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The $64,000 question

July 28th 2009 8:27 am
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Ah bee said she'd come home at 10 o'clock today, so I messaged her at 10 o'clock to remind her it's time. Ah bee asked me, what time is 10 o'clock? Ah hah. This is where I outshine eliza by a mile. Whereas her "what time is 9 o'clock" has no satisfactory profferred answer yet, I have an answer for ah bee.

10 o'clock is time for you to come back and play with me!


Heads I win, tails you lose

July 27th 2009 8:18 am
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Ah ma has gone gambling again. I told her to put on a bet for me, but I don't know whether I've won or loss. Coz at press time, ah ma hasn't called home yet, she must have lost the time at the roulette tables.

Ah bee came back and sat down in front of me to say hello. Then she put me under her skirt. I pulled my head out immediately and reproached her severely. It's bad luck, I rebuked her.

If I lose that bet, ah bee will have to bear my loss. It's only fair.


At the rate of one per minute

July 26th 2009 4:52 am
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We sat near the playground today and watched the kids play. Ah bee grew increasingly horrified at what the kids thought were cool words and covered my ears. Ah bee said she'd never heard those words until she was in secondary school. Fomfomfom'd never heard those words before until this afternoon.

I'm only five and a half when I heard those words today. That makes me the coolest.


The wind is black white and pink

July 25th 2009 9:25 am
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Today fomfomfom bought me a new toy. His name is Dogu. He's a doggie on a stick and I fancy him as my personal tribal stick. I think it's the bee's knees to have a tribal stick but I don't think ah ma will let me bring him downstairs to show him off to all my friends. Ah ma gave fomfomfom a scolding for buying me yet more toys, and fomfomfom said it's a back-slapper for ah bee and not a toy for me. Ah ma didn't believe her at all and ah bee only giggled. I don't believe her either, it's obviously meant for me. My tribal stick.

I watched Pocahontas with fomfomfom in the evening. I shook my tribal stick with Pocahontas' father. Later I kind of just listened to it, coz I was tired from my evening runabout so I closed my eyes. But I listened and the songs were nice. I like colors of the wind. Kids should be so lucky to grow up with cartoons like that. I've only seen lilo and stitch before. I must watch more tv.


Live and let die

July 24th 2009 5:33 am
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I was reading the papers today and there was this article about a local law professor who pulled out of a teaching stint in NYU coz of her anti-gay stance.

How intolerant. I don't like intolerant people. I'm glad people started talking about it coz that would be the common person's voice. How devastating it would be if only people of status (like the lousy professor) are heard.

I don't discriminate. I play with shih-tzus, labs, jack russels and mongrels. Cats. And hairy babies.

Even fat and ugly people. Except for, perhaps, one.


New slave

July 23rd 2009 7:53 am
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Today fomfomfom bought me beef tripe and chewies on ah ma's orders. I sampled the tripe and I must say I approve. It's all new zealand made and natural with no additives, the very kind I like so much. Yums.

Then there was this new slave who arrived in the afternoon to take analyn's place. She snuck in through the back door and she didn't pay her respects to me until 3 hours later. I haven't decided if I like her or not. I only know she's very thin, so we must feed her more.

So frightfully thin.



July 22nd 2009 7:24 am
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Today I played with all the kids at the playground, and bean bean too. It was fun, just that the kids were ear-splittingly loud. My ears. Jonathan told fomfomfom, Apple, sushi. I screamed, nooooooooo! Don't listen to your sister! It's shi-shu, not sushi!

When the sun next gets eaten up by the moon, I must remember to nip eliza in her little behind so that she knows not to tell everyone I'm a sushi.


Fat sushi

July 21st 2009 7:19 am
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Today I passed by the playground and Eliza told her friends that I'm her fat sushi. I didn't know what to make of that so I walked away and watched them play. Her brother Jonathan aimed a kick and the ball smacked straight into 3 year old Nicky's face, and he promptly burst into tears. Their daddy laughed and picked Nicky up and it was time for Nicky and Eliza to go home. Big daddy holding tiny eliza and nicky's hands, I thought it was so lovely. And daddy started singing as he led them home. I love that family. It's only Eliza's incoherence that perplexes me.

My perplexity was forgotten as bean bean came ambling along. Fomfomfom held her up by her 2 front paws to say hello and I jumped on her from behind and humped her to show who's boss. Twice.

I ain't no fat sushi.


Petty petty

July 20th 2009 7:31 am
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Ah ma was still angry with me today. She refused to give me a belly rub until night. I don't know why she's so narrow of heart, it must be age. I didn't take it to heart at all, my heart is wide and open.

My mouth is also wide open. But they're not dropping good things into it. I mean, the food is ok, but it's always spiked with supplements for my joints. My hind legs are acting up again and I can't stand upright. But I can still run like the dickens when I see a cat. The vet woman says I must have one supplement pill a day, but fomfomfom only gives me half, since one pill is for doggies 5 to 10 kgs, and I'm only 5.8kg. Ah bee threatened to bash fomfomfom up if she doesn't start feeding me the full pill from now.

I am unwell, let me limp to ah ma for some lovin'.


Ah ma is angry with me

July 19th 2009 8:23 am
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It's just another lazy sunday. To spice things up, I decided to ask ah ma to give me a good belly-rubbing. And so it went, a belly-rub in front of the tv. Then I decided to bite ah ma coz it got a little boring. Ah ma was so angry and scolded me.

It's not so boring after all.

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