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April 6th 2010 8:55 am
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Ah bee worked late today so she can skive and take leave tomorrow. Whee! We shall have so much fun tomorrow.



April 5th 2010 8:27 am
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Ah ma fed me loads of duck insides for dinner, there was a duck heart, which ah bee begrudged me, and gizzards, and liver. All stewed in soy sauce, yums. Then after my evening walk, ah ma instructed fomfomfom to serve me up a plate of pig stummy, and fish maw and stuff.

I was so full I almost fell unconscious. I lay there for hours, all the blood in my stummy and none in my head. My mamas had to rub my stummy for me and I finally regained consciousness in time for supper.

Ooh, it's time to sleep now.


Mashita's coming back in three days.

April 4th 2010 8:04 am
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So we went to see another vet early this morning. She says there are lipid deposits on the surface of my left eye and she prescribed an ointment for it. She didn't seem too worried about it and said we can go back five days later to have my eye checked. She's certainly more experienced and a lot surer than that young vet we saw previously. Still, we're going back in three days and we'll be seeing my regular vet whom I have mentioned, is the authority on everything eyes.

Cannot be too careful.


What the vet again?!

April 3rd 2010 9:24 am
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Ah ma thinks that there's something wrong with my eye despite my jumping around and usual antics. So we are going to see another vet tomorrow morning. For a second opinion. And then when the vet woman comes back from her holiday (that wretch), we will go see her for a third opinion. But don't be mistaken; we value her opinion the most.

Maybe they will give me an Easter egg to make up for this.



April 2nd 2010 10:10 am
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Even Ah ma has noticed there is something wrong with my eye. She said it's not as big as it was before. But the vet we saw said there is nothing wrong with me and they've been putting eye drops in me eye twice a day, like she said.

We're going to be first in line when the vet woman comes back and then Fomfomfom is going to beat her up for not asking us for permission before she left the country.


We love puppies

April 1st 2010 8:52 am
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Cha and ah ma went to sweep the cemetery today. They met this little baby mongrel girl, who followed them everywhere. Cha almost brought her home coz she was so cute. Even ah ma swooned. But the ching ming festival meant many people were going to sweeping the cemetery and leaving food around so we didn't cut her party short. Besides, her siblings were also there with her. She's one happy girl. But she had a skin problem, we hope she gets well soon.

Later, ah ma's brother and his wife arrived from china. I was the perfect host and entertained them selflessly all night. Yawn. How tired I am. Time to go to bed.


Me good girl

March 31st 2010 9:54 am
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I was a real good girl today. I let cha and fomfomfom put eyedrops in my left eye without kicking up a fuss. Twice! Fomfomfom was so pleased she went out to buy my favourite tidbit. Alas, it wasn't available and she got me some scallops from japan.

I didn't like it.


We should have kidnapped camote!

March 30th 2010 8:23 am
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Fomfomfom and cha dragged me to the vet today. She's a new one, I haven't seen her in my life. Anyway, she put this yellow stain in my eyes, peered, then stuck a piece of paper into my eye to check for tears. And she couldn't find anything wrong.

Fomfomfom interrogated her like a criminal, I almost felt sorry for her. She ended up giving me eyedrops just to get fomfomfom off her back, I guess.

The bad news is I'm almost certainly returning next week to see the regular vet woman who's the authority on all things eyes. She's apparently gone gallivanting, that's why we were so unhappy today.

Eyedrops for 5 days, yucks.


My eyes

March 29th 2010 9:03 am
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I didn't quite want to open my eyes last night. My mamas got worried and kept looking, but thought I might just be tired so they let me go to bed. Fomfomfom and cha checked me at 4am, but I was sleepy too.

They decided I was ok this morning but now are getting paranoid again. My eyes are red, tearing and opened only halfway. But hallo, it's amost midnight! And it has been decided, I'm going to the vet tomorrow.



So bad

March 28th 2010 8:59 am
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They refused to let me go near this big fat dead pigeon near the swimming pool. Ah bee says she is sure the cleaners are going to ignore it, just like how they left mr rat under the tree until he is no more. That's one more thing to complain about.

We say one more thing because we bumped into Auntie Amy who lives a few doors down and she was telling one of the committee members of the condo that it is unacceptable how these housing agents leave their big advertisements in prominent places and no one removes them. "Are they paying rent on this? If not why is this big signboard still here? If they're paying, who's accepting the money? This is chiat lwee you know."

We know. We like Auntie Amy.

And maybe I can bring the dead animal issue up with her one day.

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