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Olympics and Pokémon

August 6th 2016 8:50 am
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The Olympics started today. Fomfomfom tells me her favourite event to watch is women's heavyweight weightlifting. Luckily for me, they weren't showing that so we sat through some sculls and gymnastics.

Also, Pokémon go was released in Singapore today but they didn't bring me to catch any despite all the talk that they would. Maybe cha will bring me when she gets back tomorrow.


Silly Brownie

August 5th 2016 6:21 am
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This morning I saw Brownie and he was so purposeful. He walked right past me and his maid kept telling him loudly, it's xiaoping, it's xiaoping! Then it took so long but it finally registered and he swung right around and looked excitedly for me. I was bored by then so I walked off.

He's not too bright.



August 4th 2016 8:49 am
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I ate 4 kibble for my second supper just now. And they had to give me 2 tidbits in return. I don't know why they bother. Its such a waste of time; just give me the tidbits straight. Fomfomfom said it's a secret and we can't tell cha coz cha would scold all of us. But just minutes after she said that, ah bee was messaging cha telling her all about it.

That tattletale.


Like bread

August 3rd 2016 5:21 am
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This morning ah ma happily told fomfomfom the probiotics are making her poo poo so nice and easy. And because ah ma used to be a teacher, she had to explain to fomfomfom that probiotics are alive, like yeast in bread, that's why everything is so fluffy like newly arisen bread.

Fomfomfom couldn't tell ah bee about it fast enough. The way they laughed, I guess they're happy for ah ma.

I'm happy for ah ma too.



August 2nd 2016 7:15 am
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I've been so tired lately. Maybe it's because business at the back gate has been very good; it's very tiring barking at everyone, you know.

So I've been sleeping a lot. Sometimes they even have to wake me up to go to bed.

Ah bee is sleeping with me tonight. She said we can do the downward dog before we turn in.

I think it'd just be one downward dog and one sleeping dog.


They're disasters

August 1st 2016 3:50 am
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Last night fomfomfom and ah bee were talking about yoga and agreeing enthusiastically how it's a wonderful thing coz it's so natural. "Like xp. Xp is so natural," said ah bee.

"Xp is a disaster," fomfomfom said. What a rude person.

"Xp is a natural disaster," ah bee concluded sagely.

Listening to them lowers my IQ. Duh.


What is this

July 31st 2016 6:25 am
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Ah ma and Fomfomfom just came home 2 days ago and Cha took off today. What nonsense is this? I think they've grown complacent coz I haven't been taxing them. Time to bring it back.

And I heard it's finally durian season. Ah bee came home with 3 of them today. It smells like garbage. And they dare say I'm smelly.



July 30th 2016 4:29 am
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It's so wonderful now that ah ma is back. She cooked me pig stummy and gave me a bath. She kept saying hello to me because ah ma loves me and I love ah ma.

I'm not so sure about fomfomfom though. She brushed my teeth and made my gums bleed and she said "Gah!" And then she forced supplements down my throat.

But I think I'll take the good with the bad.


All together again

July 29th 2016 8:39 am
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Ah ma and fomfomfom are back! And they bought me roo!

It's a very good day. Even though there's no money for my shoebox coz ah ma lost all her money.



July 28th 2016 8:46 pm
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It looks like ah bee's boyfriend has decided to move in. I don't mind it so much this week coz it means there are more bodies in the house but I think he has got to stop coming once ah ma and fomfomfom come home. There's only one of me and It's hard taking care of so many of them.

Anyway I found myself with him this evening coz ah bee went to shower and I was hungry. So I told him I wanted to eat and he fed me kibble. It wasn't too bad; he knew to let me lick them one by one until I started eating. Anyway we were only onto kibble number 4 when ah bee came down and caught us. "What are the two of you doing", she exclaimed, "This is ridiculous!"

She's ridiculous.

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