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October 15, 2008 :(

October 15th 2008 3:54 pm
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October started as a month with so much promise. We moved to a new neighborhood without thugs and plenty of squirrels to tree. I have managed to chase a couple of squirrels and even a deer or two. But it just seems the sad news won't stop coming. First we learned my big sis Terra isn't well and will soon be heading for the bridge and that has really bummed us all. But then we learned that we lost 2 of our dearest family members in the past week. Both of these pups were real oldies. My cousin Pooh went to the bridge last week and that just devastated us all. Pooh was 17.5 and she was the only female that could ever live with our Uncle Tom for more than a minute. That is quite an accomplishment and we bow our heads to your patience Miss Pooh. We know you are at the bridge shaking things up!

Then today my former mommy called to say that my former brother, Oscar had to go to the bridge. Oscar was also over 17 and that is really old for a weiner dog. He was a studly little thing and lived out his senior years as the Hugh Hefner of the family surrounded by young female pups! You go Oscar! I have bowed my head and asked for an easy transition for him as I know this is not going to be easy for Tammy and my skin sis Maleah. For that, my polky-dotted heart is breaking and I am asking for healing for both of them. I am also hoping Oscar found it in his heart to try to forgive me for trying to eat him when I was younger. I just didn't understand that he wasn't the cause of the baby crying. Please Oscar, don't let there be hard feelings and please don't tell Jesus when you see him. I have tried really hard to change and only nibble my brother Sid from time to time. So when you see Jesus, tell him I have changed and I ask you to forgive me. Just know I will miss your bossy, mouthy, little self and hope you and Pooh stir things up at the Bridge. I know you will be there with open paws to greet Terra in the near future, but until then enjoy your young hips, because I think you still have short legs!

Love and Kisses,


July 1, 2007 - WRONGLY ACCUSED

July 1st 2007 5:24 pm
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Yep Dogster Pals - You got it right!! I've been wrongly accused! I admit I am a girl with an appetite. So I may be carrying around an extra pound or 10. That's no secret to anyone. So, yesterday the mom laid her rice cake on the counter to go outside and do something. Well everyone knows what a counter-surfer I am! That's not news to a single soul and especially not to my pal ROCKY at the bridge or GUS or any other spotted pal. Stealing food is a specialty of the dal population. But even a dal has to have some standards and well even we aren't going to eat a darn rice cake. So the mom came in feeling all silly cause she left a rice cake in my reach and it was gone. Well I wasn't talking. All she could imagine was these are organic, brown rice cakes and I'll be stinking up the place with the farts later. As if!! So imagine mom's shock when she realized the darn rice cake was right where she left it. She just didn't remember where she left it was all. And what is worse? She caught me in the back yard later eating turds. Now she knows, I won't eat her rice cakes, but I will eat turds. Hmmmmmmmmmm, think about that the next time you get a big kiss in the face. So now mom knows why I can't lose weight. I've been supplementing my diet. It seems I like my food just as well the second time as I did the first. Oh well, there are slim pickings now cuz the dad was out scooping the yard bright and early this morning. And then the mom cut my food a 1/4 of a cup tonight and supplemented it with baby carrots. Now we're talking. I like baby carrots, but she's got to keep those darn rice cakes. I'm not sure what the point is with those darn things. Finally something a dal won't eat.

So I've been tagged. Yep, let me see, who has tagged me. I can't honestly believe this game is still going and yet poor Niquel just got it this morning. We've been hit so many times that we quit tagging back. BOL So, I've been tagged by the following: MAGGIE; REAGLE BEAGLE and ALOHA so as you can see, I have been tagged and tagged again.

So my 7 interesting facts are as follows:

1. I was born in Alabama and spent the first 3 years of my life there! That is why my eye-liner is dark and I won't pee in the rain! I am a southern girl and a diva. Get over it ya'll!

2. I was adopted within the family by the yankee branch. I am very loved and still get to visit with my former family. I have the best of both worlds, except my new mom makes me watch my diet and exercise. Must be a northern thing. Southern girls aren't meant to perspire sweetheart.

3. I can play rough when I want to!

4. I am not particularly fond of Sidney.

5. I am VERY fond of Rocky!! :)

6. Did I mention I love food and love to counter-surf! Oh yes! Food Rocks! I'll take that over anything else in the world, any day of the week!

7. I fart! And I'm proud of it! I have a special bowl to make me eat slower, so I don't get as much gas. What the heck is that all about?

So this is my turn at being tagged. I won't be posting again, even if I am tagged another 50 times. I may bite you and take your treats though! BOL

Have a Happy Independence Day and Welcome Home John Matthew! We are so glad to have you back stateside you handsome devildog you!

