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Poor poor poor

December 1st 2015 7:26 am
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My ears looked so bad they bundled me up and took me to the vet. The vet says the ear canals look better but the outside is all swollen and red. Probably coz it's too wet and it's irritated. And I've been scratching.

We were told to medicate and return in a week.

Oh and fomfomfom ran out and bought very expensive q tips. Hopefully nothing gets stuck anymore or I'll have to call the police myself.


Poor poor

November 30th 2015 7:25 am
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They have instructions to put a few drops of some ear cleaner in my ears once a day. No q-tips please; I'm supposed to shake the liquid out, together with whatever gunk that remains deep in my ears. That's the theory.

In practice, my ears are red and swollen coz it's so wet inside. Sigh.


Shame shame

November 29th 2015 10:37 am
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I found myself at the vet this morning. They were so afraid my ear drums are ruptured. Turns out there were q tips stuck in both my ears. They were mortified. And mystified. How on earth did we lose q tips in both ears, they asked the vet. The vet only shrugged her shoulders and promised she won't call the police.

Said q tips are now in a zip lock bag and hanging off fomfomfom's wall. Wall of shame that is.

The happy thing is my ear drums are most likely intact.



My poor ear

November 28th 2015 5:41 am
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We asked their mummy. They're both malteses.

Fomfomfom was surfing up a storm about my ears and skin and probiotics when she suddenly realised she'd probably ruptured my eardrum. That's why all the websites say never to insert Q-tips into doggies' ears. But the vet woman said it's ok. Anyway, I've been a little deaf this past week so mebbe.

Fomfomfom said sorry to me and said that she's a wretched wretch. What limited vocabulary.


The Malteses

November 27th 2015 7:57 am
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are not who they seem. Well, we got a close look at them today and we think one of them might be a poodle. It's just that they are both white and tiny so we have always assumed they are both Malteses.



Happy day

November 26th 2015 3:45 am
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Today ah bee and cha brought ah ma to the Chinese restaurant next to the dentist for lunch. Ah ma had been eyeing that place for the longest time. And we hear it was delicious, but they got served by the waitress from hell. It's ok; that would be the waitress' problem coz she's the one who's stuck with her.

Then they brought ah ma to pick out a brand new iPhone 6+ whatever. Ah ma stood there and played games on the showroom models and cackled merrily. We hear it's a chicken crossing the road game. Anyway, it was a wonderful day.

Fomfomfom told me she saw ah ma hide a smile as they went out.


What to do

November 25th 2015 7:41 am
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Ah bee has been telling everyone that I sneezed and farted at the same time the other day. Well, it is true but she didn't have to keep repeating it. And she makes this exaggerated "hachewpooooot" sound. I don't know why she thinks it's so funny. Like she doesn't sneeze or fart.

Today the neighbour from the 6th floor saw us and she said to fomfomfom,"I want to be your dog leh."

I'm so pretty everyone wants to be me.



November 24th 2015 5:01 am
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Ah bee picked a small spray of purple flowers and said xp would look wonderful with that in her hair. So she tried and tried, but she's got no talent. She put the flowers on my head instead of in my hair.

And she took photos.


I am the boss of them

November 23rd 2015 7:04 am
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2 nights ago I was walking past the kitchen when I thought I saw movement. So I went in to investigate since the swinging gate at the kitchen door was open. Fomfomfom and ah bee were so taken aback (I'm not allowed in the kitchen because there is a back door there and they are afraid ah ma might leave the back door open in a senile moment) they didn't react for a long time. So I wandered around the kitchen and went into the laundry area and the back room. I even checked out the toilet. It was fun. They realised the time for scolding me had passed by then so they didn't bother.

The following night I walked into the kitchen again. This time ah bee was lying in wait and she smacked my bottom and scolded me. I was so mad I ran to fomfomfom and humped her two times.

That will show them who is boss.



November 22nd 2015 5:05 am
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The banana man came down and started feeding the birds bread. One of the mynahs gathered many crumbs of bread in its beak but didn't gobble it down. It turns out it wants to bring it all back to feed her child. We were touched. She made 2 trips, which were designed to prevent espionage. But we figured out where she stayed anyway. She's a birdbrain after all. Anyway, after 2 trips, she decided to bring her baby direct to the food source. The baby turned out to be bigger than her. But we know it's just a baby coz it was grey and not black, and it only knew how to hop around with its beak wide open. i think it needs a good beating.

Then ah boi almost landed on fomfomfom and she waved my bag of poo to discourage him. Birds are so silly.

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