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Time to SHIFT your attention to me!!

I am all boy!

September 26th 2007 10:27 am
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You know the type. A human pretty boy grooms himself meticulously, dresses well and gets all the chicks. This is not the case when one has the disposition of being a pretty boy Chihuahua. At the risk of sounding self-important, I have to admit, I am pleasing to the eye. I am tan and furry with just a tad of curl that is all natural. My highlights are a gift from God and not Aveda. I DO NOT ask to be sprayed by a groomers spray, containing a distinct feminine scent. Is it my fault that my teeth will never need to be touched by an orthodontist? Or that my eyes make men and women, alike, swoon?

Beauty is a curse.

So if any of you reading this see me in person one day, do not broadly smile and ask, "OHHHH AHHHHH what is HER name?" I may appear female to posers who bill themselves dog enthusiasts. However, I am all male and feel no need to prove myself to any of you, which is why I continue to squat when I pee.

Furthermore, when Mom corrects you on my sex, do not still use the pronoun "she". My male parts will never fall off no matter how many times you misclassify me. By the way, I cross my arms when I sleep simply because it is more comfortable and not because of any feminine tendencies.

Enjoy my beauty if you desire. Just do not insist to call me a pretty girl just because in your mind's eye, I appear as such. I am a mans man, and it is time mankind recognizes this.



My Tail of Devotion for Shift Chanel Anniston

October 2nd 2006 9:56 pm
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I became devoted to the breed early on in life. My Dad adopted an abused Chi when my Mom was pregnant with me. She was a bit upset that he brought home a dog when she was experiencing a high risk pregnancy. Mom and Dad already had one Chi. Well, the abused Chihuahua took to me like a mom to a pup. She stood guard by my crib and would not let anyone touch me, but for my parents. No one but them could lift me from the crib, I had to be handed to visitors. She must have sensed that Mom was lucky to be okay after my birth. "Goofy" and I were best buds, and I had such a rough time with her passing, around my 10th birthday.

Well, I have my own family now. I yearned for my own Chihuahua, but thanks to celebs, the breed is an expensive trend. Once our land owner said I could finally have a pup, I geared up for a long search. I wanted a Chihuahua so much, but hated that a $500 price tag came along with all in our area. I found a breeder who had Shift on the "clearance rack" for only $300, three days after I had permission to get a pup. I knew on the phone that I had found my Shift. I had a few years worth of notes on taking care of my doggie. Once I had Shift it was an odd feeling. It was nearly comparable to having my son. I was so nervous and wanted to please him so. I felt afraid I could not meet all of his needs. The night I brought him home, I was angry at myself for not being more giddy. I soon learned that I was feeling typical new Mom insecurities. I wanted to be a great mom to him just as I am to my human son. That caused some self-doubt and timidness if I was worthy to have such a gift from God. We are best buds now. He is my son. So, now, I am a mom of two boys!

Shift follows me wherever I go, and I doubt I will ever vacation without him again. I am so happy to be an adult with my own Chihuahua. My wonderful human son is learning so much as we share ownership of Shift. The responsibility, compassion and history that Shift teaches my son is invaluable. Mom and Dad always had Chihuahuas and now, since Mom has left us, I am happy for her to see me with my own, as she watches from Heaven. I suspect, she would rather have seen a human granddaughter first, but first things first!!

Shift is not the only thing that makes me happy, but he is definitely one of the finest things that makes me happy.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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October 2nd 2006 11:44 am
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Well, it is Monday after a very busy weekend up North at my Grandparents' house. I rode four wheeler quite a bit this weekend. I just love to ride with Mommy.

We also attended a parade where I received almost as much attention as the floats. I met a Poodle who was fun, but have you ever met a Poodle who was not? Oh, yeah, me too!!

It came as quite the disappointment when I found out that the grandparents still have custody of one very nasty cat. The nerve of her to growl at me, the cutest four-legger to ever grace her presence. She growled and hissed as she ate MY food. She out-weighs me by about 10 LBS. I am a male Chi and have a more girlish figure than that female feline.

I met a family friend for the first time and it made for great campfire fodder when I used her arm as a device to relieve some pent up frustrations...if you know what I mean. A Chi has to do what a Chi has to do.

Have a great day!



August 25th 2006 8:30 pm
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To my fellow doggie Dogsters, you know what I mean. Bath days are a violation of canine rights. There is a company that sold Mom a pink plaid purse to cart my bootie around in, yet there is no sort of manufactured self-bathing unit for a discriminating canine such as myself? Oh, the injustice.

To human Dogsters, let me pose this question: When is the last time someone 25+ times your weight decided to put you in a kitchen sink, lather you up, and take pictures of the whole thing? I am guessing if it has happened ever, it has not been for a while. It happens to me on a regular basis.

