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Maximus Aurelius Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

March 11th 2013 6:59 pm
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I had to say goodbye to my heart, Maximus Aurelius on 12/28/2012. He was my best friend and light of my life. I have been struggling with my emotions so I have needed some time before I could post this last entry.

Max was 11. He would have turned 12 on January 11th. November 6th he had his rabies vaccine. Christmas eve, he began bleeding intestinally and when he went to poop, all that came out was blood. I freaked out and rushed him to the vet. They did not correctly diagnose him.

12/26, he peed blood so again I rushed him to the vet. This time they identified it as an immune problem and referred us to a specialty vet.

They were able to determine that the rabies vaccine caused his immune system to turn on itself, destroying his platelets. Platelets are what clot our blood so he began bleeding and could not stop.

They attempted to stimulate his immune system with treatments, but it did not work. I was forced to put him down because he was bleeding to death. He had his vaccinations regularly but the doctor said she is seeing more and more cases like this.

In Max' honor, I feel compelled to let people know because if my story can save one beloved animal, then it was not all just a tragic event. The doctor told me there are alternatives to vaccinations although I was unaware of that before Max was ill. I am not suggesting doing away with vaccinations however I am saying had I known there were alternatives, I may have taken that route and still have my baby here with me. Please share Max' story.


Went to Tahoe again!

March 23rd 2010 11:38 am
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My mom took me to Tahoe again and this time we went in my grandmas car. I loved riding in the back seat, having it all to myself, and being able to curl up and sleep most of the trip. My grandma gave me a few french fries from McDonalds too and that was the best part!

Once we got there, I wanted to explore all of the interesting and new smells all around me but I had to be patient while my mom and my grandma unloaded the car. My mom opened the back door and let me out to get a view of the area so I walked all around it taking in all of the smells. It is not easy to walk on snow and ice when you aren't used to it so I slipped a little, but I was ok because I am a tough guy. I got cold so I went into the house, ate my dinner and went to sleep. I knew I would get to explore the next day.

My mom and I woke up early and went for a hike up the mountain. The snow was cold but it was fun to walk on. My mom bought me some hiking booties to keep my feet protected. I didn't really like them, but they did help me to walk in the snow. I smelled deer and squirrels and so many other wonderful smells. We walked until I was tired and needed a rest. Then mom and I went back to the cabin. We hiked twice a day while we were there and it was so exciting.

The time went by really fast and then it was time to come home. I was very excited to come home and sleep on my own bed. I was tired!


I was adopted and life is pure bliss!!!

April 28th 2009 1:24 pm
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I did not have a happy beginning. I only remember so much but I do remember the big things. I was born and 6 weeks later, I was playing with my brothers and sisters and I got out somehow. I was hit by a car and my front 2 legs were pretty damaged. I was taken to the doctors office and they told my parents to keep me protected from my siblings so I could start to heal. They let me play with my siblings anyway and so my legs did not get better. 4 weeks later, I had to go back to the doctors office and they had to amputate my front left leg. My right leg was so damaged, they had to pull my skin around it and hope it would begin to grow normally. My parents left me at the doctors office and said they didn't want me anymore so I could be put to sleep. Lucky for me, I am super charming and the doctor decided to find a new home for me.

My mom to be was told about me and came to meet me. I was so happy to meet her and drown her in kisses that she couldn't say no. I stayed with one of nice people from the doctors office for a few days while my mom prepared my new home. Then came the day I got to go home with her.

I was 10 weeks old now and still had my right leg wrapped up and had to wear the protective lamp shade on my head but I was happy. My mom took me everywhere with her. Lucky for me, she was not working at the time and so had a lot of time to spend with me. I went to school and met other dogs and learned how to behave with manners. I played with big dogs and little dogs and had the best time ever. My mom worked with me everyday and I continued to learn more and more.

Now I am 8 and I live with my mom still. My life is almost pure bliss. I wish I had a friend to keep me company sometimes though. I love when my friends and I have sleepovers or just play dates. I do get tired a little quicker than I used to, but I love to romp, play dip and dive and run around my backyard. My mom has been talking about adopting a friend for me but she will have to be at least 4 years old, and ok with me being the boss. I do listen to my mom and really she is my pack leader, but I know I will have to show whoever comes to live with us the ropes. I know whoever my mom chooses will love it here because we are very active at my house. My mom always walks me and lets me play with other dogs and plays fetch pretty well too.

I know my mom will always adopt because she is so happy that she found me. She tells me all of the time how lucky she was to find me and that I am her angel. I can't wait to meet the next angel that comes to be a part of our loving home. Many people tell my mom how lucky I am to have found her, but she always corrects them. My missing leg is more than made up for in my personality and I am a pretty darn good boy. I look forward to meeting my new sister very soon.


We moved AGAIN!

March 16th 2005 10:01 am
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I was living with my mom and my best dog friend, Tisha. We moved last year to stay with my gramma in Fremont. I loved staying at my grammas house. She has a BIG backyard and I can run around and chase squirrels and cats and bug the dogs next door. Theres one big yellow lab next door who likes to just look at me so we just sit and look at each other for hours. I would wake up my gramma by jumping on her bed and kissing her all over her face and she would laugh and laugh. Then my mom started moving boxes and taking all of our things away... Where were we going? I was worried she wouldnt take me with her but she did. We got in the car and we drove back to the city we used to live in. I was not sure I would like this place because it was all very new and I didnt get a big backyard this time. I decided to give it a shot. My mom started taking me for walks as soon as she could and I realized I LOVE this new place. Everyday I meet new dogs and get to play with them and meet thier moms and dads. I have a couple of pals already and we visit almost everyday. I am loving my new house and I am loving meeting and seeing all of these dogs. I dont know why the girls dont like me so much but maybe they will come around in time. So far 3 girl doggies have shouted at me and I didnt even get to bug them. I still see my gramma on some days so I still get to play in her backyard and she still gives me the best treats even though my mom tells her not to.


I love the snow!

December 10th 2004 3:01 pm
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My mom took me to Tahoe for the first time last weekend. I was a bit leery at first of the cold, icy, white stuff, and didnt go to the bathroom because it was all very strange, but once I really got to get around and smell other dogs, and romp around in the mountains, I realized, hey this stuff is pretty cool. My mom said it was snow and we went hiking through the mountains until she was so tired, we had to go back to our cabin. It was so much fun. Take a look at me burying myself in the snow. I was sad the day we left, but I hope my mom takes me again soon.

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