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August 17th 2009 6:59 am
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My evening walk was more than an hour today. That is a great achievement because ah bee had insisted my walks be kept short. I don't like this arthritis thing. I'm so bored at home, I like to be downstairs. So fomfomfom thought of an idea. I would walk for 15 minutes and sit around the rest of the time watching the world go by. Ah bee won't kill her and I get to be out of the house.

It's almost like the good ol' days. Beam.


The ants bit me

August 16th 2009 7:33 am
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So I bit Ah bee.



August 15th 2009 11:41 am
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Today I met an old friend of mine. Remember Patch from the gardens? We bumped into him at the vet and he looks exactly the same as I remember him. That made me miss my friends from the gardens. I haven't seen them in a long long time. But I have new friends now so I guess I shouldn't be too upset.

Ah bee only managed to empty one anal sac today. She couldn't locate the other one. The vet woman said that the other one sank, that's why. Then she promptly emptied it. Ah bee was a little embarrassed and very relieved she didn't have to do it.

Fomfomfom grilled the vet woman about my arthritis and the vet woman said that there is this injection that would slow down the degeneration of my joints. This was where Fomfomfom wanted to strangle her. Now you tell us.

But first, we will do extensive research on this injection thingy just to be sure it won't do more harm than good.


My new scarf

August 14th 2009 8:55 am
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Cha came back from Taiwan today and bought me a new scarf. It's black and pink, I look so smart wearing it. I will wear it downstairs tomorrow to show everyone my new scarf and they will be envious.


First steps

August 13th 2009 8:11 am
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It was a momentous day. We saw the hairy girl walk on her own. She's finally grown up, we almost shed tears.

Next, she'll be mumbling gibberish like Nicky. How lovely.


Salmon's not good enough

August 12th 2009 6:56 am
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I don't like it that my walks now are now only twice a day and only 15 minutes each time. I'm still limping a little but I'm fine. Like just now, ah gong came home, I sprinted twice around the living room like an olympic champion. Ah ma and ah gong were so impressed.

That fomfomfom got the idea that fish fat is good for my arthritis and keeps feeding me salmon. It makes me smell fishy and it's not as nice as pork. I refused to eat my dinner today until she sighed and threw in some pig stummy.

This can't go on.


Smellin' like fish

August 11th 2009 6:05 am
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They were miserly with my walks today. I only went down twice and they added up to a total of 30 minutes. How unhappy. But I'm happy to report I'm feeling better today and I didn't need the painkillers fomfomfom went out to get this morning. And ah ma has changed my diet to fish. It was red snapper for lunch and salmon for dinner. It should have been red grouper for lunch, but one can always count on fomfomfom to buy the wrong thing from the supermarket. How nice grouper would have been. Snapper was hard and fishy. Fomfomfom had to endure the snapper for her lunch too, giggles.

We met Jonathan in the afternoon. He was already running amok at 4 plus in the afternoon. He said a cheery hello and asked fomfomfom if I'm a shih tzu-ki. Fomfomfom said, say what? Shih-tzu-ki, Jonanthan said and the pakistani kid screeched, he means suzuki! Everyone was confused and Jon asked for my japanese name.

?? Fomfomfom told him my name is xiaoping and I'm a shih-tzu. Then we left before the kids lowered our IQs further.


Still in pain

August 10th 2009 7:14 am
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It is my birthday today, I am 5 years and 8 months. But my arthritis is still acting up, though it was already better than yesterday. I didn't whine today, though I bit ah ma, ah gong and fomfomfom when they tried to pet me. And ah ma even bathed me coz it had already been put off for 2 days and I was so dirty. I was uncomfortable and limping. But I could still hobble over to my plate of pig stummy and gobble it up. It's my birthday treat after all.

The national day holidays these 2 days meant we can't go to the vet's to ask for painkillers, how untimely. But fomfomfom promised she'll go down first thing tomorrow morning to get painkillers so I won't have to be in pain again.

Fomfomfom told ah ma I'll have to eat fish regularly from now on coz it's good for arthritis. I prefer pork, but I think I'll be a good girl coz the pain is a real bummer.

But I like how everyone is heart broken and gives me extra lovin' even though I just bit them all.



August 9th 2009 9:25 am
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I don't feel too good today. My hind legs hurt. Must be the arthritis acting up. So I lay down most of the day and tried not to move. And I tried not to whine because I am a brave girl. Still I yelped a few times because the pain was just unbearable. Everyone is very upset.

Maybe I will feel better tomorrow.


Mao tou

August 8th 2009 9:16 am
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I met this doggie, he's brown and like a terrier of some sort and rather handsome. But he came on so strong, he started sniffing my butt immediately. I ran and he followed and I got angry so I shouted at him. He still won't give it up and I was on the verge of fighting with him when fomfomfom picked me up. His owner's friend had brought him down without a leash, and couldn't pull him away from me. So silly, both dog and person. His name is mao tou, which means fur head in chinese.

They call me mao tou at home too, it's my nickname. For me, it's just affectionate. For him, it's like a name for the village bumpkin, which is exactly what he is. Never seen a pretty girl before, eh.

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