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We hope your ankle's better!

December 28th 2010 7:30 am
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We found out that Nicky's mummy sprained her ankle today while walking him. That poor careless woman - in between putting dents in her car, she manages to sprain her ankle.

We guess that means Nicky won't be getting his walks for a while.


Unhappy things

December 27th 2010 7:40 am
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Cha has a stiff neck and she blames it on the new flowery bedsheets ah ma bought for her. I told her to check out other possible causes.

Doggie was playing fetch unleashed in the field with her owner and she wasn't very good at it. But she was jumping and hopping and having a ball of a time. I wanted to join in but fomfomfom dragged me home forcibly.

Ah bee accused fomfomfom of raising me into a cat and a cat at least knows how to groom itself. Sister serene asked fomfomfom if I need a haircut. These affronts to my appearance are nasty.


The blue ones

December 26th 2010 7:19 am
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We were walking today, me and fomfomfom and ah bee. Fomfomfom was munching on m&ms as we went along. It was like, munch munch crunch crunch. Then they taught me something I never knew. Blue m&ms are never to be eaten coz they are evil. I stared at one and it did give me the creeps. Fom ate everything in the bag and with great righteousness, we flung the remaining two blue ones into the bin.

For they are not to be eaten.


Happy Christmas!

December 25th 2010 7:33 am
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It is Christmas today. I received a present from Bee Yong. She's a teenage girl and she's my neighbour. She happily handed my present to cha and cha didn't know who she was. My popularity precedes me, is the lesson here.

The evening walk turned into a disaster. It suddenly started raining, as it does every christmas. We were stuck at the clubhouse and the wind blew like nothing I'd ever seen and the rain was horizontal and we almost had no place to hide. I wanted to buy an umbrella so I knocked on the shop door but alas it was closed coz it's a public holiday and it was all very unfortunate indeed.

Then cha returned and we shouted and waved but she didn't see us so ah bee became a hero and ran in the rain to get her. I was chauffeured back to our block in style.


Just a baby

December 24th 2010 10:09 am
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We saw a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel downstairs today. She's new here. And she was sniffing around trying to take a dump when I spotted her and barked. She immediately stopped sniffing around.

That'd teach her who's boss around here.



December 23rd 2010 7:45 am
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We heard from the maid that Samantha the 6th bandit, whom we haven't laid eyes on as yet, looks just like Eliza.

Lucky world.


Climate change

December 22nd 2010 7:53 am
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It seems it is snowing in Europe. Even in Australia in summer. I fear it might start snowing in singapore and we'll all freeze in this tropical country. Ah ma says, have no fear, ah ping. We can get a roaring fire going and we'll be safe.

Then fomfomfom informs me ah ma intends to set her roaring fire in my shoebox using my money as fuel.

I am going to cry.



December 21st 2010 6:28 am
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Fomfomfom told everyone I have an armpit in my tick. Then she plucked my armpit out and my tick hurt and I wanted to bite her.

Put her out of her misery.


Whaddya know?

December 20th 2010 6:07 am
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I was walking merrily along. Fomfomfom decided it was imperative she educate me and ah bee, so here it is.

Apparently one's mouth will be open when one puts on contact lenses.

I can't imagine going through life without that essential piece of knowledge.


No good technology

December 19th 2010 8:22 am
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Oh I'm in such a bad mood. My computer is not working well coz there's always an error on the page and I don't know how to rectify it. Then it took such a long time to get here on the iPhone coz the network is so lousy and the iPhone is no good for my mega paws.

So unhappy I am.

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