Peace out and polky-dotted love to all and especially Suzy!



February 14, 2007 (HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY)

February 14th 2007 10:48 am
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Happy Valentine's Day to all of my Pals! You are each very special to me! Today is a cold and frosty Valentine's day in the big MD. We had some fun snow to play in yesterday. That was a blast. Rocky and I went outside and rolled around and played and had so much fun. But then things got ugly. All of a sudden our snow was taken over by a freak of nature called sleet and then freezing rain! That stuff is no fun I tell you! It isn't soft and fluffy like snow. You can't roll around in it. And it is so much more cold. YUCK AND DOUBLE YUCK! Not only did it ruin our fun snow, but now every thing is all frozen and you have to walk like a penguin out there, so you don't fall on your butt. It is no fun at all. No way was I going outside to pee in that stuff. Mom put some orange smelling wax stuff, on all of our paws to protect them from the ice and from slipping. Yet, another indignity of sleet and freezing rain! See, I always knew no good could come from rain. So, our beautiful snow is now disguised by this layer of frozen stuff. Even the mom doesn't sink in it. So, what's a doggy to do for fun?

Well I guess we can be thankful that the mom is working from home today and she can open the door and close the door and open the door and close the door so we can go in and out a million times. Woo-hoo!! And yes, there is always nap and bark at the neighbors who are trying to shovel their walks and thaw their cars. Even our front screen was frozen shut. So, here it is Valentine's day and I get to huddle in doors with the big handsome hunk of Rocky! Isn't he a handsome dog? Every girl should be so lucky, but back off girls, I am a scrapper! So I am going to try to keep warm in doors with him and see if I can steal a treat or two. I managed to steal a couple of cheese-filled jalapenos the other night. I was looking for the cheese sticks and these weren't exactly what I expected, but hey, beggars can't be choosey and thieves have to snatch and run. BOL

And, I hear there is to be a party today with my sweet friends at T.S. Boyd Elementary. Sure wish I was there to steal their treats. I would snatch their bags and bury my head up to my shoulders until it is empty. And then on to the next. I would have a grand ol' time eating my way through all the treats. Or I would give them my sad face, until they feel sorry for me and give them up to me. So, what do you say kids? Can a polky-dot get a break? How bout a treat? Puh-lease!!!!!!!! I do wish I was there to share in your party and get some luv and give a whole lot more!!! I also wish I was there to put Ervin in check! Yeah, I know Ervin was hatin' on me, cuz I love the first graders and represent for them; but what's he got for me, but a bunch of whining? Did he send me a letter? Check the pile, do you see one from him? Nope, I haven't felt ANY love coming from his direction? All the love from him goes to the smelly bulldogs, and all cuz he can't get a date! BOL I would have thrown a few pieces of candy his way, but all he does is diss on me. I mean, what's up with that? Now his little baby brother, that's a different story. He's one cool little dude. And his little baby brother is sooooooooooo cute. And so smart and just sure to be a fan of mine, instead of a hater. So, when you boys and girls see Ervin, make sure and tell him to quit the Hatin'. Valentine's Day is all about Showin Some Luv! And remember this:
Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
Your Bulldogs are Smelly
You Know that it is True!
But your Polky-dot is cute and cuddly
And loves you. Really I do!
I also love belly-rubs and food and treats, no doubt.
But most of all, I love my friends at T.S. Boyd Elementary cuz your just so cool! (Wish Ervin Was)

And I would also love for my friend JASMINE to find her forever home!! So, please think about showing some luv to JASMINE this Valentine's Day by giving her a forever and ever home!!

Polky-dotted love to all!

Show some luv Ervin and Stop the Playa Hatin'! Don't hate the playa, hate the game!


December 5, 2006 - FAN MAIL

December 5th 2006 2:38 pm
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Wow! What a treat today was. Dad brought in the mail and Mom announced, "Hey Sasha! You've got mail!" I thought, very funny! Isn't that like a movie or something. But the next thing I know, there was this huge envelope in her hands and she was showing it to me. I walked over and smelled it AND I liked the way it smelled. It had the oddly familiar smell of a War Eagle. I started to shred it, but then it also had a similarity of a scent of what I used to call home. So I decided to give it a chance!! I went back over to the big bed under the window and laid down while mom opened the envelope. You see, that is something that is difficult for a doggie to accomplish. Even a talented doggie like me has a difficult time opening mail, because I don't have thumbs. I could shred it and eat it. I am very talented at that. I eat mail every chance I get, but then I digress. Anyway, mom opened the envelope and told me that I had letters from my favorite fans, the first graders at T.S. Boyd Elementary. Well, I just love those kids. They are the best anywhere. So Mom read them to me and then I decided I wanted to read them for myself, just to make sure mom didn't leave anything out and so I could look at the pictures up close. So the mom brought them over and gave them to me and let me look at the pictures and read each letter again for myself. I tell you, there are a talented bunch of artists in that group of kids. They drew wonderful pictures of me and they all tell me how much they love me. Well of course they do. I mean, what's not to love! But then again, the feeling is mutual. What's not to love about them? They are all very special to me!

