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August 15th 2010 8:59 am
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Cha is back from her hiking/climbing trip! I can sleep soundly at night now that everyone is accounted for.

Except a group of exchange students moved in next door and like the batches before them, they make a lot of noise. I cannot remember if I've talked about this before but singing, whistling, whooping and slamming doors at 1am at night is very un-neigbourly behaviour. We set the security guard on them once but he didn't manage to speak to them. We've been thinking about how best to tell them to keep all that exuberance in check and finally we have an answer!

There is this weekly column in the papers and it's called the ex-pat files. Today's article is entitled "Face to face with culture shock" and the writer tells of the time when she was in Japan and how the first thing she did when she got there was to hold a huge party for all her friends till the wee hours of the night. That's a no-no in rural Japan when no one makes noise after 10pm, as the article goes. She was soon set right in her ways.

That article cannot come at a better time. We will cut it out and paste it on the neighbours' door. And we will include in our postscript - "because we are not in rural Japan (just heartland Singapore), 11 p.m. is fine!"

And because we are such good neighbours, we will throw in a gift - a bag of durians - to welcome them to our little estate.



YOG 2010

August 14th 2010 9:18 am
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Can't go wrong with fireworks. Ya.


They're not that dirty

August 13th 2010 8:25 am
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Fomfomfom finally completed her 1500 piece jigsaw and freed up the table, which ah ma promptly saw as a chance to use to sun my toys.

She washed my toys thrice!



August 12th 2010 7:09 am
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There must have been a garlic bumper harvest recently. Ah ma's serving so much of it and fomfomfom's eating so much of it. Raw!

And then fomfomfom brings me down for a walk. I feel so embarrassed.



August 11th 2010 8:34 am
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Ah bee found a tick on me yesterday. Fomfomfom found another on me today. They disposed of both of them unceremoniously.

I'm losing all my friends, at the rate they're going!


Smoke gets in my eyes

August 10th 2010 4:52 am
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It's my 6th year and 8th month birthday today, but I might as well not mention it. No one celebrated for me and I got no special treat. Boo.

It's also the first day of the hungry ghosts' festival, that got a lot of celebration. People were burning offerings like it was going out of style and the air was full of ashes and smoke.

Me and fomfomfom both got a little misty-eyed.


National Day

August 9th 2010 5:06 am
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We are 45 today! So happy; I love how everyone is so patriotic.

Ah ma cooked braised lion's head for dinner and I told her I should get one since it's National Day. You know, lion and Singapura. Same same. She bought it and I scored myself a lion's head. Yums. This is the only way to celebrate National Day.

After that we were walking downstairs when the jets flew past and we were trying to get a good look at them because we hear there are new jets on display this year.

Then Fomfomfom pointed at a black spot in the sky and said, "Oh look! There's one! But why is there a trail of whatisthat? Smoke? And how far away is that? How come it's not moving much?"

So Ah bee and I took a look and then we exchanged glances. I certainly wasn't going to do it so Ah bee started, "Er we think that is a kite."

I think Fomfomfom needs a refund on her lasik.


Too cute

August 8th 2010 8:23 am
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Eliza Lee must be the cutest 5-year-old in the whole wide world. One moment she's the shy child who doesn't want to have her picture taken; the other she's acting like a 65-year-old Italian mafia boss. And let's not forget the in-between when she's Beyonce.

We want to kidnap her.


Ah Ping and her sock

August 7th 2010 9:43 am
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Fomfomfom took one of her old socks and gave it to me. She figured I'll like it since I like everything smelly. Later she took the sock and hung it on my collar. It looked like a tie and I thought I looked pretty smart. So I told Ah me I want to wear it down to show it off. That was when she protested loudly. She said people would laugh at me for wearing a sock as a tie. I think she is more afraid people would laugh at her.

So I am only allowed to wear the sock at home. To cheer me up, Ah bee said she will put some tidbits in the sock for me.

Christmas came early this year!


Out of stock

August 6th 2010 9:55 am
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We tried so hard, but have finally come to the conclusion there is no kangaroo jerky to be had in the whole of singapore. Not even if I keep shouting.

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