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We love watching the nanny on saturdays

December 13th 2008 8:28 am
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The wind was howling this afternoon and almost blew my ears off. Ah ma patted me and so I wasn't scared of the wind. Ah ma was pleased with me and generous with her lovin' coz I shat this morning. And ah ma gave me lotsa nice pork for dinner coz she says my insides are empty from lack of meat, that's why I didn't poop for 2 days.

Ah ma understands me best.


The moon is like a salted egg yolk

December 12th 2008 3:42 am
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Fomfomfom read online that a scottish terrier visited its master's grave everyday for fourteen years. So she told me, I must remember to do the same ya. I snorted, of course not. I only asked for a wii, and watch how fomfomfom dithers. Give me a wii, then we'll talk.

Oh oh, and I also want doggie stairs. All that jumping on and off furniture is no good for me. That can be my christmas present. The wii is my birthday present.

All that pining is leaving me constipated. I haven't done the deed for 2 days, starting from the day I realised my wii hadn't arrived. Ah ma is anxious. Good. Then maybe she'll start laying the pressure on her wayward daughters. All 3 of them tightwads.


My christmas present

December 11th 2008 7:15 am
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I stamped my feet this morning. I wanted my wii and the dance dance revolution game, but cha couldn't collect enough money for it. Fomfomfom used the excuse she hasn't liquidated her shares and ah bee fled the house first thing in the morning.

Luckily it rained heavily in the afternoon and I didn't meet the second floor kids. If they ask me one more time if I have a wii, I will break down. I don't care, I give cha till christmas to buy me the wii. After that, I will do the unthinkable.

For now it's still the unthoughtofble.


I'm a big girl now

December 10th 2008 6:54 am
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It is my fifth birthday today. There was a big mango cake with 5 candles, but I didn't get a bite. They took a lot of photos of me and the cake. Then fomfomfom and cha blew out one candle each and ah bee blew out 3. Then they proclaimed me a big girl and I was, like, swingin'.

During my walk earlier in the day, I met kiki and koko and they were so small their maid called me fat. I was so offended I thought maybe I can call the spca and complain she is starving her doggies. Then I will adopt them and feed them lots of food so they will get fat. Then I will return them to the maid and next time I see them, I'll call them fat. Take that!

I also met the kids from the 2nd floor and we had a shouting conversation. They asked me if I have a wii and I had to say no. I think they have one and they are playing lots of games on it. Cha promised me one for my birthday but I still don't see it. I felt inferior so I excused myself. I will tell cha all about this humiliating experience so she will feel ashamed of herself and buy me a wii.

Goodnight everybody!


My ah ma is back! *beam*

December 9th 2008 8:00 am
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It was boring, being at home alone with fomfomfom. Finally, the lift ping-ed and I jumped up and dashed to the door. Ah ma and ah bee were back! I wagged my tail so hard it hurt and I jumped and jumped and jumped. Ah ma screeched with delight and I got me lots of lovin'. And some roast goose.

My present was a branded bottle from the venetian macao. I must say ah ma and ah bee really understand my taste. I guarded it jealously the rest of the night, along with ah ma. Or the woman would sneak off somewhere again the moment I'm not looking.

Of course this is not a time to be grumbling. Everyone is back finally, except for merrilyn. But everyone assured me I'd get a new merrilyn tomorrow, in time for my birthday.

I can sleep in great peace tonight.


Cold front

December 8th 2008 6:22 am
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It was raining the moment I got up. And then it rained for hours. It was such a cold day. And then I had to pee, and cha brought me down, and I rebuked her for it was so cold. We were back home in 15 minutes. And they even gave me a shower with scalding hot water. I was so angry with them.

Then fomfomfom brought me down and the rain had lessened somewhat. And it was cool and I walked about for more than an hour before fomfomfom hauled me home. And then she gave me a shower. Two showers in half a day is too much for a girl.

Ah gong came back and said it was the cold front in siberia that had made its way down to singapore. I saw fomfomfom and cha snigger, and I thought I should side with ah gong for once. It is rather cold today. Siberia is not too far fetched.



December 7th 2008 5:27 am
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Fomfomfom was watching tv and sighing at mountains again. She wondered to cha, she must have been a mountaineer in her past life and I was her loyal doggie with a small barrel of whiskey on my collar. That's why she likes mountains so much and is my slave now. Cha didn't agree.

To be sure, cha didn't disagree. She just thought there could be lotsa possibilities. She thought perhaps fomfomfom was a grizzly bear and I was a bee. We were both on the mountain and fomfomfom stole my honey.

Well I dunno about the past lives, but I know for sure in my next life, fomfomfom is still gonna be my slave.


Ah ma and ah bee go on a jaunt

December 6th 2008 9:04 am
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Ah ma and ah bee took their lugguage, like merrilyn yesterday, and then I lost my temper. So I didn't say bye bye and they disappeared. Fomfomfom told me they were going off on one of their gambling binges again.

At night I was alone with fomfomfom and I started thinking, what if one day they all go on holiday and leave me alone at home with an automatic kibble dispenser? I'd be all alone with no light once the sun sets. I can't bear the thought.

So when cha came back, I put on my cutest face and kissed her for a long time. I think it worked. Cha assured me they'd sooner ditch fomfomfom than ditch me. With that, my heart was at ease and I want to sleep now.


Bye Merrilyn!

December 5th 2008 8:08 am
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This morning everyone woke up real early and I tried to steal a few more winks. But it was futile so I woke up with my usual enthusiasm. Merrilyn was going off with her luggage and fomfomfom carried me so I could say goodbye. Everyone said bye bye to merrilyn.

It turns out merrilyn was going back to the philippines. She has worked for us for 2 years now and it's time to go back home. Merrilyn has always doted on me so I want to wish her all the best.

I miss her already.


Kuai kuai long ti tong

December 4th 2008 6:23 am
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I don't know what that means. I just saw it on tv. No doubt the mystery will be revealed to us in the coming days.

I took a bath today. Just when I thought I was squeaky clean, fomfomfom picked out 3 grass seeds from the side of my belly. They were clinging to my fur and they took a shower too. It's the kind of seed that appears in your primary three science textbook.

I'm only in primary one.

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