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Alien species

June 15th 2014 9:33 am
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We were under the block today when we spied a little thing bouncing outside the townhouses. We thought it was a puppy so we ran to meet it. Except it wasn't. I tried to sniff its behind but it kept hopping away. It's definitely not canine or feline. I thought I might have discovered a new species. Maybe it's alien!

Fomfomfom later told me it's a rabbit.

Oh. I might have seen one a long time ago. Oh who cares.


New routine

June 14th 2014 7:31 am
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We have a new routine where we all tumble into ah ma's room after my evening walk and monopolize her tv. But it's ok coz ah ma has her trusty iPad for entertainment.

Ah ma's room feels like the Arctic.


Friday the 13th

June 13th 2014 8:45 am
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We couldn't get an appointment with the vet woman today so we walked in and waited. We stood around for 45 minutes then they told us she can't see us (coz she was rushing off to certify a dog for export) and asked if they could admit me. Of course my mamas all said no. All that standing around for nothing.

I was doing okay all day until after my evening walk. Not feelin' so great now so I shall turn in. Goodnight y'all.


A new diagnosis

June 12th 2014 7:38 am
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Today fomfomfom and ah bee came up with a new diagnosis for me. Instead of a collapsing trachea, today I have the canine flu. It made them very happy and I was happy too.

Hopefully that's it.


Only slightly better

June 11th 2014 9:00 am
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I was feeling a little better today in the day. I honked a few times still but I could settle down and sleep properly. I hardly slept yesterday so I had a lot of catching up to do.

But at about 1245am I started honking again and they immediately brought me down. I was ok downstairs.

I will try to sleep now.


Worst day ever

June 10th 2014 10:31 am
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Today I started honking at 845 in the morning during my morning walk. It was so bad Cha called fomfomfom down. Then I was uncomfortable all morning. At 1pm, I told ah bee I wasn't feeling well so we went down for an hour. I felt better downstairs but I started pacing when we came home. At 320, I needed to go down again. I honked so many times we lost count and everyone was so worried about me. We went home at 6 for dinner. After dinner, I couldn't settle down and I honked a little and paced the house. They decided I might have a twisted stomach at 11pm and we rushed to the emergency vet. Who took an X-ray and gave me a painkiller jab and we came home. No twisted gut. It was some warped nighttime adventure.

I still am reluctant to settle down and sleep but I'm exhausted. I hope I feel better tomorrow.


Very hot cross bun

June 9th 2014 10:14 am
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I failed my blood test today. The vet woman said she's not worried but she isn't happy about it. So they have decided to withhold my tidbits for a month.

I am inconsolable.



June 8th 2014 6:24 am
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They're experimenting with how to boil my pork so it is tender and delicious. So far they're not succeeding. Since I refuse to eat undelicious things, they've been adding roast pork to my dinner these few days.

I think they should just stop experimenting and feed me roast pork everyday.


East meets West

June 7th 2014 8:26 am
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Fomfomfom has been sick for about a week. The western doctor says it's a virus and the Chinese doctor says it's because she has been eating too many dumplings.

I'm inclined to think it's the dumplings. That's what you get for being so greedy.


I climbed on the sofa

June 6th 2014 7:01 am
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Ah ma was out so ah bee put the big cushion on the floor for me. Later, when ah bee was cooking in the kitchen, I climbed on it and onto the sofa. Ah bee came out of the kitchen and I stood on the middle of the sofa wagging my tail at her. She was delighted.

It's so easy to make them happy.

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