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Imaginary creatures

September 1st 2016 8:30 am
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Yesterday Ah bee caught a Pikachu and today she hatched a Snorlax. And she can't shut up about it. She's been asking me if I want to see her Pikachu but I simply cannot be bothered. Only Cha and Fomfomfom would indulge her. I don't approve.

And Fomfomfom went to watch Pete's Dragon today. She came home and declared on a scale of 5, it's a million stars. Okay. And then she started calling me her little dragon.

It's a good thing my ears are flaring up and I got all that water in mine ears. At least I don't have to listen to stupid things.


Smoky day

August 31st 2016 7:12 am
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It seems the Zika virus has arrived on our fair shores. And so many countries actually issued travel advisories telling their citizens to avoid coming here. I feel a little bit hurt. But I guess it's not personal. Our government is working so hard to control it. I'm sure the Zika shall be gone in no time at all.

Today must be the last day of the hungry ghost month. So many people were burning things everywhere, even when the sun was so fierce. Luckily the wind wasn't blowing the smoke towards us.

We were happy with our luck until ah bee shuddered and whispered, a nightmare of shih tzus. The shih tzu with a fountain of hair on its head and pico the shih tzu-Pekingese had appeared.




August 30th 2016 8:33 am
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Today ah ma went to the polyclinic to see the doctor and got medicine for her high blood pressure and whatnot. A three month supply. And the total bill? $1.60.

We love Singapore and our government.


A joy of shih tzus

August 29th 2016 3:42 am
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A shiver of shih tzus, mused ah bee. Alliteration isn't a must, is it? No worries, chirped fomfomfom. She offered, a shudder of shih tzus. Unrestrained, we can fly. A nightmare of shih tzus, when we reached home. An elm street of shih tzus.

One's starting to think they don't like shih tzus.


An embarrassment of pandas

August 28th 2016 8:18 am
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We saw a video today teaching people how to name groups of animals. You know, like a gaggle of geese that kind of thing. Only this one is much funkier. Have you heard of a bloat of hippopotamuses? Or a murder of crows? A flamboyance of flamingoes? A parliament of owls? A shiver of sharks?

Or an embarrassment of pandas? That's right. I think the pandas need to reflect. It must be because they're embarrassing all the time.

And then they started calling me a puddle of ping. There's only one of me, stupid.



August 27th 2016 4:19 am
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The haze was so bad yesterday they shut all the windows and switched on the air con and air purifier. My evening walk was only an hour and because fomfomfom was so irritated by all that, she told me it was midnight at ten o'clock and sent me to bed. She said it was a non-day.

Luckily, today is not a non-day and we kept all the windows open. I shall go to bed only at midnight.



August 26th 2016 9:34 am
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Fomfomfom and Ah bee went to the SPCA with some of the neighbours this morning. They came back and told me they are pleasantly surprised at how well the animals are taken care of there. And then they told me about a 3-month old puppy called Rishi. He's very playful and kept biting their slippers and bag straps but when they carried him, he acted shy and coy.

Good boy. I think he will be adopted in no time.

In other news, their aunt from Hong Kong was supposed to come visit us today but she realized at the airport her daughter's passport did not have the requisite minimum validity period. So they all went to Japan instead.



State funeral

August 25th 2016 7:24 am
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Fomfomfom and ah bee went to pay their respects to our late ex-president Mr Nathan and then they came back all pooped out. Then cha went out and I slept with ah ma and when I came out at 2pm, there was no one around coz they were all sleeping in their rooms. I got angry and ah ma tried to persuade me to go back into her room but I refused. How can there be no one to play with me in the living room? It's unheard of. So I threw a tantrum at ah ma which she recounted to everyone afterwards. I hope they learnt their lesson and don't do it again.

Then cha went to pay her respects and came back late and fomfomfom forgot coz she's not the brightest so she ate all the dinner vegetables and switched off the rice cooker and cha came back to a table with nothing but meat and cold rice in the cooker. Fomfomfom got an earful.

And I finally ate my way to the new roo from Perth. It's yummy.


General Ping

August 24th 2016 9:40 am
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A penguin in the UK zoo has been made a brigadier of the Norway army. I know right. So apparently Norway first gave the UK a penguin like a hundred years ago. And every time the Norwegian Guards are in town, they would promote the penguin and the penguin would inspect the parade. And this title can be passed down. I'm just wondering if they would run out of titles for the penguin. I mean what's beyond a general?

I want to be a general too. They already salute me every night; I can most certainly inspect a parade better than that penguin.



August 23rd 2016 5:38 am
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First thing this morning fomfomfom and ah bee went out to catch Pokemon and buy lacto Brazilian pork chops. Ah ma fried them up for dinner and I got me one and a half chops. What a rare treat. I haven't had pork chops for years. They were real delicious. The fries were ok I guess.

Then Jojo and Chocolate crept up on us and he yakked for so long that the King Charles auntie from the next condo asked us, why are u still here? He wasn't ashamed at all.

Anyway he's ah bee's new poke best friend. Yuck.

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