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September 16th 2015 4:19 am
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This morning I woke up early and caught ah ma and ah bee behaving suspiciously with their luggages. I knew they were going off gallivanting somewhere again.

So I went for a walk and didn't even look back at them. So there.



September 15th 2015 3:45 am
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Today we realised fomfomfom had been using ah ma's used q-tips to clean my ears. Coz ah ma always deposits her used tips in a container right next to the new ones, and fomfomfom didn't notice how yellow and unfresh the bunches of q-tips she's constantly taking are. Ah bee was to clean my ears today and she took one look and summoned fomfomfom. Fom was so angry she kept shouting at ah ma and almost lost her voice.

No wonder xp's ears are not getting better, she yells.


Pankun and James

September 14th 2015 8:50 am
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are the chimp-bulldog duo that they have been watching videos of. Ah ma keeps cackling at her Ipad and she asked them how to watch the videos on her phone. Ah bee declined to teach her coz she thinks people are going to think Ah ma is crazy when she starts laughing hysterically at the bus stop.

We hope the Japanese people were and are still kind to Pankun and James. Pankun is in a zoo now but we don't know where James is. I hope he's got a good home.

Later Fomfomfom took a picture of Ah bee and me and she captioned it "Chimp and dog". She says I remind her of Pankun. I guess it is a little funny.


Ah ma's back!

September 13th 2015 3:44 am
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That day, me and ah bee and ah ma had a grand time playing hide and seek. Today ah bee tried to hide but I couldn't be bothered to play with her. Ah ma was cooking and it's no fun without ah ma announcing.

Ah ma's weekend casino getaway ended according to the casino's plan. Giggles.



September 12th 2015 12:58 am
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Landslide victory for the government! We cannot be more pleased.

We stayed up until 3am last night for the results. I tried to catch up on my sleep today but I'm still so tired.

I'm just happy my little doggie world is unchanged.


Election day

September 11th 2015 6:25 am
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Ah ma and ah bee forgot to bathe me yesterday so I got a fom special this morning. Morning! Unheard of! Coz ah ma's gone gallivanting at the casino for 3 days so I can't get my usual ah ma scrub. Head's itchy.

Today is most exciting, they tell me. Singapore goes to the polls and everyone is so frightened for the government. Well at least our house is. We won't know what to do if the opposition wins strongly. Yuck.

At least the haze ain't bad today and I got to walk for 2 hours.


Bad day

September 10th 2015 7:44 am
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Ah ma has some money coming out of her fixed d today and I asked her to put it in a joint account with me. She just laughed at me. Luckily I still have some money in my shoebox. You can't count on these people.

The haze got really bad later in the day so they shortened my walk. I was home so early I didn't know what to do with myself. It was unhappy.

And then Ah bee got everyone watching a video of a clothed chimpanzee holding the leash of a bulldog. They both had bags and the chimp additionally had a bamboo basket on its back and a pair of tongs. They were on their way to pick chestnuts when they met a ferocious German Shepherd. It's so silly I don't even want to go on.

They keep asking me if I want my own bag to go chestnut picking.

Maybe the haze makes people stupid.



September 9th 2015 4:22 am
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It suddenly rained heavily and the wind gusted. They screamed and ran to close the windows. Then even more suddenly, there ways a mega big clap of thunder. We screamed and patted our chests coz we were so frightened.

Ah ma lost a lot of money at mahjong. And she complains about others' good luck but ah bee says it's coz ah ma's so lousy at it.

Ah ma sulks.



September 8th 2015 9:00 am
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I usually eat some kibble after my pork dinner. I just have to stare at them and they know to feed me. Somehow they refused to today. I was polite initially; I just snorted a little. They ignored me so I barked. Still nothing. I gave Fomfomfom my paw many times but they still didn't feed me. They kept telling me to wait.

Turns out Ah ma was steaming some foochow dumplings at the back. I had five. So good. I think Fomfomfom ate like 50.

They didn't want to feed me for supper either. I don't know why they think five dumplings' good for anything. I insisted so they gave me 50 kibble.

They better not starve me like this again tomorrow or I'm calling the police.



September 7th 2015 4:32 am
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The haze was bad today and there were no people or doggies around. It was boring. Then I saw dolly but she was so focused on the ball in the field that she refused to acknowledge me. I was so offended I barked loudly in her ear but she must be deaf. Then they cut short my walk and brought me home to clean my ears and wash my backside.

I'm so angry tonight.

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