "dumping" me which involved holding me upside down over a trash can and letting blood run out of my mouth, after a few minutes of this they pull the tube out and by the time they got it back in place they tell mom i am going - my heart is stopping - i died on the table at the so-called emergency vet today.

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