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The roos

July 18th 2016 8:11 am
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They set out some rules regarding my meals so that I can't ask for tidbits all the time. For my health, they say. I may have a tidbit only after I eat kibble. Ok. So I eat less kibble and eat three times a night so I may collect 'em all, three kinds of tidbit. They giggled and said I am very smart. And sometimes I would lick my kibble for a long time but I can't bring myself to eat it so I give up. And they're heartbroken coz I'm trying so hard. So I get a tidbit too. Then they scratched their heads and ask why if they're setting the rules do they feel so manipulated?

I tell them I don't know; I always play by the rules.



July 17th 2016 11:51 pm
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Water has been seeping into Ah ma's bedroom floor. We don't know where it comes from but it gets very bad whenever it rains. Ah bee, our total defence IC, thought that maybe one day our 12th storey apartment could flood and she needs to make contingency plans for me. They tried to tell her that dogs know how to swim and she said obviously you haven't met The Rock's French Bulldog, Brutus (please just google that yourself).

So anyway, she has instructed Cha to keep one of the styrofoam boxes my frog comes in. It's the right size for me and thick and it has a lid and even handles so she can put her arm through the handles and pull me along while she swims.

And Plan B is our huge ice box but I'm thinking maybe Ah ma has to go into that one.



July 16th 2016 4:23 am
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We were sitting at the back gate when we heard this singing. It was loud, out of tune and came from an old Chinese lady who was sitting around with her maid. It was admirable how confident she was. Or unaware. Fomfomfom was flabbergasted and ah bee was trying hard not to laugh. The song was nice, I guess, despite everything.

I just thought how I'd have to put it in my diary tonight and how my styrofoam box story will have to be postponed to tomorrow.


Gotta catch 'em all!

July 15th 2016 8:46 am
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I heard the whole world is catching Pokemon. I don't know what a Pokemon is but it sounds like fun. I'm going to put on a cap, tie a scarf around my neck and carry my backpack and go a-huntin' the moment it is released in Singapore.

It's going to be such an adventure. Maybe I'll even find a dead body or two.


Liver monster

July 14th 2016 6:36 am
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Today ah ma bought some rather praiseworthy noodles for their lunch. There was liver in the noodles. I was sleeping after fomfomfom fed me some of hers. Then ah bee came and saw that I was sleeping so she didn't know to wake me or not. So she dangled the liver in front of my nose and of course I woke up. They were so tickled. But they ain't seen nothing yet. I almost managed to snap the liver from ah bee's hands in my sleeping position.

That was legend.


Babby longlegs

July 13th 2016 5:52 am
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It rained this morning and when we saw Baby in the evening, she was wearing booties. Tiny, black booties. They looked real stylish and expensive but Baby just looked silly. She looked so silly her maid continued laughing at her long after Fomfomfom and Ah bee had stopped.

Poor Babs.



July 12th 2016 6:36 am
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Today we met Rachel at the back gate and while she was fussing over me, she told us her Daisy passed away in January from renal failure. I remember Daisy; she was my friend. She was always happy and when ah bee used to go say hi to her, she always offered ah bee a slipper. We call her Daisy Schweetheart.

We're happy she lived a good long life. Bye bye, my friend.


Chinese brush and Japanese girls

July 11th 2016 8:43 am
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We were talking to Coffee and his mummy at the back gate today when two girls approached us coz they wanted to play with Coffee and I. They live in the next condo but come in to be tutored by Uncle Manchuria. They said we are kawaii-ne so Coffee's mummy asked if they are Japanese. They said yes. So she asked them how to say how are you in Japanese. The elder girl said something and her sister corrected her and said it should be something else. Yes, these girls definitely need tutoring.

Cha has many calligraphy brushes and Ah bee said the next time I cut my hair they should save the hair to make it into a brush for Cha. Specifically, the white hair from the tip of my tail. Then Cha says my hair is too soft and they'll need to mix it with some other stiffer hair. Fomfomfom told her to use the toilet brush. What a stupid idea. I'm thinking hair from her armpit might be better.

And ooh I got roo tonight. Yummers.


The way they pine

July 10th 2016 6:43 am
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Today fomfomfom and ah bee suddenly talked about Sammy the wretch and they wondered what she looks like now. They said she's their distant second favourite kid in the world. After me of course. Then fomfomfom had a brainwave and searched Facebook for Jonathan and Amanda and voila! We have a February picture of the whole family.

I don't know why they never thought of it until now.


But it's not my fault

July 10th 2016 12:04 am
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There's this black poodle we see her or him maybe twice a year. The owners are not friendly so we don't know anything about them.

We saw them maybe a week ago and the owner went off with her (I'm just going to assume she's a girl) when she saw me. I ran after them and I barked to say hello but I was not allowed to approach coz obviously the owner wanted to get away from me. So fomfomfom picked me up and brought me back to the block. Like that was going to stop me. I just went straight back to the place when I last saw them but pity they weren't there anymore.

So we saw them again today playing fetch at the field. When the owner saw us, he made her go to him and sit. I wanted to go say hello but fomfomfom didn't let me even though I kept barking. It was awkward so fomfomfom carried me away again. And because there was nowhere else to go and I was bound to go back to the field to look for her, they decided to bring me home 15 minutes early.

That's so unfair. Good thing we only see them twice a year.

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