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We love chicken

March 29th 2009 9:12 am
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They had kfc for lunch. I insisted I must have kfc for lunch too. That's because it's almost like a communist colony here, except that there's a monarch, me. Therefore everyone had kfc for lunch today and I didn't order for anyone to be beheaded.

That's because I am a kind and loving monarch.


Strong medicine

March 28th 2009 9:27 am
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So I was due my heartworm medicine today. Happily, fomfomfom prepared to administer it when she realised the box was empty. Gasp, said she. So fomfomfom went to the vet's this lovely saturday morning just to get me new heartworm medicine (where her credit card was embarrassingly declined coz she had busted it this month).

I really didn't mind not having the medicine. But no one pays me any heed in this house, no siree. It was dutifully administered. The happy thing is that I didn't have to bathe today then. Today is reserved for the medicine to swim its way though my tight body. Bath day becomes tomorrow.

I'll worry about it tomorrow.



March 27th 2009 9:03 am
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It rained heavily all of a sudden tonight. I watched gibbons on the animal planet channel with ah ma and fomfomfom. They were cute, especially when the new born gibbon had to wear diapers. Giggles. I didn't wear diapers when I was young.

Then there was a sudden loud boom, so I jumped. Ah ma laughed at me and fomfomfom scolded ah ma and grumbled away while she patted my chest so that I won't be afraid.

Thunderstorms these days.


While we were on the sofa

March 26th 2009 8:03 am
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Uncle and Aunty Jimmy came this morning. I was happy and wagged my tail. But later Aunty Jimmy was so busy talking to ah ma she didn't play with me. I growled to gently remind her to play with me but she didn't notice. So I shouted at her and everyone was alarmed. So they played with me and we were happy.

They had to make me shout.


The call

March 25th 2009 8:10 am
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I sat by the phone this evening and looked at fomfomfom. She noticed me looking at her and asked me what I wanted. I didn't tell her. Ah ma walked by and fomfomfom asked ah ma if she knew what I wanted. Ah ma walked past me without stopping and then sniggered. Fomfomfom queried what's so funny, and ah ma told her I was waiting for a phone call.

Fomfomfom then made me sit with her on the sofa, all the while assuring me she would inform me immediately should a call come in for me. I told her I was waiting for my friend Isabella to call, and fomfomfom nodded knowingly.



March 24th 2009 9:21 am
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Fomfomfom came back with a laminated poster today. It is of a brown and white puppy in a shoe, of all places. Everyone thought it is so cute. I thought it looked like me when I was young, only that it was brown in places where I was black. So I asked cha for a black marker so I can change the brown into black and it would be a portrait of puppy ping.

But everyone said "Oh please". They said the puppy in the poster isn't even the same breed as me. I had to wave them off dismissively. Details, details.


End of a routine

March 23rd 2009 8:21 am
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Everyday at 530pm I'd watch Worldwide Exchange on CNBC with cha and wait for fomfomfom to come home. Everytime the lift ping'ed from 530 onwards, I would jump down from the sofa to go to the door. It has become a routine and routines are always comforting.

But today fomfomfom told me she'd fired her boss and it's her last day so she'll be at home holding hands with me all day everyday from tomorrow onwards. I asked her if that meant I won't have to wait for her at 530 everyday and she said yes. I felt strangely sad.


Life is too cruel

March 22nd 2009 8:06 am
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Fomfomfom and cha were driving home on the expressway when a dog suddenly spun on its back across 4 lanes right in front of them. Cha had to swerve without checking if there was a car beside to avoid hitting the dog. It was all very dangerous business.

They saw in the rearview mirror that the dog lifted its head after coming to a stop. It was a brown mid sized mongrel. Coz it was the expressway, fomfomfom and cha couldn't stop and reverse. So they came back home in shock. Later, cha and ah bee went back to see if the dog was still around but it wasn't. We figured it must be a good thing coz either someone had taken it to the hospital or it is not that badly injured and managed to walk off on its own.

We don't know how to help all those poor vulnerable animals out there so we will go to the SPCA and buy some Be Kind to Animals t-shirts and we will wear them all the time.



March 21st 2009 11:00 am
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Ah bee found an ant on my hair today. She told Fomfomfom about it and Fomfomfom said, "Naturally. Ants are attracted to sweets. And Pingping is honey, Pingping is sweetheart. Duh."

I cannot say much about Fomfomfom except that she tells it like it is.


Fishballs may be good for me

March 20th 2009 7:57 am
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Fomfomfom got her health report today. She is in such rude health, it's almost rude.That coz fomfomfom'd been bingeing on all sorts of junk since chinese new year and then her cholestrol went down. I must start bingeing too.

I met a toy poodle from the next condo today. Well, I couldn't technically see her coz she's so tiny. Only 3 months old. But coz I'm so smart, I knew she was there over the fence and I chased her and barked to show who's boss, and she was scared accordingly and I hurrumphed and strutted the rest of the evening.

Her owners expressed admiration at my harness. The poodle has only a little collar. To think, when I was her age, my mamas discussed bringing me out using dental floss.

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