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Ah ma loves me

January 21st 2017 7:13 am
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Just now ah bee was bathing and there was only ah ma around so I barked at ah ma. Ah ma didn't know which tidbit she could give me so she went for the roo in the fridge. Then ah bee caught us in ah ma's room-- ah ma telling me to bark, and then she would give me a roo.

Ah bee insisted ah ma must have given me 5 or 8 roo. She's so unpleasant.


Something new everyday

January 20th 2017 5:55 am
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Yesterday fomfomfom asked ah bee if she's seen purple chillis. Ah bee said there's no such thing. So fomfomfom pointed her to our neighbour's giant chilli plant and behold, purple chillis.

Ah bee was so impressed she told ah ma about it. Turns out ah ma has never heard of purple chillis too.

My namesake would have said it doesn't matter what colour the chilli is. You know.



January 19th 2017 6:21 am
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I got 2 complaints today. Fomfomfom brought me back in a hurry after 20 minutes into my morning walk coz she needed to poop so she hung me outside the door and asked ah ma to look after me. Ah ma tried to bring me for a walk about but I won't budge. Coz fomfomfom told me to wait for her. So I waited. Ah ma was offended and complained the moment fomfomfom came hitching up her shorts.

Then ah bee's boyfriend ambled down the stairs so I conveyed to him that I wanted a treat. I was so nice, I even became an arrow and pointed out the tidbit to him. But he was obtuse in the morning, or so I hope for his sake, and I had to bark at him to bring him to his senses. Fomfomfom and ah bee came hurrying to calm me down and tut-tutted at him and they had to explain before he would give me a lamb bit. Then he complained I walked away and showed him my backside and didn't stick around for him to pat me. He must be mad.

He's like an untrained seal.


The feather

January 18th 2017 5:06 pm
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Ah bee found a black and white feather yesterday. It was lying in the middle of the footpath waiting for her. We both stopped and stared for a while. I thought we asked for a black and white polka dot feather. We missing the dots. But then again, she asked for a 2 dollar note too and so far she's only found a dollar ten cents in coins. I guess her mind is just not strong enough.

But anyway, she is still skeptical. Then today we came across three more black and white feathers. What is this shit, she asked fomfomfom. Some bird is moulting lah, fomfomfom told her.

I don't know. She's decided she needs more convincing so she's going to imagine bumping into our prime minister.

I'm going to ask him for a selfie.



January 17th 2017 6:53 am
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Today Miu Miu the chihuahua's owner told us he went to that big kennel in the sky two days ago. She had gone out of the country and left him with his previous owner her uncle. Who didn't leash him and he got lost. Then they found he was knocked down by a car and at the vet's. But he passed away before she could visit him.

I was his only friend you know.



January 16th 2017 9:53 pm
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We went to the vet today and did so many things. They wanted the vet to listen to my breathing coz they thought it sounds a bit different. She did and she thought it sounded a little raspy too. So she ordered two chest X-rays. They manhandled me and forced me to lie on my side and then my back and pulled my legs to stretch me out or some nonsense. It's abuse I tell you. The clinic is lucky I didn't call the police. Then we did a blood test but the vet didn't manage to draw blood the first time so I ended up with one green bandage and one red one on my legs. I looked like a Christmas tree.

The vet says there's a shadow at my lungs and she can't be sure what it is. Maybe it's an infection or inflammation, she said. So she put me on a course of antibiotics and we will go back for another X-ray next week and hopefully it would have cleared up. Otherwise fomfomfom might die if it's anything more serious.

I was so hungry and tired by the time we got home. I fell asleep on my walk so we went home early.

I'm gonna nap now.


I love roo

January 15th 2017 7:09 am
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This afternoon I took a nap with ah ma then I sneezed twice and ah ma scolded fomfomfom coz she had been slobbering all over me when she was sick yesterday. In revenge fomfomfom called the vet and made an appointment for me.

Ah bee's boyfriend queried what they're going to do about my roo. Ah bee asked politely if he meant whether they might be the cause of my ear infections. He said no, what are they going to do about my screaming all night for my roo.

He's petty coz I shouted at him last night. He's a stirrer.



January 14th 2017 6:14 pm
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Cha took her luggage and disappeared. I don't know where she's going but I know that means I can ask for more tidbits because fomfomfom and ah bee are pushovers. So I did. Then fomfomfom threatened to cut my supply of roo altogether.

She's bluffing. I know it.



January 13th 2017 2:55 am
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Ah ma gave fomfomfom a dressing down when she blew her nose then tried to feed me. Ah ma said don't you pass it to xp. Fomfomfom tried to say that's impossible but ah ma scolded her again. So she had to wash her hands. Ah ma loves me and I love ah ma.

Then fomfomfom blew her nose and gave me my tidbit. Ah ma doesn't know.


Many returns

January 12th 2017 9:12 pm
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It's ah bee's birthday today. She's very old. I think she's like 38. I thought she just had her birthday like last month. Whatever. Nobody cares anyway.

It still refuses to rain. I think when it finally comes it's gonna be a whopper.

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