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Ah bee is very wad-tad

September 30th 2008 7:37 am
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Ah bee fancies herself a cantonese expert. So I told her something in cantonese and we thought it so fitting.

I met a dog poo activist this morning. This woman was walking her dog with her husband. Her husband was holding the leash and she was holding papers and a plastic bag. When she saw us she asked fomfomfom if she wanted some papers. Fomfomfom was confused and asked her, for what? The woman said, for my poo poo. Fomfomfom fished out a plastic bag from her pocket and told the woman she has a bag. The woman seemed satisfied.

We thought all sorts of people roam the surface of the earth and the strangest ones live in our condo.


I'm scared

September 29th 2008 9:08 am
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I almost forget to write my diary tonight. Maybe fomfomfom will spank my backside if I forget. Ah bee whispered to me if I forget to write my diary my day would have fallen into a black hole. It sounds scary. I shall resolve to write my diary everyday religiously. I don't like black holes.


Vroom vroom!

September 28th 2008 10:14 am
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Tonight we watched the F1 night race. Fomfomfom was brimming with pride and she kept saying that the whole world knows us now. Yes, I think the whole world knows us but I don't think they know us very well. Don't they know that we can't speed in this country? Tsk tsk, and they were going at 300km/h and crashing into barriers too. And making a lot of noise. That's terrible. The police is going to catch them and give them all summons. That'd teach them.

But I was rather inspired by it all and I think I will bring out my Mini for a drive.



Pioca pioca

September 27th 2008 9:34 am
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Cha came home with char kway teow and oyster omelette. I scored some fish cake and lup chiong. It was a little spicy coz Cha told the hawker ai hiam. I've never had anything spicy before. Ah ma always threatens to give me chilli padi to eat whenever I'm naughty but Ah ma is all bark and no bite. Anyway, I think I can learn to like spicy. It burns my tongue. It's fun. And exciting. Unlike F1. Which is not exciting.

So I finished up my bowl of water because my tongue was burning. Cha says I should drink milk because we saw on Mythbusters that milk works best. But I can't drink milk because Melamine is everywhere. And Melamine is no good because it makes babies grow kidney stones. I'm a baby. And I cannot allow stones to grow in my kidneys because I believe my kidneys are smaller than stones. So that means I cannot drink milk. Fomfomfom says that we will keep a cow downstairs and we will go milk the cow everyday. I'd have Melamine-free milk then.

I hope that translates into more fish cake and lup chiong for me.


livin' la vida luku but i didn't get no luku, i got pomelo

September 26th 2008 9:11 am
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Ah ma was giving me a belly rub and we were watching taiwan news together. She was nagging my mamas, about how they should all get married soon. So I had to bite ah ma. Ah ma was astonished and I told her, my mamas mustn't get married or there'll be no one to play with me anymore. Then I moved to the far end of the sofa to drive home my point and my displeasure.

There was no further discussion on the subject.


I'm a baby again

September 25th 2008 9:08 am
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It was kind of late at night when ah ma came back with her dreaded luggage. Ah bee had promised me in the morning she would bring ah ma back tonight. I was happy again. But ah ma was more excited about telling all about her casino adventure in macau than in giving me a belly rub.

After ah ma had finally showered, we settled down to watch taiwanese news on tv and life feels back to normal again.


Rainy morning

September 24th 2008 8:20 am
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This morning I awoke in great enthusiasism, as always. But cha and ah bee pointed to the sky and said, krong krong. It was raining, and what a slow rain it was. It was eleven am before fomfomfom finally brought me down and it was still drizzling. We walked only 10 minutes before I was shivering and we went home.



Guano guana

September 23rd 2008 7:53 am
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I spied 2 iguanas with my big bright eyes. They were on a tree. I tried to climb the tree to get at them, but it wasn't to be. I was disappointed. I wanted to bring one back as a present for ah ma coz ah ma is coming back soon.

Later, during a discussion with fomfomfom and cha, ah bee wondered what she would have done if I had gotten an iguana in my mouth. Perhaps she would dig it out out my mouth. Perhaps she would pick me up and hope I drop it.

All this hypotheticals are no good. I will go down tomorrow and try to get a real iguana. A hypothetical iguana is simply not good enough.


Cha says I look like a jack rascal

September 22nd 2008 8:48 am
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This morning I came across a strange looking thing. I can't imagine what it's used for, but I decided to bring it with me anyway. Later I learnt from cha that it's called a shuttlecock. I still can't tell what it's used for. I carried it in my mouth and trotted along. Afterall, it was my morning walk, I had to walk.

Then I came across a fellow canine I had to greet, so I dropped the shuttlecock and barked at him for a while. He must have been envious of my shuttlecock, but he doesn't have one coz afterall, shuttlecocks don't grow on trees. I showily picked it up and continued on my way.

Later I had to negotiate stairs. I asked cha to carry me down the flight, so she did, but she didn't take the shuttlecock. I sighed loudly and ran back up the stairs to bring my trophy with me, and this time, I walked down the stairs myself. Obviously you can't trust cha to do anything right.

I finally lost it when I put it down to pee and forgot about it. When I went back in the afternoon to look for it, it was gone. I was devastated. A little.


Where's your pizza?

September 21st 2008 8:14 am
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I saw that wretched luggage again this morning. This time Ah ma didn't even ask if I wanted to be a stowaway. She gathered up her stuff and declared that she was off to make a fortune. I'm not so sure about that. I don't think she has ever come back with money before. This time wouldn't be any different. Mark my words.

Fomfomfom says that she has received many complaints about me. Well, I wouldn't call two many and there's only one complainant. I merely chewed on Ah gong's sock and hid his shoe under the staircase. I don't see what the fuss is about. The sock will dry and he found the shoe, didn't he?

I need to go look for that elusive pizza now.

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