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And they keep laughing

October 28th 2007 10:45 am
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They kept laughing at me coz when I sighed just now, two lines of mucus flowed down my nose. And then they converged to form er a lot of mucus. Like they’ve never seen mucus in their lives.

And they laughed at me too when they saw how I propped my feet against the wall while I slept. And they laughed again when they thought I didn’t know they shone a torchlight on my head to look for that elusive mitemite. Of course I knew. I know everything. I just don’t let them know that.

And have I told you I hate Sundays? The TV shows are just getting longer. They used to end at 10 past midnight but now they’re pushing on one. And I can’t sleep till the show’s over. It’s waaaaaaaay past my bedtime. And I have to be up early tomorrow to welcome the mahjong gals too.



Hot and humid

October 27th 2007 10:27 am
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Today Cha asked Ah ma of what colour my belly is. Ah ma was stumped. After 4 years of rubbing my belly. It’s unbelievable. I am terribly hurt that Ah ma doesn't know as much about my belly as I know hers. I only felt slightly better when she gave me extra lovin' to make up for it.

We bumped into he rabid Shih Tzu at the gardens just now. Cha praised him for being so dignified and calm in face of my exuberance. Er, hello, he's only pretending. Why do you think he's called The Rabid Shih Tzu?

They cleaned my right ear just now because Ah ma complained that it smelt like salted fish. I know I should be angry with Ah ma but I’m not. Coz Ah ma loves me and I love Ah ma.


Xu Su Ping = Shih Tzu Ping, Ahammaandaguanaformymama, Laomi,- dami, ermi, sanmi and xiaomi!

October 26th 2007 10:56 am
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I was terribly upset when I couldn’t find Fomfomfom and Ah bee this afternoon. I kept going into Fomfomfom’s room to look for her coz I wanted to go to the gardens. I kept telling Cha that aliens must have beamed them away but she didn’t get what I was trying to tell her.

Luckily the aliens returned them. Even the aliens didn’t’ want them. But I didn’t get to go to the gardens until it was almost 6 coz they complained that it was too hot. Actually I will have to agree. Today is a scorcher. None of my friends were there. We did see Patch in the distance but I didn’t get to play with him. And we saw a pretty Shih Tzu too. He’s too pretty. And that is just wrong. Boys aren’t supposed to be pretty.

That stupid duck at the gardens is simply asking for it. It tried to attack me again. Ah bee was quick to scoop me up. Lucky for that duck I say. It wouldn’t want to go up against me. It would have been embarrassing. For the duck of course. One of these days.


Apple! Vinegar! Tomato!

October 25th 2007 10:42 am
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I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for the past 30 minutes and I can’t think of anything interesting to write. I didn’t do much today. We went to the gardens and bumped into Melmel, Chipchip and the rabid Shih Tzu. There was also this gigantic dog but he was muzzled. They say he doesn’t like small dogs. He looks like he eats small dogs for breakfast so we didn’t linger.

I had chicken wings for supper just now. They are quite quite wonderful.



That innoncent sleeping posture

October 24th 2007 9:23 am
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Ah ma went out and bought a book on Shih Tzus. She was all excited and started reading the book aloud when no one was exactly listening to her. Then she would point to the pictures of the Shih Tzus in the book and comment on them.

She was so busy reading the book she didn’t pay any attention to me. So I went to sit next to Fomfomfom and sulked.

I had to take a bath just now and I bit Ah bee. Ah ma kept saying that she will beat my backside coz I did something wrong. That’s what the book says, she informed everyone.

I should just burn that book.


Smoke gets in their eyes

October 23rd 2007 10:10 am
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1.) We met a couple of Schnauzers in the gardens today. Their owner says they’re Double Trouble. I forgot to ask which one’s Double and which’s Trouble coz they were dragged away really quickly.

2.) The Dow did a deep-v today at about 11.30pm our time. Fomfomfom says it’s just like her cleavage.

3.) I smell the nicest in this house but my barang smells the worst. No one knows why.

4.) I have a new toy- it’s a ball of yellow raffia string. Ah ma hung the linen on it. I don’t think she is going to hang anything on it ever again after I am through with it.

5.) Ah bee says I look and behave like a little bandit. Because of the black around my eyes. And because wo hou sneeeeeeeeeaky. *giggles*


I didn't honk today

October 22nd 2007 9:22 am
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My Ah ma warned of a repeat of Black Monday twenty years ago. Economics, is all about cycles, she says. The Dow did drop 4% the whole of last week but it was nothing to scream at. Allow me to tell you about another thing that goes around in circles. And it gives you plenty to scream at too. Believe me- you would scream if you had seen this too.

Fashion, people, fashion goes around in cycles too. That is why Cha can’t wait for bell bottoms to be in again. She will break out her purchase from HK the moment bell bottoms are in vogue again. And it also explains why Fomfomfom and Ah bee dug out their jeans from donkey years ago. Fomfomfom was appalled, when she put on her old jeans, at how high waistlines were. She is going to be the most chic person around when waistlines go back to where they were. And Ah bee too. Ah bee says I will have to mention the jeans that she has been keeping for ten years. It’s red, highwaisted, skinny and cost her a bomb.

Mo gnan tai ah.


Jolly and gay on a Sabbath day

October 21st 2007 10:22 am
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Hmm, did I do anything worthy of mention today? Oh, after dinner, Merrilyn and I, we sat outside at the porch and she rubbed my belly. It was lovin’. And then I went up for more lovin’ from Ah ma. Then I got plenty of lovin’ from Fomfomfom when they were watching that horrid Sunday night Korean drama serial. It was a lovingly wonderful day.

In other new, we heard that Dumbledore is gay. I overheard Fomfomfom and Ah bee talking about it. No one in this house reads Harry Potter- Ah bee gave up after the first book- but we all know who Dumbledore is. Now we know what he is. He is gay. How utterly unnecessary.



October 20th 2007 1:47 pm
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I slept for the longest time after dinner today. So I was particularly energetic at night. They told me that it was time for bed but I wasn’t feeling sleepy. I wanted to play. So I jumped around. Growled at Fomfomfom. Chewed on Ah bee’s hands. Humped Cha’s leg. Demanded more tidbits. Wandered in and out of the room. Then Cha chased the two of them out and turned off the lights. I am writing this in the dark now so I shall stop here. It’s not good for my big beautiful eyes. So good night.


Boys and girls

October 19th 2007 11:23 am
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We met Ah bee’s friend at the gardens today. I’ve seen her once many many years ago when I was still a baby. She said I’ve grown a lot. I should think so. It would be mighty strange if I am still as tall as a milk carton. Now I reckon I am 2 milk cartons tall. *beams*

But I didn’t meet any of my friends so I was naturally a little rabid when I saw this Schnauzer-Poodle. I tried to chase him but was held back. It’s not fair the way they use my harness against my will. And speaking of my harness, Fomfomfom says she will buy me a new one. I told her I want a red one, like the one Diva has. Then people will know immediately that I am a girlgirl. The blue one I have now simply doesn’t cut it. What were they thinking?

Everyone should just have either red or blue harnesses. Yellows, greens, those are silly. You can’t tell if the doggie is a boyboy or a girlgirl from yellow harnesses. And worse, leopard prints. I must tell Jan yiyi to buy my sigui a new blue collar. A thick one.

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