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It seemed like a good idea

January 24th 2010 8:06 am
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We met rachel and her hamster today. The hamster was in a ball and the ball was on a leash. Her name is Chocolate, the hamster not the leash. I thought that was such a good idea coz the hamster gets to go around in a sterile environment and doesn't have to wash her feet later when she goes home. I told fomfomfom I also want a ball like that. She can leash the ball while I go zorbing around the condo.

But one can't pee and poo in the ball. I mean, one can, but.....hmm. I think I'll just leave the zorbing to hamsters.



January 23rd 2010 6:59 am
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I got egg rolls to eat today.

That means Chinese New Year is coming.

Which means lotsa goodies.

Can't wait!


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

January 22nd 2010 8:00 am
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I was watching tv with my mamas. It's about people with OCDs. It's so interesting. Like the show we previously watched about hoarders. So real life, but so far out. We love the bio channel.


My new handbag

January 21st 2010 8:10 am
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I met mr dead rat again today. He's like all dried up in the wind and sun, I thought perhaps I can take his nice fur and make me a new handbag. In my hairy handbag I can put coins and buy snacks from the minimart.

But fomfomfom won't let me go near mr dead rat. Boo.


Just let me sleep

January 20th 2010 7:55 am
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They always talk non-stop and not let me go to sleep. My eyelids keep getting heavier and i have a hard time keeping my eyes open. Ah bee suddenly accuses fomfomfom and cha of putting me to hard labour in the day when she's not at home, that's why I'm always so sleepy at night. They deny it vehemently and ah bee promises me she'll bring me to work tomorrow so we can do some civil paper pushing and not be treated as a slave at home. But I told her I'm not well-educated and can only do menial work.

Oh my poor pingping, she cooed.


Not a bad thing

January 19th 2010 8:26 am
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Everyone was so tired tonight, we just wanted to hurry and get into bed. Ah bee thinks ah ma must have spiked the soup, she can't stand how we always linger till well past midnight before going to bed.



Kids say the darnest things

January 18th 2010 5:44 am
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We had an eliza encounter again today. On learning that we eat rice for dinner, she declared that they do too, hence it's double trouble. And double trouble means it's superfast.

Scratching our heads, me and fomfomfom wandered off. Eliza decided to follow us, and dragged nicky and their maid along. Since so many people were coming along, I decided to put on a performance. So I pooped for their viewing pleasure.

Later we adjourned to the minimart and fomfomfom bought snacks for all. The kids were so happy fomfomfom said she'll buy them snacks everyday. Now they must go home for dinner and we'll see them tomorrow, same place same time. Eliza said, don't be late! And their maid stifled a gasp.



Put me down as prosecution witness one

January 17th 2010 7:58 am
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Today I witnessed a fight. A real fight. We were sitting in front of the shop when we heard some loud noises. I told Fomfomfom and Ah bee that two guys were fighting. We watched them for a while until they fought out of our vision. So we hurried and walked closer. That was when we realised they weren't fooling around coz one guy was just raining punches on the other. Said other guy fell to the ground and lost one shoe. Guy One picked up the shoe and Ah bee said to Fomfomfom wah he's not too bad he even picked up his shoe for him. Spoke too soon. He used the shoe to hit the fallen guy on the head. Repeatedly. And dragged him across the road. I looked around and up at that time and I realised everyone was sticking their heads out of their apartments and there were people watching around us as well. Some people were yelling at them to stop and two men ran down in their boxers to pull them apart.

Wow. I haven't seen people fight before.



Guess who has a new scarf

January 16th 2010 9:24 am
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Serene jiejie tied it around my neck after I was done with my grooming session today.


Everyone said I look so pretty with my new haircut and in the pretty pink scarf.

But of course.


Dereliction of duty

January 15th 2010 9:55 am
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Mr Dead Rat is starting to look very undignified indeed. And he's starting to smell. The wind was strong today it carried the smell everywhere. Luckily fomfomfom is not averse to rats, dead or decayed or otherwise. I played downwind for a while.

Maybe we should speak to the management office about it. The cleaners deserve a spanking.

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