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Spicy wings

October 30th 2009 9:20 am
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I requested a little of what ah bee was eating. It was some duck wing cooked da szechuan style. I mean, da szechuan style. That's somethin'. Ah bee was impressed when I took it all in and asked for more. But I didn't get much coz they feared my stummy would be a-rumblin' all night.



Eeyore is back from NY

October 29th 2009 6:43 am
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Cha cha is back from New York!! She snuck back in the wee hours this morning at 1am, and I bounded up to her in a furry welcome. I expect an appreciation of USD $100. Thank you cha cha. In my shoebox please.

Which I will use to buy many many brown rats. Since ah bee didn't make good on her promise. So I went to the fence again today to try my luck. No brown rat. So I sniffed around a bush. No brown rat. Except that there was. Fomfomfom later told me the rat ran out from the bush from where I couldn't see and ran across the fence. I knew it. I could SMELL it.

Darn rat.


The one that got away

October 28th 2009 8:15 am
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I paced the fence today looking for a brown rat. It was grooming itself when I met it nose to nose, then it ran away. I walked up and down, hoping to make its acquaintance again but fomfomfom begged me to go home after 25 minutes of futile searching along 6 feet of fence. I refused and fomfomfom said ah bee will buy me a brown furry rat tomorrow if I would just give it up.

Ok then. Thank you ah bee!



October 27th 2009 8:02 am
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Yesterday, eliza made a startling discovery. She articulated it thus: sushi has a tongue!

Well, eh. So I have a tongue. Fomfomfom was stroking my head and eliza asked, what's that? Fomfomfom looked at me and said, that's sushi's eyebrow. Do you have eyebrows?

Eliza thought about it and said, I have lipstick.


Silent P

October 26th 2009 8:11 am
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We were watching tv yesterday when ah bee suddenly sat up and asked fomfomfom, how was that dancer's name pronounced again? Fomfomfom said she didn't hear, I wasn't surprised, fomfomfom is pretty oblivious most of the time.

Ah bee decided that name was pronounced with a silent "p". I thought that was so cool. Fomfomfom and ah bee thought so too, and we decided my name will be pronounced with a silent "p" from now on.

It does take some getting used to.


Why we hate people

October 25th 2009 8:25 am
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To continue with why I hate people, 2 more reasons today. I was tired and ah bee was carrying me home when we walked by our 15 year old neighbour. He must have been trying to impress his 2 ugly female companions when he said, loud enough for ah bee to hear, that I'm just a dog, why all that carrying? We went home and ah bee was so angry she marched down immediately and demanded to hear again what he said. Oooh, what a coward. He squirmed and denied having said anything, and apologised as ah bee turned to go. Apologising for not having said anything? Not just rude and ugly, but stupid too.

Enter fomfomfom the private justice doer. She marched down with me and ah bee a couple hours later and paraded me in front of the 2 ugly girls and cowardly boy and glared at them so hard they must have wished they were never born. Kids these days are so horrid. Whatever will they grow up to be.

2nd reason. Fomfomfom's friend opened a pet grooming shop for a couple of months and in that short time, she saw many neglected dogs in terrible condition. Rotting flesh. Maggots in ear. Her 21 year old female groomer hung a dog by its neck coz it was uncooperative during a grooming session, to punish it. And didn't think it was wrong to do so. The friend promptly fired her. Fomfomfom is determined to rear a private army to dispense private justice in future. I will be the commander in chief.

Watch out, bad people.


Ah bee finally paid up

October 24th 2009 10:25 am
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I heard two things that upsetted me today. The first is that a doggie died because his groomer was impatient and hit him on the head with an electric shaver. The second is that Dou Dou was sold by his owners and they are currently shopping for a new dog.

People are disgusting.



October 22nd 2009 10:49 pm
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I met snowy this afternoon. She is only 8 months old. She's become quite the curly one since I met her when she was a mere babe, I don't even know what kinda doggie she is. Must be a mix of poodle and something else, maybe maltese.

Anyway, we were happy to meet in the bore of the hot and humid noon. Therefore, as snowy bounded around me, and I bounded right back, fomfomfom suffered a leash burn on her shin, kinda like a leash version of the paper cut. Ouch.

But fomfomfom didn't utter a sound, of course. It would have been uncool in the extreme. Coz when 2 doggies are having a time, she's just, like, irrelevant.


My mummy taught me never to trust anyone

October 22nd 2009 7:44 am
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I mean, a nice girl like myself has a limit to her patience too. Ah bee hasn't deposited the $330 into my shoebox yet. Thank goodness I have devised many holds over these untrustworthy people over the years.

I shall exercise my lien over ah bee's oil contract tomorrow. That'll teach her to stiff me.


The point of the matter

October 21st 2009 7:35 am
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The kids descended upon the playground today like a swarm of locusts. But that is not the point. The point is, ah bee owes me $330.

Ah bee owes me $330.

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