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The birds weren't exactly early

March 11th 2008 11:23 am
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It rained the whole afternoon. I love it. I saw earthworms for the first time because of the rain. Big, fat, juicy earthworms wriggling in the middle of the path at the gardens. The rain had flooded their homes; that’s why they had to evacuate. We were all so fascinated coz there were so many of them. And they were huge. Quite unlike the ones Cha used to feed her fish with. Anyway, we stopped to play with them. Cha poked at them with her brolly to get them to curl up. And we spent a while trying to guess which end’s the head and which the tail. We couldn’t. So we left but later I saw that the birds had come and so I ran all the way back to where the earthworms were to tell them to go back home. But they were too slow so they ended up in the birds’ stummies. Poor worms. I came home and told Fomfomfom about it. She said I should have barked at the birds to keep them away if I wanted to save those worms. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Just now Ah bee and I were taking photographs of ourselves on her bed. I wasn’t wearing any clothes. Edison Chen would be so proud.


I am 51 months old

March 10th 2008 9:40 am
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It’s also MJ day. And I got the MJ gals well-trained. One of them was lying on the sofa taking a break after lunch and I went up to her and licked her hand and plonked myself beside the sofa. She knew she had to give me a belly rub ala Ah ma when she lies on the couch. *giggles* They all scolded me for making the MJ gal rub my belly. What. She was happy to do it okay.

It rained the whole day. I was plenty upset coz it’s my birthday and I didn’t get to go to the gardens until 5pm. And it was still raining when we went. Oh! We bumped into Magic and Diva at the gardens and they had raincoats on! Red raincoats. I was so jealous coz I don’t have a raincoat. And it was raining. And I should be the one with a raincoat, not them. They’re big black Labs. I’m the pretty little Shih Tzu. I should be the one with the red raincoat. So Fomfomfom promised to buy me one. The same one as the ones they had on. Outward Hound. *giggles*


Ah ma tekan me

March 9th 2008 9:25 am
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I was so sabo-ed by Ah ma today. She complained that my left ear was smelly and so I am on Panalog again.

We were caught in the rain at the gardens today. So we had to hide in the pavilion for a while. There were 20 of us in that pavilion but no one spoke. It would have been different if Sister YY were there. Fomfomfom says luckily she wasn’t. Anyhow, there was this Chinese family and the father had with him the cover of an electric fan. He modified it and I think he was trying to use it to catch fish. Actually it looks more like a crab trap but I don’t think there are crabs in the pond. He obviously didn’t know that you can’t remove things from the garden; I don’t even dare bring a leaf home cuz I’m afraid the police would catch me. His kid was crying coz she had to go but everyone was stuck in the pavilion. So her Ah ma brought her out with a brolly. No big deal you know. I do that all the time when I’m at the gardens. In fact, they bring me there to do that. *giggles*

And I think we might have appeared in the background of someone’s wedding pictures. *giggles*


I know I'm worth 400 cows. At least.

March 8th 2008 8:21 am
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Just now we were watching this programme on tv and it’s about this fella who wanted to marry a gal from the other tribe. He had to seek permission from all the elders in her tribe and they asked for a dowry from him. They wanted 400 cows from him. 400 cows. Do you know how much 400 cows cost? And he didn’t have 400 cows. So he had to get his tribe to contribute cows. He had 70 already and his friends came up with 50 more. So he only had 120 cows. But they let him marry the gal anyway coz they thought he’s a swell guy. See, when you’re nice, it doesn’t matter that you’re short on cows. So he got the gal but the newlyweds will live in poverty coz he no longer has any cows. This all sounds a little strange to me. Oh, and I now know that ammonia makes your hair turn orange and how to make the cow produce more milk. Very educational this programme.

Today at the gardens we met three kids. They were kinda rude and they just kept taunting me. Fomfomfom says they ought to be spanked. So pesky.

Now that the relatives are gone, I have Ah ma’s undivided attention. She gave me so many belly rubs and she even scratched my cheeks. I make sorting sounds when my cheeks are scratched. I like it very much. I lub Ah ma.


I like them but I'm so glad they're gone now

March 7th 2008 9:06 am
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My great-granduncle and his wife came over today again and they were all holed up in Ah ma’s room looking at old photographs. His wife was giving me a massage when I squealed. That gave everyone a fright coz no one knew why I had suddenly squealed like that. Even Merrilyn heard me from downstairs and she asked Cha why I was crying. Still no one knew what was wrong so I was banned from that room. For the rest of the time they were here, I was tied to Cha. I wanted to go back into the room but Ah ma shut the door in my face. My little heart shattered and I spent the rest of the time moping outside the room. Then later before they left, they took pictures of me and Ah bee gave them a picture of me from a long time ago. As keepsake you know. I’d soon be famous in China.

When Ah ma came home after dinner, I suddenly felt that normalcy has returned to my life. So I lay by the sofa and Ah ma gave me a belly rub. And then we watched cartoons together. It was lovin’. Just like how it’s always been.


