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We are mindful

October 21st 2016 3:40 am
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Today fomfomfom went to the library. That sounds like a title to a children's book. Anyway, she told me she saw a book called Mindfulness for Dummies. She wondered if she should borrow it for Coffee.

But he can't read.



October 20th 2016 4:25 am
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Today I wanted to go forward but I couldn't. It was most unnerving. Fomfomfom didn't help me but she started taking pictures of me. Then she pushed my head backwards but I didn't want to go backwards. I was starting to get really upset so I twisted my head every which way and then I was free. Then I wanted to dash off but fomfomfom won't let me. It was terrible. Then she finally thought to lift the net and off I went.

What on earth is a net?



October 19th 2016 3:37 am
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We realised with a start that today is Wednesday and holy mother was due to descend upon us at any moment. But the minutes passed bravely and she didn't materialise and we checked our watch and then we crept away holding our breaths.

It's our lucky day.


The shih tzu and the bag

October 18th 2016 4:46 am
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I haven't seen ah bee all day today. Then I remembered she was going to New Zealand first thing this morning. And she had made grand plans to declare at the New Zealand customs, yes, I have panadol, vinegar and a shih tzu in my bag.

Only she discovered to her dismay I wasn't in her bag. That's coz I was sleeping when she left the house. And fomfomfom triumphantly informed ah bee the shih tzu is in her bag. Don't kid yourself, ah bee scoffed. You're in her bag.

My bag.


Test scores

October 17th 2016 8:54 am
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Last night fomfomfom and ah bee were both out so cha had to feed me my supper. Well it was cha so I ate 95 kibble without any fuss and went to bed. Ah bee started complaining about how she has to feed me 3 times and I'd eat a few kibble each time. Most of the time it's in the single digits. Fomfomfom proudly said she only has to feed me twice and I would eat 30 to 40 each time.

It's almost like it's an exam and the number of kibble she eats is our score, they say.

Guess who failed.


Yet another

October 16th 2016 3:25 am
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The blackness doesn't end. This morning we received news that ah bee's friend's niece passed away yesterday after a brief battle with bone cancer. She was 11 years old. We've never met but we've been hearing tales about her and her twin for a few years. It is too sudden.

I feel like crying.


Bye Mimi

October 15th 2016 9:53 am
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Today we heard that Mimi passed away 3 weeks ago. She was 16 or 17. That's a good old age, especially the condition she was in. But still it's sad to hear and it's been a sad week indeed.

Fomfomfom came up with a way to feed me the antibiotics. She'd feed me some pumpkin coated in olive oil first so that my stomach isn't empty and I won't throw up so easily. Then she hid the medicine in the pumpkin and forcefed it to me.

So far so good.

Also Ah bee tells me she might have piles. Okay.



October 14th 2016 4:16 am
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Today the air con men came and no one told me. They kept me in the dark, literally, with ah ma's blackout curtains. But ah bee opened the door and I smelled strangers and the cat was out of the bag. Or the doggie was out of the room, as it were, if you will.

Ah bee thought she could hide the antibiotic in the pork but it was so obvious it was pathetic. I was like, what is this shit. Then I spat it out, and spat and spat and fomfomfom swooped me up and I was on the perch in the bathroom and they forced it down my throat.

Back to the drawing board, I heard.



October 13th 2016 8:19 am
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My friend Punch passed away today. I hope he's in a happy place now.



October 12th 2016 5:07 am
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Of course I ended up at the vet's today. They are mighty pleased with themselves, the heartless wretches, I suppose; they forced me to poop in the house last night. I went in the bathroom. I even peed in there to show my displeasure. It's a lot of firsts for a little bit after midnight.

Anyway, the vet woman gave them a dressing down. Now it's antibiotics for ten days and only food cooked to 126% overdone. The antibiotic is tickly, she warned, and must be taken with food. It is too tickly; I threw it up with all my 126% done pork.

They pretended to be the postman. I didn't fall for it so they just clipped the leash on my collar and let me walk out the door. It was reckless and dangerous. Suppose I had slipped my collar. How do we stand that?

Talking about standing it. It was shih tzu day at the vet's. Like 4 of us all at once. We met one most insolent shih tzu girl who was getting a temple rub from her mummy while glaring at us and we agreed that was a bad one.

They think she might be worse than me.

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