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How lucky

August 30th 2008 9:15 am
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Today, fomfomfom and ah bee entirely fortuitously discovered ah gong had ignorantly exposed himself to unlimited liability. They were so horrified they chewed him up for hours. After they were done, ah ma had her turn. They spat him out only coz cha is coming back from New Zealand tomorrow and she will need to chew him up too. She'll probably swallow him whole after that.

Fomfomfom and ah bee told me if we go bankrupt, I'll have to go around with them begging for money and food. Kind of like the beggars ah bee saw in france. The beggars brought their pedigree dogs out to beg with them, it was heartbreaking.

I thought I can also hire myself out as a gofer. I'll invest in a little wagon and I can go to the train station everyday to help families buy groceries, coz there is no provision store inside the condo. Then I'll give my shopping list to the grocery auntie and tell her to fill my wagon for me. Meanwhile, I can dance for tips coz the human traffic at the train station is very high. I will have a little bowl people can put money in. Later I will deliver the groceries door-to-door. I can earn a little pocket money this way.

Then ah bee tried to feed me my kibble and I only ate one coz I thought we should scrimp if we can. My kibble is expensive. When we go bankrupt, we can boil my kibble for soup and the whole family can have some. The soup will be thin but beggars can't be choosers.

I felt a little better when ah ma said she won't let anyone take away my shoebox. My life savings are in it.


I met nygak nygak nygak again today!

August 29th 2008 7:53 am
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Of course we watched Pandamonium again. I told ah ma to buy me one of the baby pandas so I can play with her and make her call me mama, but ah ma said she didn't think they were for sale. It's a pity. Then ah ma thought the pandas were so dirty and wondered why the keepers didn't give them a scrubbing, like how ah ma scrubs me every week without fail.

I think the pandas should stay where they are and not wander about, in case ah ma gets her hands on them.


He gets Points for trying

August 28th 2008 7:12 am
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Ah ma looked ghastly this morning. We learnt that she had been up half the night vomitting, having diarrhoea and feeling unwell. Later she was better after she threw up the rest of the rubbish in her stummy and went shopping with fomfomfom. Of course it was fomfomfom who had to do the hauling of the 20kg of rice they brought back.

At night we watched Pandamonium again. This episode was all about the pandas mating.*blush* The commentator did a beautiful alliteration. He said, this planet's precious pandas. I love the letter P. Let me come up with one myself. This planet's pretty precious priceless pulchritudinous Ping Ping!



My accomplishment

August 27th 2008 7:57 am
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I had a bath today. Then fomfomfom tried to clean out my ears, and in the unpleasantness, I fell off my perch and into the bath-tub. I was terribly frightened, so I pawed my muzzle off. And fomfomfom only managed to clean out my ears halfway coz I won't let her continue.

She felt so bad about my tumbling into the bath-tub backwards that she gave me a treat. It's pig stummy. They were having pig stummy soup tonight so I got me a nice helping of pork and pig stummy. Yum.

Later ah ma invited me to sit on the sofa with her to watch Pandamonium. I jumped onto the safa and was settling down when I felt something descend upon my head. So I turned around and bit... ah ma's hand. Oops. So it was ah ma trying to kiss my head. I tried to explain to ah ma that since she never kisses me, I thought it was a tiger attacking me, so I had to defend myself. If she would kiss me more often in future, I won't be so alarmed. That didn't cut no ice with ah ma and I earned me 3 slaps on my head.

Oh well, at least ah ma tries to kiss me now. She used to scold my mamas for kissing me. Beam.


Pandamonium II

August 26th 2008 8:35 am
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We watched Pandamonium again tonight. I learnt that the panda I was trying to imitate last night, the one who gave birth on tv yesterday, had died in the Sichuan earthquake 3 months ago. The show was filmed only 1 month before she died. I was rather upset. Her poor baby is now an orphan.