So I went for my walk, came back and ate my dinner, begged a few treats and got to thinking. You know Sasha. You are a very lucky girl. Well one of my kids told me "I am a dog." So, I am a very lucky girl "dog." And Santa Paws is going to be very good to me! But I want to make sure he is good to my fans as well, cause even if they were a little naughty once in a while this year, they were still good most of the time. So, I am going to write Santa Paws a letter and tell him that he should forgive them and realize they just slipped and they were mostly good. And if they promise to be good the rest of the time between now and Christmas that he should make sure they get more than a lump of coal this year. So rest assured boys and girls, I am sending off my letter to the North Pole tonight. I am going to beg like only a dog knows how to beg. So you do your part and be as good as you can for the next 20 days. Be better than good. You have some making up to do for those naughty days! Keep that in mind. And thank you so very much for my very special fan mail. I will keep it and treasure it always! And I promise that no matter how hungry I get, I will not eat your letters!!! I would draw you a picture, but I do not have thumbs to hold a crayon. Thank dogness for computers so I can type!

Be good boys and girls and know Santa Paws and I will be keeping an eye out for you! Until then, your very favorite spotted mascot loves you the best of the rest!! Now, BE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, please visit Jasmine and consider giving a senior polky-dot a home this holiday season. JASMINE

Polky-dotted Love to All,



November 25th 2006 7:47 pm
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T – Tammy, my first mommy who brought me home, loved me and saw to it that I found the perfect home when I could no longer stay. I still love you! T.S. Boyd first graders, cause you guys are the best anywhere!

H – Ham, (yeah baby!!) I am a girl who likes to eat! Mom did you hear that? I am not impressed with your diet!

A – Angels – the kind that watches over all of us dogs and makes sure we are kept safe. Like the ones who were watching over us on Friday when the fridge caught fire. The parents were home, instead of like most Fridays.

N – Nap time

K – Kisses and Hugs

S – Sunshine, because that means it isn’t raining and making my spots run. Also for the Silence that comes when Sidney is Sleeping!

G – Grandma Faye and Grandma Brenda cuz they love me up and spoil me!

I – Ice cubes because they are so yummy to eat

V – Vicky, my new mommy, who loves me and understands me. (This is the same one who has patience with me, but who learned a little too quickly that I like to counter-surf. She is also the weight patrol!) Darn!

I – Ice cream, except my new mommy won’t let me have it!

N – Not hearing the word “NO”

G – Gifts, Girlfriends like Terra, Giving/Receiving Love, Acting Goofy with Rocky

Hope everyone else found something they could be thankful for as well!

Wouldn't it be terrific if Jasmine had a new home to be thankful for this holiday season? When you have a moment, please visit Jasmine and consider giving a senior polky-dot a home. JASMINE




November 10th 2006 5:28 pm
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Here it is my birthday! Today I turned the big 0-5! I just can't quite believe it! They always told me it would happen, but it just seemed so far off and then with a blink of the eyes, my spots turned 5. By no means does that make them age spots! But it does mean I had a wonderful day dedicated just to me, where everyone doted on me and I got all the special attention, new presents and CAKE, glorious cake!! I didn't even mind that mom cheated and got me weight watchers carrot cake! I was just happy that it wasn't those vegetarian milky bones. Actually those aren't so bad, if that's all you get! So, it was a beautiful day! NO RAIN to make my spots run! The birds were every where for me to chase and there was CAKE, glorious cake! Sidney told me to soak it in because it was only for one day, but then Terra told me that it was technically my Birthday Weekend! Hey, I like the way Terra rolls! Does this mean we get more CAKE, glorious cake tomorrow? Mom just said, "no!" But she does have another special treat for tomorrow, if everyones tummies survive today. So I hope everyone of my special pals had a great day and just know that I am thinking bout ya! Hope you got your parents to give you a special treat in honor of my birthday! Have a great weekend! And if you didn't get that special treat to honor my day today, you can have them honor my birthday weekend! CAKE, anyone?