And no one knows when I snuck in to play with Mr Lobster

March 6th 2008 8:59 am
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Ah ma and Ah gong went out early this morning and they didn’t come back till after dinner. Sigh. I have no idea where they went and I don’t understand why they didn’t bring me along. I hope they don’t make this a habit. I’m not alright with it at all. I miss Ah ma. I thought maybe she’s mad at me that’s why she’s disappearing all the time. So this morning when I saw her on the porch, I just sat quietly behind the plastic divider. It was as close as I could get. No one knew I was there until Fomfomfom saw me and then everyone called me stupid for not letting Ah ma know that I was just behind her. Turns out she’s not mad at me afterall. She’s just busy showing her uncle around town. Kiss kiss Ah ma.

Yesterday I bought one stock of SGX from Fomfomfom at $7.55. That’s the lowest price it reached yesterday. Then this morning, it rose to $7.75 and I told her I want to sell it. She said I made twenty cents. I told her nononono, it’s now 5 stocks coz I want to make one dollar out of this trade. Of course she said okay. I’m the sole recipient of her love.

And my Ah Jek beibei and Ah Sim mama came over to visit to day. Of course I was the perfect hostess. I showed them around the house. And they brought a bag of lettuce with them. Organic no less. Which goes very well with honey chicken. Burp.

Tomorrow I shall put the touch on Cha.


Melmel smells wonderful

March 5th 2008 8:28 am
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I wasn’t happy today. There were three things that upset me. First, I waited 5 hours to go to the gardens. I thought that we were going when Fomfomfom and Ah bee changed. But they went out without me. It started raining soon after they came back. We went only after Ah bee got back from her class. Coz Cha wasn’t around. Which brings me to the second thing I’m unhappy about.

Cha was supposed to buy me honey chicken coz she had an open position and so she couldn’t bring me to the gardens. Then she had the audacity to come home without my chicken. So I ate her chicken for dinner. Soya sauce chicken. I like. And she’s not supposed to scold me today coz she let me down twice. Lalala.

It was terribly lonely at home today and that’s the third reason why I was unhappy. Ah bee was out the whole afternoon and Cha went out at about 4. Fomfomfom was out for a couple of hours too. But the thing that upset me terribly is that Ah gong and Ah ma disappeared for a good half of the day. I didn’t get my belly rubs and Ah gong didn’t watch tv with me. Sigh.

But luckily they came home in the end. With two visitors in tow. I understand that the man is my Ah ma’s uncle and the woman is his wife. So that makes him my great granduncle. But he’s younger than my Ah ma. Hmm.

Like I was saying, I love having people over. I was so excited when they came back I forgot how miserable I was the whole day. I bounced about showing them around. And I kept licking them. My great grand uncle wanted to carry me but they said I’d bite. Silly. I won’t bite if he doesn’t carry me the wrong way. They left really quickly though and while we were waiting for Ah ma and Ah gong to come back, the three of them taught me how to squeeze myself through the grille. So stupid. I’ve known how to do that since I was 2 months old.

I also got my belated Valentine gift from my sigui. Kiss kiss sigui!


I don't quite like the Cat Mountain King

March 4th 2008 8:47 am
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I had to wash my belly after my walk today because it was wet at the gardens. And then I had to take a bath in the evening because Ah ma doesn’t have time for it tomorrow. So I was wet for almost the whole day. Brr.

Just now at dinner Ah bee was holding a duck bone and I was licking it. Then KIAK I bit the bone in half. They were so shocked and wanted to pry my mouth open to remove the half which was in my mouth. But I was already happily chewing on it and they didn’t dare make a move in case I choked. So I chewed and chewed and then it was gone. Yummmmmmy! But Cha scolded me coz she said that the bone will tear the insides of my stummy if I didn’t chew on it properly. Silly. Of course I did. That thing was how tasty. I wish I had more.

Ah bee stole my milkstick so we got into a quarrel. Things got a little heated and everyone gathered to watch us. Of course she lost. So I picked up my milkstick and went to complain to Ah ma. I hope she cuts her allowance. Serves her right for bullying me.

Fomfomfom and I we have a new game to play. It involves her holding my paw and shaking it vigorously. Then I would look at her disapprovingly and slowly remove my paw from her grip. And then we repeat.


The nasi lemak that turned bad

March 3rd 2008 8:24 am
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There are now two si dong xis at the gardens. Oh what a bloody idiot.

Ah ma is so so crabby today and Fomfomfom bore the brunt of it. Poor Fomfomfom, she kenas everything.

Ah bee was watering the plants at 1130pm. Because Ah gong was throwing handfuls of fertilizers around. So she was trying to dissolve those pellets. We cannot have them lying around like that; I walk around in the garden every morning and it would be disastrous if I ate one of them tiny pink pellets. You know, I’m surprised they aren’t all dead yet- he fertilizes them like I dunno every other day. Too much of a good thing isn’t always wonderful.


"See you later calculator!" Er right.

March 2nd 2008 8:36 am
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We spent the entire afternoon watching the Lydia Sum Memorial Ceremony. It’s very sad you know. Everyone shed tears. I know Ah ma did. And she even watched the repeat telecast at night and cried somemore. I wanted to bring tissues to her but I can’t reach them coz I’m too short.

Mas Selamat is really short too. He’s the fella who escaped from the detention centre. He’s only 158cm tall; that’s like Ah ma’s height. And Ah ma is a short woman. So yes, he’s terribly short. They haven’t caught him yet. Maybe he’s hiding in a spider hole like Saddam was.

I had rice, fish and deu dor for dinner. Xp is a happy camper.

And Fomfomfom ate half a chicken for supper. You should have seen her.

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