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June 11th 2015 8:28 am
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Ah bee and her boyfriend went to the aquarium yesterday and he bought me a manta ray soft toy. It's black white and pink and it's got eyelashes. That means it looks exactly like me. It's called Skelly because ah bee says the real manta ray looks like it's got a Halloween skeleton painted on its belly. Right. Except the soft toy doesn't. Whatever.

And fomfomfom says I am a paragon of everything.

I am.


Too cute

June 10th 2015 4:19 am
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That day ah ma made us watch Too Cute on animal planet with her. It was about different kinds of kittens. I guess they were kinda cute.

I'm absolutely certain Garfield was modeled on a Persian cat.



June 9th 2015 7:43 pm
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We saw our neighbor, an elderly lady from China, and she said, "Oh is she pregnant!"

No I am not thank you very much. I have luscious hair that's all. Maybe we should have told her I am a boy.

They got me a new water bowl coz they think plastic bowls are no good. I looked at the new bowl for a while and then I shouted at them. I said what have you done with my old bowl. They tries to get me to drink from the new bowl but I refused. They gave it back after 30 seconds.

And they thought I won't notice. Pui.


National Remembrance

June 8th 2015 7:58 am
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Today is a day of National Remembrance. Tragedy befell our children and the country is very sad. Our flag is at half mast again.

My nose looked raw today and they were very concerned. They started googling and decided I must have been out in the sun too much. Just to be safe, they also arranged a vet's appointment.

And I noticed today Mimi's ear looks very infected. Poor Mimi.


Seeing red

June 7th 2015 12:03 am
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The other day (okay many days ago) ah ma got her blood test results back and ah bee asked if it's normal. Ah ma told her proudly there are no red marks and so ah bee left it at that.

When they got home, fomfomfom asked to see the report and she said to ah bee, "It's not bad, most numbers are within the boundaries."

"What do you mean most numbers? She said they all are!"

Turned out anomalies in this report are marked out with asterisks instead of red ink.

Ah ma is so silly.



June 6th 2015 6:00 am
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That day ah bee told us about people who grow hundreds and hundreds of teeth in their mouths. Um, I hope it's in their mouths. I thought of googling for pictures but I don't quite dare.

Just thinking about it gives me the crawlies.



June 5th 2015 4:00 am
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We saw Sammy at a distance and she immediately ran pitter-patter to us to deliver kisses. So cute.

My nose is peeling off its black and turning pink. No doubt I shall end up with a pink nose. And mebbe lips too. Luckily I always describe myself in vet records as black white and pink.

Now a bit pinker.


A very nice day

June 4th 2015 9:22 am
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Ah bee went to collect her new passport today. We thought she might have to wait maybe 30 minutes in line to collect it but no. All it took was 2 minutes and the machine spat out her new passport like an atm spits out cash. Only in Singapore, she exclaimed proudly.

And I saw a helicopter on the road today. It was on a trailer and stuck in a jam. What a funny and fantastic sight.

We also had good weather today. How lovely.



June 3rd 2015 7:52 am
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I saw on tv this pig mummy give birth to 7 piglets. Some of the little piglets are covered in polka dots. Giggles. How undignified. But so cute u know. They totter on their tiny legs. Ah bee and Cha refused to say they're never eating bacon again.

And there was a picture of a Shih tzu on Facebook with her ears done up in pigtails.

Oh very dear.


Bo jio

June 2nd 2015 8:37 am
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The weather has been a killer lately. It's been terribly hot and it's not just us; many people have died in India from this heatwave and even the roads have melted.

So we were mighty glad when it finally rained this evening. There was a nice draft in front of the kitchen so I slept there while they watched TV. Later they found out I found a nice cool spot and didn't share the info with them. Ah bee got upset and said they always ask me into air conditioned rooms and I should have told them about the nice spot I found.

I didn't think I did anything wrong but to pacify her I ignored fom and paid attention only to her after that.

It worked. Takes so little you know.

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