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February 12th 2015 4:35 am
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Last night I had to scramble. It was an emergency. I just made it to ah ma's balcony when I did a diarrhoea. Fomfomfom almost didn't want to open the door to ah ma's room for me; she thought I was being naughty. In which theoretical case I would have done the splat in her room. We're thinking mebbe it's the painkiller the vet gave me. Dunno.

Anyway, today ah ma asked me, how are u? I said, very well, thanks. We were all very polite. But ah ma wasn't polite when she went to the CNY night market with ah bee and Cha and didn't bring me along. So I went for an almost 3 hour walk with fomfomfom.

So there.


Licence to shabu

February 10th 2015 11:24 pm
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We went to see the vet today. My regular vet woman's gone gallivanting somewhere so we had to see someone else. We nearly got an appointment to see a vet whose specialty is feline medicine but thank goodness she's not around either. I wouldn't know how to face the world after that.

Anyway the vet says it's probably a slipped disc problem that's why I wasn't moving as much and the inflammation probably caused the fever. And speaking of fever, ah bee said they must have ear thermometers but no they didn't. I can't seem to go to the vet without them doing the unspeakable to me.

I got an injection to help with the pain and they also gave us oral painkillers. Wonderful stuff.

Since we were there, they ordered a comprehensive blood test and turns out I'm super duper healthy. I'm going to have a real happy Chinese new year next week.

But first, some celebratory liver.


Much better, thanks

February 10th 2015 6:31 am
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I still wasn't feeling very well in the morning but they covered me in blankets and made me very hot and I was much better in the afternoon. Then we went down and I barked at other doggies and trotted and they were all very pleased. But I'm still a little feverish so I think they're going to bring me to see the doctor tomorrow.

I played with my bottle but I didn't keep it so they said I'm halfway better so I'd better sleep early and keep warm. Nights.



February 9th 2015 7:54 am
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I don't feel too good today. I think I'm running a temperature.

I must rest now.


Bad luck

February 8th 2015 6:41 am
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Just now ah bee stepped over my head and fomfomfom scolded her coz it's bad luck so I told her I'll have to pee on her head to undo the bad luck. She offered her head and I rubbed my peach on her hair and I'd just peed so I'm sure the bad luck is undone.

Ah bee simply doesn't think.



February 7th 2015 6:59 am
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It is the windy season. The wind blows and blows but it didn't blow jasmine and coffee the two tiny things away. Jasmine knows how to play fetch, and she's only 7 weeks old. She started with a tennis ball and then tried to do a football. She's the ambitious sort, I can tell.

And Sammy waved and waved at us from her house but it didn't work; we didn't buy her milo ice cream. I think she shouldn't eat so much. It's not ladylike.


Milo and more flowers

February 6th 2015 7:02 am
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Yesterday we promised Sammy we'd buy her milo ice cream today. We weren't sure if she'll remember but she sure did. We think she went down to play earlier just so she can be sure to catch us. So we got her and Benny ice cream and everyone is happy. We like them very much. They are nice children.

Ah ma went out and bought more flowers. She was chatting with the florist and she told the lady these are my daughters, pointing at fomfomfom and ah bee. Then she said they are both lawyers and the florist said, "Wow how did you grow them?" in a florist punny kind of way. Fomfomfom only heard this bit and she thought the florist was complimenting her on her beauty and not her scholarly achievements. You should have seen how pumped up she was. Well I wasn't there but that's what ah bee said.

Anyhow, another stalk of ah ma's chrysanthemums broke today. We expect to see it scotch taped back tomorrow.


My brother Butters

February 5th 2015 6:23 am
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Today my ah yi mama showed ah bee a picture of my brother Butters. I'd not seen him since we were a month old. We always thought he looked a mess. It turns out he looks exactly like me!

Ah bee did a double take when she saw the pic; isn't that my xp, she thought. Oh no, it was Butters. And his haircut is like mine too, except that his is professional and mine is ratty. Ah bee keeps telling me "same same" and jabbing at the pic on her phone. Then she wondered if we were twins. I wish she'd get over it.

It's nice to see a pic of my brother though.



February 4th 2015 3:53 am
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Today, today we met Sammy. She was eating milo ice cream. A few days ago, she was drinking milo. We decided that's why she's so stout. And her future looks bleak. Nevertheless, we extracted 4 kisses from her, coz she makes us very happy. She didn't share the ice cream.

And we heard from Nom yen's mummy that supernut is being bullied in school and at the tuition centre. Mummy wanted to leave him to defend himself coz she can't look after him forever, but he's too polite to fight back.

We did say he's such a polite boy.



February 3rd 2015 7:03 am
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Fomfomfom cut my hair yesterday and today. She told everyone that I was very difficult that's why she couldn't cut my hair properly. That's just her excuse because it's so ratty this time even I feel embarrassed for her. But it's okay. It's only hair. It will grow out in two days and no one will know I have a bald patch above my right eye.

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