So, once I am dried off, I smell great. A good deal, so one would think. Not so much. Once I am at my most hygienic, I am picked up and sniffed by all visitors to our home, both young and old. I hear, “you ‘mell so good.” To those who say that, I tell you: To ’mell this marvelous, I went through an encounter so tumultuous that it is only rivaled by a boot camp experience." And by the way, look up “mell” in the dictionary. You will not find it.

More later, I need to find a mud puddle to roll in…



Another great week!!

August 12th 2006 8:16 pm
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Another great week here at home. I let mom think she finally taught me to stay in the back yard without being tied out. I knew my limitations all the while, just had to test Mom's patience all the times I sprinted off.

AHHH FREEDOM! It is so fun to romp around without the constant annoyance of getting tangled up in anything and everything. We could never move to a really large city as Mom says I would find a way to get tangled in heavy smog.

We had a successful week and Mom is proud of me and I like to make her happy. I did see the err of my ways when, while enjoying my backyard freedom, I ventured into the front yard. I chose not to come when Mom called and hid under the car. Mom used her "grumpy voice" and I knew I was in trouble, and could not control my bodily functions. She was not happy when she had to back the car out into the street to clean up after my embarrassing indiscretion.

Last night, Dad and Brother went racing. Mom and I were outside saying "bye" and I was so upset when I could not go into the truck. As they pulled out of the drive, I pulled on my leash to try to invite my self with no success. I know for certain that a ride in the truck means going racin' and days do not get much better than race days. I am the cutest in attendance most days and so it is just the cat's butt to go racin' if you know what I mean.

An invitation to ride in Mom's car is a real toss of the dice. Sure, at times we go to the park, or to Petco, but a lot of the time, it is just to some lame store that I am not allowed into, so I sit and wait, watching, in envy of two legged humans with cash and credit cards who have the luxury of partaking in American commerce.

Heck, I don't really desire to make a purchase, I just want to see inside the store. Brother has no job, money or a line of credit, but he gets to go in every time. Then, to make matters worse, I have to listen to the recurring diatribes from Mom to Brother as to why he was not allowed to make a purchase when they return to the car. If I have to hear one more story that begins with "Well, when you are 18"...

What I have learned so far about turning 18 is that one can buy all the candy, toys and motocross gear that he desires and if one rots his teeth on said candy, he has to pay his own dental bills. Maybe when I am 18, I will actually be allowed entry into the sacred isles of the market. Who knows?

So, when I see Dad's truck leave with race trailer in tow, you can understand my frustration at not being invited. Well, last night, they came home just after midnight, and me and Mom hopped in the truck to head North for today's race. It was late, but since I nap all day, I have the flexibility of being spontaneous like that.

It was a great race day. Brother won and my doggie friends were all in attendance. My doggie friend Gracie was there, as her human brother is recovered from a collar bone injury, and he did so well for his first race back. He won his first race ever today! We are all so proud of our racers. They are brave and talented.

Tonight Mom and I are at home as the boys went South to Sunday's race with friend Dennis. They are staying in a hotel this time and it seems hotels are governed by the same discriminatory laws as markets. I am rarely allowed entry. I agreed with Dad that Mom should just sneak me in, but Mom is too afraid of bad Karma she would get from lying by omission. So, here we sit, at home, hoping for moto wins for brother and Dennis and praying for safety for all of the racers.

Have a great week, Dogsters!!!



My first entry...

August 4th 2006 3:51 pm
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Hello...Shift here...

Dogster is so cool. It gives me and my human a chance to connect with cool canines all over the world!! We are excited to be here.

It is the beginning of August and we are in a busy time right now. My brother races motocross and so we are busy folks. Every weekend, we travel to races, where I have so much fun with all of my doggie buddies. My favorite is probably Moto, as he is a really fun and excitable dog. We act crazy around each other. Another of my best buds is Grace. She is much larger than I, but I antagonize her anyway. She and I are friends off the track too, and I enjoy visiting her at her home. She pretends to be indifferent, but I know she wants me!!

I have hobbies besides being a MX fan. I work as a guard dog. Daily, I guard the couch against any thieves and the like. Some folks make feeble attempts to remove me from my post, but I am a dedicated security professional. Instantly, I return to my regarded post.

Also, I am a yard care specialist. I take charge of keeping the lawn fertilized and watered. At times, I will take my work home with me, and water and fertilize the floor.

To keep myself well-rounded, I am a bath-taker, baby-sitter, sprint-racer, crotch- sniffer and I dabble in mathematics. Just kidding about the mathematics thing.

This weekend, Mom and I are home alone. Dad and brother have left the nest to go racing with friend Dennis and so we are home all alone. We will miss seeing brother race, but we are holding down the fort and hope for moto wins this weekend, and pray for safety. Brother wins a lot of races. I am so proud of him.

I do ride too. The "not having opposable thumbs thing" keeps me from driving, but Mom steers her utility quad while I ride passenger.

That's all for now. I will tell you more when there is more to tell.

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