October 23, 2006

October 23rd 2006 7:19 pm
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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED VACATION AND THIS PLACE CALLED THE BEACH!!!!! I had the best time getting to spend the days with my parents and getting to go outside in the morning as well as the evenings. It started out really cool when my human cousin, Chelsey, came and went with us. I have always loved Chelsey, so I knew this was going to be an extra special ride. But when we started to get in the truck, Rocky let me sit in the front seat. He doesn't even do that for Mom, unless Dad makes him. Then he normally sits in the backseat and pouts. But after riding and riding and riding for what seemed like forever, we came to this strange house none of us had ever seen before, and there was sand and what we later learned was an ocean there. We all had dinner and got settled and if things couldn't have gotten any better, eventually my grandmas got there. You see, I was already in bed sleeping, so when I heard their voices, at first I thought I was dreaming. Then by some miracle, straight from heaven, there they stood, like two angels right before me. I was so happy that I awoke long enough for my tail to wag and to get to greet them. Then the sleep came back over me and back to bed I went for the night. But the grandmas were still there in the morning and stayed the entire week and gave me lots of special love. One grandma in particular is very fond of me and was my grandma first and we have this special relationship. She had a hurt hand, so I helped to make her hand better while we were there by giving her extra love. I did such a good job, she got to go home and get the rods and pins out.

Once I got to go out and walk on the beach, I wanted to chase those peculiar looking birds. I later learned they were sandpipers. Finally, after a few days and Rocky and me learning to listen when Mom and Dad called us; Dad let me off the leash and I got to chase those goofy-looking birds. Once I realized I was off the leash, I ran faster and faster and chased those birds. Then they did something totally unsuspected. They darted right out over the ocean! I was so busy chasing them that I didn't notice and followed straight after them. What happened next is a blur, until I got hit in the chest by a wave! That was quite a shock to a diva like me. I don't even like to get my feet wet! I was totally offended and if I could have gotten my paws on one of those birds, I would have taught them a lesson. I could hear them laughing their tricky, evil little bird laugh as they flew away. I continued to chase them down the beach, but I didn't fall for that trick twice! We had a wonderful time and hated having to pack up and leave. Mom and dad are now talking about visiting there around Christmas. We really hope Santa knows where the Beach is!

The only thing about vacation was I missed my friends at T.S. Boyd Elementary, but I did think about them and wish they could all be with me! I even got to see skate eggs, a horseshoe crab, sand crabs and those evil birds, but my mom wouldn't let me eat any of them. Dad did let me have a bite of a hotdog from the grill though!

Since then, I am now happily chasing the yard birds who aren't quite so tricky! It has gotten cold here and the leaves are starting to fall. Rocky says that the snow stuff will be coming again soon! I think I am looking forward to it this year! I have a coat and know how to play in it, so bring it on. Are there such a thing as snow birds?

When you have a moment, please visit Jasmine and consider giving a senior polky-dot a home. JASMINE

Polka-dotted Love,


September 25, 2006

September 25th 2006 9:58 pm
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Today was a good day and I am feeling better from my mishap with Rocky. Yesterday, I hurt my front leg, but it is better now. He can be a bit rough to play with at times. He has no idea how big he is and sometimes he gets going and can't quit. We get so excited when we are playing that we both get a bit carried away. Mom and Dad won't let us play inside for this reason. I was back to playing today and this evening. I even enjoyed some time outside today in the sun. I sat out on the patio and just soaked up the sun. It was simply a delightful day for a girl and one of those days that gives a dal a reason to smile. I even gave the birds a break! The only thing that could have been better would have been a steak or french fries or popcorn or ice-cream or any other forbidden fruit!

So now I am all better and hear my former mommy and sister/cousin is all better and I will get to see my grandmas at the beach soon and all is right with my polka-dotted world. My mom has been off work for a few days. Auburn won their game this weekend. War Eagle! I hear the Tide is currently looking for someone that can kick between the posts! Down the center, yeah, that's the idea. Keeping it between the lines. Either that or pray for a strong wind next time! Oh well, Roll Tide anyway, ya'll.

Have a great week and give my love and kisses and wags and wiggles and jiggles and well, that's it, cuz I'm not sharing my treats to my friends and fans in Dora, Alabama. You know who you are 1st graders at T.S. Boyd Elementary! You are always in my thoughts and I am always cheering for you. Check out my wedding pictures on pages 2-3. Isn't Rocky handsome?

