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A day for disappearances

July 1st 2010 8:36 am
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I had hardly felt it, but suddenly I can barely see the trains from my window anymore. The new condo has been going up insidiously and in a few days' time, I won't be able to watch the trains go by anymore. I sat and waited for a train tonight.

Ah bee sat down with me and we waited. Later, ah bee led me by hand and I followed her, afterall, we must learn to let go of things. I was coming to grips with my disappearing trains when ah bee disappeared too.

Oh, it was too much. I looked left and right and went into every room, fomfomfom and cha leading the way, providing a live commentary as we went. There was no ah bee! I got really anxious, and ah bee suddenly appeared again.

It seems they had been making fun of me with that disappearing episode. Oh they make me so angry. What insensitive creatures my ah ma raised.


Snake alert

June 30th 2010 7:34 am
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Ah ma saw a black snake in the drain this morning when she was coming back from the market. So we have to be very careful when I go down. I'm not allowed to stick my head in bushes where my mamas can't see me.



Cosy corner Number 1

June 29th 2010 6:00 am
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My aircon is leaking water. Cha decided she wasn't going to sleep with the aircon on last night and ah ma declared I was to sleep with fomfomfom. They shifted all my beds and rug to fomfomfom's room. All that was left was an empty space.

I started to get real anxious when I saw the empty space. I went to fomfomfom's room and sniffed at the replication of my sleeping quarters and I started pacing between cha's room and fomfomfom's.

My mamas' decided it was taking too big a toll on me so they let me sleep with cha. There were profuse apologies for trying to shift my cosy corner, and I'm not sure I want to forgive.

Happily, the aircon cooperated and didn't leak all night. I was comforted.



June 28th 2010 7:35 am
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Eliza informs me that her deceased soft toy doggie pinky has come back to life. Her name is now flinky. It is true, I saw flinky with my own big eyes.

Well, ain't that nice.


Second bath in two days

June 27th 2010 8:31 am
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I had to take another bath today. Because Fomfomfom forgot to administer my heartworm medicine yesterday. Hmph.

At least Paul the octopus didn't disappoint. Hasn't. Yet.

Ole ole ole ole!



June 26th 2010 9:35 am
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We saw a baby lab today. He's so tiny he must not be more than a month old. He started pooping on the road and his owner tried to pick up his poop with a piece of newspaper. Instead, he somehow managed to smear the poop all over the road. They then hurried away embarrassed.



My new apartment

June 25th 2010 6:28 am
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I went for the 1st time to our new place. Actually it's not mine yet, it's a unit in the same condo ah ma and ah gong bought in my 3 mamas' names. It was wonderful, my 2 ah yi mamas and ah ma and ah gong were all there, I ran all over the place checking it out, and I went 3 times in 1 hour and everyone laughed at me.

I've convinced fomfomfom to give her share to me legally. Now we just have to kill cha and ah bee, their share will legally devolve to fomfomfom, who'll then give it all to me.

Yes, I like the place that much.


My improved bets

June 24th 2010 8:42 am
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I thought long and hard about how to improve my world cup betting results. So far I had lost 80 dollars without winning anything. So yesterday, I decided to watch the match between slovenia and england very carefully.

Somewhere, england scored a goal and I decided to place a bet then, that england would win. I made ah bee be the bookie this time round and I placed a $100 bet on england. She was somewhat reluctant to accept my bet but I scolded her that a bookie can't be selective coz it'd be discrimination and she shamefacedly accepted my bet.

I must remember to collect $100 from her. This strategy is working.



June 23rd 2010 8:49 am
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Ah ma kept disturbing me today. I would be sleeping in my room and she couldn't pass by without coming in to call me lazy. At night my mamas was watching the world cup and I was catching twenty winks and ah ma still couldn't pass me by. She planted her newspapers in front of my face and told me to read the papers. I didn't want to, and she slapped my backside with the papers. I jumped and all my mamas protested and ah ma cackled happily.

Ah bee told me to go into ah ma's room tomorrow afternoon while she's having her nap, call her lazy, fart and then run like the wind. Maybe then she won't always disturb me.


The sun

June 22nd 2010 9:40 am
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Fomfomfom was accosted by a neighbour who wanted to chat this evening and I had to hang around while they wagged their tongues. They couldn't have picked a better place, though? I sat facing the sun, which was having a real ball and being real glaring. Fomfomfom kept thinking the conversation would end any second so she didn't move me. Later, it must have been 5 or 10 minutes, she looked at the sun and wondered if I had suffered eye damage.

Now I have to learn the alphabet so that the vet woman may conduct an eye test on me next month.

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