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November 17th 2009 7:48 am
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There was a young girl from Singapore
Trottin' merrily on her fours
Seized by an itch
She yelled, "What a bitch!"
What happened next nobody saw.

Giggles. At least I hope no one saw. I fell on my bum and tumbled over as I tried to get at that itch and then I told cha I wanted to go home. Embarrassed. Giggles.



November 16th 2009 6:19 am
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It's wonderful. China is going to send singapore 2 pandas. I like pandas. They're big and cute and silly. I shall get my mamas to bring me to the zoo to look at the pandas.

And when no one's looking, I can bunch up my tail, sit between the pandas and wail loudly and pretend to be their baby. Giggles.


I was this close

November 15th 2009 8:20 am
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to getting the workinprogress scarf Ah ma left on the massage chair. This close. That Chacha had to come look for me. And she had to see me trying to get at the scarf. And she had to tell everyone about it. And everyone said Ah ma would hang me up and whip me for being so naughty.

But she didn't. She told Cha to fetch me my own ball of wool to play with.

Ah ma loves me. Beams.


Where do you think you are going with my pizza?

November 14th 2009 12:46 pm
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Two pizzas came and left. And I didn't get a single bite.

I need to have a word with someone about this.

In other news, it is Apec week in Singapore. It's so exciting. I saw pictures of Hillary Clinton having coffee at a Starbucks joint and Hu Jintao visting a school and a water plant.

Now if only Obama would come to our neighbourhood; I'd show him my favourite places. And maybe then pizzas won't disappear the way they did.


Rain rain go away

November 13th 2009 11:16 am
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Oooh how it rained today. I was wet and unhappy coz I couldn't walk as freely as I would have liked. Eliza must be unhappy too, she had a bbq going on today. I guess someone must hold a brolly over the food.



November 12th 2009 7:35 am
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No one was paying me any attention so I devised a game to play by myself. I had to curl up tightly and lie on an old t-shirt strewn on the floor. No part of me was to touch the floor. I circled the t-shirt quite many times while thinking how best to position myself before carefully lying down.

I was quite pleased with myself when cha strode out of her room and declared, your paw is on the floor! How offensive. I reprimanded her, I have hands and feet. She's the one with grubby paws.

Besides, I didn't invite her to play my game. Grumble.


My cycle-thon

November 11th 2009 7:19 am
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Cha wanted to join some cycle-thon. Being a cheapskate, she wanted to get 4 people to form a team. Fomfomfom's friend decided to pay heed to her old aching back, so cha was left scrambling at the last minute for a replacement. I thought, why not cha, fomfomfom, ah bee and me, we 4 can form a team? Fomfomfom should get a bike with a basket in front, and I can sit in the basket and we'll ride for 20 kilometres. How happy that would be.

I was a little upset when I learnt ah bee had found a replacement and no one had thought to ask me to join. I even had my water bottle and helmet ready.


My birthday

November 10th 2009 7:10 am
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I am 5 years and 11 months old today. Fomfomfom asked me what cake I wanted, but I didn't want any. Taking pictures with cakes that I never taste just isn't celebratory enough. I whispered in her ear, just so cha won't hear, I want kfc! One drumstick would be enough.

So while I was locked in cha's room in the afternoon and forced to nap, fomfomfom went to get me my chicken. She got a 3 piece meal, and I got the drumstick and half of another piece. I didn't get any chicken skin though, those are the best bits. Fomfomfom thought they were too salty for me.

I love kfc. Happy birthday to me!


Betcha didn't know that

November 9th 2009 7:29 am
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Fomfomfom's skin doctor told her we should never pop a pimple in the area above your lip and around the lower bits of the nose coz the bacteria will go to your brain. Via a vein.

I didn't know that. Scary.


No, I'm not a cat; I'm just playful

November 8th 2009 7:35 am
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They have gone knitting mad in this house. I heard someone in Ah bee's office got them started on knitting scarves for Mongol children. And Ah bee got us at home started on the same project. I think it's a wonderful idea, knitting scarves for the poor children.

It's wonderful also coz now we have many balls of wool at home. I saw them in a plastic bag on the floor. So I took off with the pretty pink wool and starting playing with it. The ball unwound and I ended up with a mess of pretty pink wool. I was about to roll in it when Ah ma came and took it from me, all the while scolding me (and everyone for letting me play with the wool).

I told Ah ma I was only trying to help by unwinding the wool for them so they may knit faster but she didn't buy it and I didn't get the wool back.

I need another plan.

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