I think by now most people have already forgotten about that terrible earthquake. I was guilty. It is a cruel world, and I think I don't want to be reincarnated any more. It's better not to exist and in this aspect, I have made a pact with fomfomfom. Our last lives! Glee.

That is my resolve and with that out of the way, I must comment on something. Do you know the baby pandas must be burped like a human baby? I wanted to laugh at them but out of politeness, I put my hand to my mouth and tried very hard not to laugh. Giggles.


I met a broom downstairs and it didn't get out of my way so- I had to walk around it

August 25th 2008 7:39 am
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Today cha brought out her luggage and I knew she was going somewhere for a few days. I don't like to see the luggage bag. But since she wasn't going to be stopped, I did the next best thing. I asked to be a stowaway.I told cha I wanted to stowaway in first class. But the luggage was already closed and locked and cha sadly told me there was no opening this time so we'll do the stowaway thing next time. I said ok. I asked her why she packed a bag in her bag, and she said she's going to buy me back a sheep, and the bag is for packing it in. I was happy again.

At night me and fomfomfom and ah ma were watching tv. It's a documentary about pandas, and it's called Pandamonium. Giggles. The pandas were so cute, they look like me. And I watched one give birth, the baby looked like a mouse. Later I tried to give birth too, I lay on my side on the sofa and opened my legs wide, but nothing happened. I don't understand it. And everyone laughed at me. I feel so discouraged.



August 24th 2008 7:51 am
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I was so innocent today. Ah ma kept feeding me pork and liver and all sorts of nice food, and fomfomfom practically threw me off the couch. She was so fierce about it. Ah ma also kept enticing me to walk through the newly installed barrier into the kitchen. I didn't dare to, I was only standing in front of the barrier listening to ah ma, and cha scolded me terribly. I felt so abused for nothing.

Later fomfomfom said sorry to me and told me it's all ah ma's fault. I told her I suspected her love for me is not all that she professed it to be. I felt so hurt at her physical manhandling. Fomfomfom was so apologetic she gave me lots of loving. Later, she asked me for a kiss but I refused to give it to her. She was a little sad.

I think fomfomfom is going to be on the warpath with ah ma for a while. I don't know whose fault it is, I only know I'm innocent.


Shut out

August 23rd 2008 7:51 am
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Today fomfomfom brought home a strange contraption. I couldn't tell what it is by its smell, so I waited for them to install it. It is a swinging gate, and it is fitted at the kitchen doorway.

I went to read the box it came in, and it says it's a safety barrier for toddlers. Now that is strange, coz we don't have any toddlers in the house. I only know that now I can't go into the kitchen like before, and I am very angry at this non-existent toddler.

It's all his fault. I am inconvenienced.


Don't cry

August 22nd 2008 9:55 am
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We didn't win a medal. We were placed fourth. Our Li Jiawei lost both matches and later when I saw her in the news being interviewed, she was crying. I felt sad for her but I was also very proud of her. I thought she was so flaky during all previous matches, but this morning when she was playing world number 1 Zhang Yining, I was so impressed.

I think if you had done your best, you shouldn't cry. When I think of our singapore table tennis girls, I almost burst with pride. I think they are entitled to swell their chests and walk tall and proud coz they have done their best for singapore and singapore is grateful.

We love you, Jiawei.


We love Feng Tianwei

August 21st 2008 5:55 am
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We were watching table tennis today. It was the women's quarter finals, or perhaps semi finals, I can never make head or tail of the rounds. Anyway, there were 16 women playing. There was Hongkong versus Austria, Singapore versus Netherlands, and such, a wonderful array of countries. But I noticed they were all chinese women. It was a little bit funny.

But no matter. Coz Singapore has 2 players in there, and we won both matches. It means we have 2 out of the 8 best female table tennis players in the world. Isn't that something? I'm so proud I'm on the verge of exploding.

And now we have one singaporean in the best 4 female players in the world. It would be great if we can get one more medal here. But it's ok even if we don't coz we are already showing very very good results.

Did I tell you I'm so proud I'm on the verge of exploding?

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