Don't forget to check out Jasmine if you would like to consider a polky-dot of your own. Meet Jasmine - 0465

Woofs and Wags,


September 17, 2006

September 17th 2006 8:26 pm
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Enough time has passed since that scary visit to the vet that I have recovered from the trauma. I am now looking forward to my trip to the beach. I heard my parents talking about picking up some tranquilizers for the trip, but I think that has to do with Terra and car sickness. I am not sure what that is, because I love car rides. I am not thinking about that right now, because I sincerely hope that trip to pick up that medication is one I don't have to take.

I must have picked up a little bug this weekend, because my tummy has been upset today. I have been eating grass and even enjoyed my dinner a second time the wrong way. Of course it didn't keep me from wanting dinner, but I couldn't keep it. It is unusual for my stomach of steel to be unstable, but I either ate something bad or caught a bug. It may have been those holes I have been digging in the yard. Dad caught me red-pawed. I was just trying to catch those pesty moles because I haven't left Mom a gift in a while. Or maybe it was sympathy illness because I learned my human sister/cousin had been sick. It isn't known for sure. One thing I know is I bet I get better before I have to go back to the vet where the clients racially profiled me last time. Well technically, I guess that wasn't the vet's fault.

Mom has been working really hard this weekend updating our webpages. She added pictures to mine, Rocky's and Terra's pages. And she created pages for 2 of her pups who have gone on to some place called the Rainbow Bridge. I am not sure why she worked so hard doing that because she couldn't make up her mind as to whether it made her smile or made her cry. She kept going back and forth. But for some reason, she seemed very determined. But those pictures were harder to do because they were before digital cameras. Wow, did doggies exist before digital?

Anyway, I must go to bed so I can feel better, but I am glad to see the War Eagle squeaked by this week and the Tide Rolled over that High School team they played. I guess we got to be proud and take those wins where we can get them so Roll Tide and War Eagle ya'll!

Don't forget to check out Jasmine if you would like to consider a polky-dot of your own. Meet Jasmine - 0465

Love, Sasha!


September 12, 2006 - Some Good - Some Not So Good

September 12th 2006 6:13 pm
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Today started out as a normal day. Well kind of anyway. Today was my mom's day off, which is always kind of confusing in a cool kind of way. She let me go for a ride in her car, which doesn't happen very often. But when we got to our destination, I was not at all happy. As soon as I realized we were at the doctor, I started to tremble and looked at my mom with question marks in my eyes. She knew my question, since I've already had all my shots and annual check up and everything was good. She tried to explain to me that I was getting my microchip, so I could never get lost, but then this golden retriever started to growl at me and I just wanted to leave. His mommy explained to my mommy that he had been attacked by a dalmatian that looked like me, but I know it wasn't me and my mom knows it wasn't me. He was way bigger than me and quite frankly, I don't appreciate being "profiled" like that. I only fight back when I have to defend myself. And now I am being racially/breed profiled because someone else has issues. Mom told me not to be so sensitive, but that was a vulnerable moment for me. I was already scared. So I got my chip and mom got the boys some heart worm medicine, but I got to wait in the car. I was more than happy to do that. I didn't even try to drive. And quite frankly, that chip wasn't such a big deal. I didn't even blink. So all my trauma was for no reason, because I receive the best care from the wonderful doctors and staff at: PEACHTREE VET CLINIC

Then on the way home was the good part. Mom stopped and got a bag of sun chips and we shared them. This was a really special treat, since my mom doesn't normally eat chips and she never shares her food with me. I felt soooooooooooooo specialllllllllllllllllllllll. So we ate carbs and listened to music and just relaxed. Then we came home and took a nap. What a day! At least now I am all set for the beach, whatever the beach is. All I know is it better be fun after all of this. My mom and dad keep promising it will be; but I will make that decision on my own. I keep hearing rumors about my grandmas being there. This better be worth it.

I also want to send a shout out to T.S. Boyd Elementary's first graders. I am still your mascot and still thinking about you. At least you know, you aren't the only ones who get a little scared when you have to get a shot. Hope you've had a good couple of weeks and I hope you are enjoying first grade so far. I also want you to know that I am watching and know that the Tide Rolled and the Eagle Soared this past weekend so it's all good in the Alabama/Auburn Football World too! Now if you can just make that smelly bulldog disappear! Just kidding. Don't forget boys and girls that Dalmatians Rule and Bulldogs Drool and I am the Coolest Girl of them all! So Peace Out to you boys and girls. Oops, here comes Mom again! Got to go!

Don't forget to check out Jasmine if you would like to consider a polky-dot of your own. Meet Jasmine - 0465

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