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February 16th 2016 7:50 am
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Today's a happy day for Ah ma. First thing in the morning she made money off her shares. Then she went to the temple with Ah bee and Fomfomfom to pray to the tai sui deities. She used to bring them when they were young but we found out recently that Ah ma had no idea how to do it properly and they were praying to the wrong gods all these years. Well, they are all still alive so I guess it didn't matter much.

The best thing though was the discovery of a roulette wheel at the temple. You spin it and it gives you numbers for the lottery. Of course Ah ma had a go. It was $2 each time but Ah ma was so delighted she put $7 into the collection box. Ah bee says Ah ma was like a child playing a game at the carnival.

Then they went exploring a new market and Ah ma loved it. And of course they placed their winning bet for the draw on Friday.

I should start thinking about what I want to do with all that money.



February 15th 2016 2:53 am
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Ah bee went to buy toto coz she wants to win a few million dollars. The woman behind the counter was impatient and mean and made ah bee buy what she didn't want.

If we win the millions, we shall not thank her.


The downward banana

February 14th 2016 7:00 am
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Last night I was home alone with Cha and Fomfomfom messaged to ask if I had eaten and what I was doing. Cha replied and said yes, and xp is listening to Relaxing Music for Dogs. Yes, my friends. Cha made me listen to Relaxing Music for Dogs.

And today Ah ma asked if she had to bathe me and Ah bee said yes. The moment she heard it, ah ma turned to me and made a face at me. Ah bee said Ah ma gave me the downward banana. It's not a real thing but Fomfomfom thought it was.

Everyone in this house is just so weird.

Oh it's ren ri today so happy birthday world.



February 13th 2016 2:05 am
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I was very happy to meet chocolate at the bbq pit today. It seems she was afraid of the thunderstorm and had run out the open door carelessly left open. But she stayed on the floor and didn't go down the stairs so they found her soon. But today she had jojo and two small boys with her. They kept touching me and were so noisy I told fomfomfom I wanted to sit on the table. Then coffee came and he was frightened too and he fled. And the boys started jumping on the table and I went on the bench and fomfomfom was afraid they would fall on me so she shooed them away.

Silence can be so precious.



February 12th 2016 8:44 am
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Jojo came running to us and asked if we'd seen Chocolate. We had not. Then he ran home and we hung around for a while but we didn't see him after that. I hope that means they found her already.

I took my afternoon nap with Ah ma today instead of with Cha and it was much shorter than usual. I was so tired after that I didn't bother asking them for liver while they had steamboat; I just slept. Besides, I didn't think they would give me anything nice to eat until after my blood test again.

I better pass it.



February 11th 2016 5:46 am
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I overslept this morning coz yesterday was so gruelling. I woke up 40 minutes late and fomfomfom was waiting for me but she didn't dare say anything. It was all their fault.

Then ah bee bought toto tickets for us all but we didn't win the $9 million prize. Maybe another time. I was the luckiest though; I got 2 numbers out of 6. Ah bee got zero.

Fomfomfom broke out the syringe and fed me the nasty supplement in liquid form. And then she laughed at my face.

I hate them all.


Long day

February 10th 2016 9:35 am
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This morning I was playing with my ball and just before it fell over the steps, I reached out and pawed it back towards me. Fomfomfom who was watching me broke into spontaneous applause. Of course she did; it was such a performance.

We went to the vet in the afternoon coz my ears aren't doing so good. Then I got a blood test done and I failed. I don't know what they were expecting; CNY was just 2 days ago. Now I got to eat supplements and go back for a review in 3 weeks. The supplements come in capsule form and I kept spitting it out it melted and it was grosses. In the end, Fomfomfom poured the powder on my tongue. I can still taste it. Yuckers.

We had people come over at night coz it's still CNY and I didn't manage to sleep.

Goodnight world.


Second day

February 9th 2016 3:00 am
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It is the second day of the Chinese new year today and it's going dong dong chiang right now. I'm trying to sleep but one tolerates. They all went out again today, and I heard ah bee managed to lose all the money ah ma gave her, great success. All the more formidable because ah bee was wearing a t shirt with lucky lucky lucky on it and everyone booed her and I told her next year she should wear a t shirt with unlucky on it.

I'm getting a CIA t shirt myself.



February 8th 2016 7:21 am
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Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. Ah bee went to her uncle's house and she came back and told me my sister Zhuzhu was there. My Ah yi mama had brought her along. No one even thought of bringing me.

Ah bee tells me my sister was wearing an FBI top. I didn't know she had joined law enforcement! I heard Ah bee hid behind a chair and shot her finger gun at Zhuzhu but Zhuzhu just stared at her like the idiot she is. Ah bee, not Zhuzhu.

Doesn't she know it's a bulletproof FBI vest? Sheesh.


CNY eve

February 7th 2016 6:31 am
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Today is a special day. I got a bath and then I got liver and shabu. And then I got shabu again. And then liver and shabu again. Then they all gave me money.

I'm happy. Except my ears are flaring up and they're bleeding from all the scratching. I think I'm going to see the vet woman soon.

Maybe she'll give me money too.

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