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I'm a carnivore

January 14th 2014 6:47 am
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That's why I threw up 6 times today. I only threw up all the vegetables I had for breakfast; all the pork was digested. So fomfomfom promised me they'll never put mixed vegetables in my breakfast again.

Actually I'm not 100% a carnivore. I like popcorn.



January 13th 2014 7:29 am
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I overheard Fomfomfom telling Cha and Ah bee she plans to feed me two drops of wheatgrass juice with my dinner.

Someone call the SPCA.


Adventure Cove

January 12th 2014 6:54 am
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Today ah bee turns 29 and she went to Adventure Cove to play with water with her friends. They went snorkeling but the equipment had holes and ah bee's goggles filled with water. Her friend was swallowing seawater. But they had fun so ah bee said she'll bring me there next time.

But I will have to bring my own doggles and a bendy straw.


Someone's got to do it

January 11th 2014 8:13 am
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The plumber came yesterday to change the toilet bowls but they didn't fit. He came again today and it was a very busy afternoon for me. I had to supervise him and it took many hours.

I'm all pooped out.

Goodnight world.


The morose shih tzu

January 10th 2014 5:33 am
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Ah bee found 4 tennis balls in the tennis courts today so she and fomfomfom started juggling them. Or attempted to, at any rate. They were so happy that they decided they're going to start a troupe, called 2 Juggling Girls and a Dancing (Morose) Shih Tzu. Then they told me to start learning how to dance.

When we got home, they washed my paws with apple cider vinegar instead of Dettol. It smells so bad. No wonder I'm morose.



January 9th 2014 9:43 am
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Ah bee was clearing out some stuff today and she found Cha's graduation certificate from kindergarden and daycare.

Daycare! I'm thinking it must be impossible to fail daycare. And how dare they give out certificates for graduation from daycare!

But Cha was so happy she kept it immediately with her university degree. I guess she can get another degree but she can never go back to daycare.


My new leash

January 8th 2014 7:01 am
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They also bought me a new leash and harness for the new year coz they're afraid the old one will give way due to age. Yes, they're suddenly gripped by deep deep fear that I'll run away. Anyway, Sammy said, Xiaoping has a new string. We were so impressed that she noticed at once the new red leash is different from the old red leash.

Her vocab ain't great, though.



January 7th 2014 6:53 am
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Fomfomfom decided she'd write our address and her phone number on my collar in case she gets struck by lightning or suffers a heart attack when she's walking me. I'm already microchipped but she wants something that jumps out at people.

Yes, I know why doesn't she get a dogtag for me like everyone else right? She said it's too heavy for my little neck so writing on my collar works better.

Except it looks ridiculous. And she even wrote "REWARD" on my collar. It's so embarrassing. I hope no one sees it.

They are so embarrassing.



January 6th 2014 6:36 am
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And fomfomfom made me sit through my haircut while the moving men were taking away the massage chair. I really wanted to go supervise them.

It is the worst thing that happened to me this year.



January 5th 2014 8:39 am
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Fomfomfom's still talking about the dinosaurs and about how small I am. Then they started calling me P-Rex. I think they are mocking me.

Ah bee was home today so Fomfomfom cut my hair. Dang. She managed the body and left my head for tomorrow. So I have a big head and a small body now. I hope I don't meet too many people tomorrow; so embarrassing.

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